February 28, 2007

Thank you Memphis!

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Memphis, you guys are tremendous.

Our entire staff felt loved and completely cared for.

I, personally, would like to tell each of you how special my time in Memphis was to me. Mike, thank you for being you and allowing God to use you to reach deep inside of me. Kasha, you are simply awesome. God is in and all over you and you are a very special person.

There are so many people I was honored to meet and am thrilled to have the opportunity to develop transparent, God-honoring relationships with. All of us have hard times in our lives, all of us make mistakes. As Christians, we can be there to support, guide, love, and mentor each other.

Ryan, thank you for feeding us, bro. May God bless your kindness and the kindness of the staff at your restaurant. We will stay in touch and prepare for 2008, which will be here so fast. Tell your pastor I said hello.

500+ new ICTA members in Memphis. Fantastic.

Rachel Snelen and Melody Snelen, ICTA Staff & Pro Team, were simply unbelievable in the quality of their work. Caring for our academy students, working our booth, meeting and speaking with 100’s of people… you two are incredible and I am so grateful God is blessing you both so immensely.

Mark, Joseph, Ana, and ‘Tel each were a tremendous asset to ICTA’s mission trip to Memphis.

Mark and Joseph had their own ministry they worked at the tournament in addition to helping ICTA and I am so proud of their efforts. Both young men have grown so much in their maturity and faith. Ana and ‘Tel basically took over the booth the last 3 days when Rach and Mel were called to California.

And, Sue. Man, the #1 volunteer mom in the world! Sue has been with ICTA since our beginning in 1999. I coached her son, Joe, till 2005. He is now playing college tennis. Sue and Joe were Mormon when I met them. Now, they are Christian and God is growing them both in so many tremendous ways. Sue is amazing and we all feel very fortunate to have her as our official academy “mom.”

The International Christian Tennis Association completed an incredible 13 day large-scale mission trip to Memphis during the Kroger St. Jude. What an amazing task. God-led, God-inspired, God-blessed.

For my daily blog/pics of Memphis, click here.

What now? A lot. God is incredibly blessing the International Christian Tennis Association. Doors are being thrown open for ICTA to pursue ministry opportunities worldwide.

Thank you so much for your emails and calls of support! That truly means more than you know. Thank you.

Growing the game and sharing His fame,

scott paschal


February 17, 2007

Anastasia Kharchenko’s Valentine to Scott Paschal

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This is the end of a fantastic day of missions planning and preparation. Tomorrow, we drive to the big Memphis ATP/WTA tournament for a large-scale Christian tennis mission trip. This is Scott Paschal and I’m excited. God is blessing the International Christian Tennis Association.  Rachel Snelen, Melody Snelen (both WTA Christian pro tennis  players) and myself realize how fortunate we are that God allows us to bring the good news of His saving grace to the global tennis industry.

Today has been great. Great weather… fun with my Christian tennis academy students as we packed… excitement everywhere about our mission trip tour! Paid for a couple of exhibitor’s booths, one at an incredibly famous tournament I’ll write about later. Partnered with a company/friend for our booth at the 2008 Australian Open. Spent some time on the phone building a relationship with a new friend.

And, I received this awesome Valentine’s Day card from Anastasia Kharchenko.

Don’t know Ana? She one of my tennis academy students. Ana is 17 years old. Her tennis is pretty good… she is #1 Ukraine junior and has top 100 WTA potential. More importantly, Ana accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior recently.

Here’s what Ana wrote to me in her card…

Dear Scotty!

When I saw this card I knew that is especially for you! Because you are teacher! And not only teacher but coach, father, friend, listener, helper… and so many things just in you!!! For me you are Blessing from God!

I thank Lord for you being in my life and I thank you so much for everything you did and doing in my life! If there is anything I need help with I know that I can be confident about you. And thank you so much for opening my eyes and found God as my Savior.

This gift of Salvation are very expensive and none of us on earth can pay back the same price for that, but we can do our best in everything we do & serve as hard as we can!

🙂 Love You!!! Anastasia 2/14/07

February 6, 2007

Christian Tennis Association Mission Trips 2007

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ICTA Missions is about to get into full swing.

The International Christian Tennis Association has three main types of mission trips.

1. Large scale, short term mission trips to world famous professional tennis tournaments where ICTA leases a vendor booth for the entire duration of the event and reaches tens of thousands, and sometimes hundreds of thousands, of people.

2. ICTA Pro Tennis Team mission trips to ITF pro tournament where ICTA missionaries compete in the events while building relationships with the players, coaches, umpires, volunteers, and tournament staff.

3. ICTA Junior Tennis Team mission trips where ICTA junior academy students learn to share their faith by passing out tracks at their tournaments.

For 2007, ICTA will:

1. ICTA  will seek to attend 12 WTA or ATP tournaments; including a Grand Slam, several International Series, and two to three Masters-Series.

In total, the International Christian Tennis Association will seek to reach well over 400,000 attendees, give out thousands of Bibles, Christian books, tracks, DVDs & CDs, ICTA Tshirts, and other ICTA product… and gain  thousands of new ICTA members from countries worldwide.

We will also plan to travel to Wimbledon or Paris on an exploratory mission trips designed to lay a foundation for a yearly tennis tour  and prepare the groundwork for a yearly ICTA Mission Trip, Tennis Camp, and ICTA Tennis Show.

2. ICTA Pro Tennis Teams will seek to attend and compete in 25 ITF & WTA Pro Tournaments worldwide while sharing the Gospel with those they meet, speaking in churches, and building lasting relationships with players on tour.

3. ICTA Junior Tennis Teams will compete in tournaments throughout Florida while learning to share their faith to those they meet.

For me, I love mission trips. There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing I am being obedient to the Great Commission as commanded by Jesus in Mathew 28… if you’ve never heard of the Great Commission, check this out—>

“Then Jesus came to them and said, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.’ ”

Don’t you just love Jesus!? Isn’t it great having a reason to live! I really can’t imagine what life would be like without the hope I have through my faith in Christ. That thought drives me to share my faith with others as much as I can.

Before I sign off, I’d like to ask you to keep our own Rachel Snelen in your prayers as she leads a mission trips to Canada this weekend to a $50,000 ITF tournament. And please keep her twin Melody Snelen in your prayers as she leads a mission trip to a junior tennis tournament in Florida this weekend.

Melody Snelen will also lead a mission trip to a Wild Card tournament for an ITF $25,000 tournament beginning the following Monday… and a 3rd Mission Trips to a $25,000 in Florida the following weekend.

Thank you for your prayers, emails, phone calls, and ecards of support. I can’t say enough how appreciated each of our friends are to us.

God bless you,

Scott Paschal
386 793 0557

PS. The cute gal with me is our academy dog, Bearby! She’s been sitting in my lap each morning for nearly 4 years, since she was a puppy, as I study and/or write. Bearby often goes on mission trips with us.