January 29, 2007

Christian Tennis Expansion in 2007

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The flight to Dallas, Texas on Friday was smooth. I’ve enjoyed a tremendously productive weekend working on highly specific aspects of taking the International Christian Tennis Association, ICTA, to the next level in terms of ministry reach, depth, and scope.

For those of you just tuning in for the first time, ICTA is poised for a breakout year in 2007. After 7+ years of establishing tremendous credibility and ministry programs, I am adding two new ministry programs to the ICTA arsenal.

First, the International Christian Tennis Association will complete the business plans to build a tennis facility in 2007.

Second, the International Christian Tennis Association will seek offer professional tennis tours in 2007 for our ICTA members and guests.

In addition, 2007 will see ICTA is entering several new markets in the United States, including New York as ICTA attends the US OPEN on a short term mission trip to film an ICTA Church Online service for the first time in our brief history.

The work and planning involved in ICTA’s newest ministry objectives is intense. I am grateful to have two amazing full time staff members, Melody Snelen and Rachel Snelen, both newly ranked WTA pro tennis players,  handle many of the ICTA’s administrative and Christian tennis academy duties, when they are in town, which frees my time up to grow my dreams and visions of worldwide ministry. Without their incredible dedication to excellence in their work for the ICTA, this ministry would not be successful.

On a personal note, I was fortunate to be able to visit my grandfather on Friday. Grampa is turning 88 years of age in March. I tremendously appreciate him.

Looks like I might be extending my stay in DFW for an extra day and will fly home to Florida on Tuesday. The work has been gratifyingly productive and I have enjoyed staying with my longtime friend, Breck.

The plan is for me to fly back to DFW next weekend to wrap things up, then off to Charlotte, NC to meet with a friend as we discuss housing during an exploratory ICTA mission trip to 2007 Wimbledon, look back on his 12+ years as a sports chaplain, and enjoy spending time together.

Thank you for your prayers, emails, and phone calls this week.

God bless,

Scott Paschal
386 793 0557


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