February 28, 2007

Thank you Memphis!

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Memphis, you guys are tremendous.

Our entire staff felt loved and completely cared for.

I, personally, would like to tell each of you how special my time in Memphis was to me. Mike, thank you for being you and allowing God to use you to reach deep inside of me. Kasha, you are simply awesome. God is in and all over you and you are a very special person.

There are so many people I was honored to meet and am thrilled to have the opportunity to develop transparent, God-honoring relationships with. All of us have hard times in our lives, all of us make mistakes. As Christians, we can be there to support, guide, love, and mentor each other.

Ryan, thank you for feeding us, bro. May God bless your kindness and the kindness of the staff at your restaurant. We will stay in touch and prepare for 2008, which will be here so fast. Tell your pastor I said hello.

500+ new ICTA members in Memphis. Fantastic.

Rachel Snelen and Melody Snelen, ICTA Staff & Pro Team, were simply unbelievable in the quality of their work. Caring for our academy students, working our booth, meeting and speaking with 100’s of people… you two are incredible and I am so grateful God is blessing you both so immensely.

Mark, Joseph, Ana, and ‘Tel each were a tremendous asset to ICTA’s mission trip to Memphis.

Mark and Joseph had their own ministry they worked at the tournament in addition to helping ICTA and I am so proud of their efforts. Both young men have grown so much in their maturity and faith. Ana and ‘Tel basically took over the booth the last 3 days when Rach and Mel were called to California.

And, Sue. Man, the #1 volunteer mom in the world! Sue has been with ICTA since our beginning in 1999. I coached her son, Joe, till 2005. He is now playing college tennis. Sue and Joe were Mormon when I met them. Now, they are Christian and God is growing them both in so many tremendous ways. Sue is amazing and we all feel very fortunate to have her as our official academy “mom.”

The International Christian Tennis Association completed an incredible 13 day large-scale mission trip to Memphis during the Kroger St. Jude. What an amazing task. God-led, God-inspired, God-blessed.

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What now? A lot. God is incredibly blessing the International Christian Tennis Association. Doors are being thrown open for ICTA to pursue ministry opportunities worldwide.

Thank you so much for your emails and calls of support! That truly means more than you know. Thank you.

Growing the game and sharing His fame,

scott paschal