January 16, 2007

Christian Tennis Association on TV!

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Hey There! This is Scott Paschal, Ministry Director of the International Christian Tennis Association. We’re going to be on TV!

See the fella in the blue shirt, he owns a Christian TV show. His show is broadcast to over 5 million homes in Florida, alone!

He wants to come out and film ICTA in a “reality” type show. I hope he has a lot of film for taping because the ICTA is one busy sports ministry!!

World class, high performance tennis training every day… cutting edge discipleship training classes at the academy… large scale mission trips to the most famous tennis tournaments in the world… pro tennis travel teams sharing the Gospel worldwide… as I said, he’s going to need a ton of film!!

Awesome! He has great ideas for the show he wants to do on ICTA. His company is based out of Hawaii and Florida. I’ve send you more info on the show as things progress!

I met him through the two people to the right, Marjorie and Ricky, who are my friends and own the Christian TV and radio station in the Pacific Islands. I coach their son, Joseph (top of stairs), full time here at my Christian tennis academy.

We all had a great visit and he was impressed with our program. Should be a neat TV show. It will be great to have our ministry broadcast nationwide. He is even allowing me to ask for donations and support! Would be great to receive such donations… then all of my students could train at no cost and their parents $ could go straight to tournament mission trips!!

We’ll keep you informed on when the show will be filmed and aired so you can follow along.

In addition, would be great to have you come out to ICTA and visit us while the show is being filmed. We could do a Christian Tennis Celebration weekend event here in Palm Coast.

God bless,

Scott Paschal


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