March 29, 2007


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Ok, I thought I was going to get a couple days rest. I mean, I did travel nationwide for over 6 weeks straight. Nope, God says go… so I go. To Big D.

Dallas, Texas. Home of the world famous Dallas Cowboys and the greatest team in the NBA, the Dallas Mavericks.

I love Big D. I was raised in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. Staubach and DorsettAikman and Emmitt. Sport is Dallas is second to none in America. The Texas Rangers baseball team rocks and the Dallas Stars NHL team is always challenging for the Stanley Cup.

Sport in Texas is big stuff. Maybe that’s why I love sports so much.

So, the day after we did the TV show at the Sony Ericsson Open (formerly the Nasdaq 100 Open), God set up a phone call that led me to fly to Big D the next morning… early. Way too early for my sleepy self. But, I’ve been in ministry for a while so I know when God says to go and I do just that.

I met with a guy. For now, I’ll keep the purpose quiet. But, I will say this is the exact right guy for the situation… actually two situations. Two God-blessed, God-ordained situations and I think he can handle what is to come.

That said, let me change gears and roll down the windows. God’s perfect timing has much in store for my walk with Him.

I’m founding a new ministry. A sports ministry.

My time of God carefully developing my personal and spiritual growth through following Him as He worked through me to envision and create and grow to fruition the International Christian Tennis Association has led to the main purpose.

What does all this mean? Well, first let me say I will still be as actively involved in ICTA as my new schedule allows. Next, let me say ICTA will soon rock the tennis world. And I mean ROCK THE TENNIS WORLD. Those of you who think you might have an idea about my intentions… you don’t. You can’t see that big. Take your wildest dream and it is probably not even close.

That said, I like to build things and when they are built I get bored and look for something new and challenging.

I look forward to the next few months, then I look forward to the next phase in my personal and spiritual development.

Yep, I was tired when I woke up at 5:30am after a short 3 hr nap. The drive, flight, layover, flight, drive, 4hr nap the next night, 7am flight, and drive was good. Coming home was great. Getting to the tennis courts and working with my WTA players was great. Having my junior guys hit for 5 hrs in the awesome Florida sun was great.

I’m cooking Enchillada’s tonite. The weather is perfect. ICTA missions has reached over 370,000 in just over a month. My friends love and support me. My mom is doing better after breaking 2 bones in her leg in a fall. Grampa is well at 88 years of age. My brother and I are building a great relationship. My mentors are always a phone call away. My Pro Tennis Team is playing in a pro tournament on a mission trip in Alabama this week coming up and staying at Nasser’s house. I have a full week+ to hit balls in the warm Florida sun and lose the 7 lbs of belly I gained on the road….

Life is so good. God is so good. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else doing anything else. I love every single aspect of my life. There is nothing I would add or take away.

Spike, Chris, Robert, Eric, David, David, Dax (look for a call soon, I’m excited about SOAR)… so many friends, so many supporters… I am such a fortunate guy!

God is Good,


PS… Don’t forget to call your local radio stations and ask them to play the Glory Revealed Worship CD! It’s currently #3 on the charts. You can check it out at ITUNES, also.

We’re heading to the Glory Revealed Tour in Ocala, Florida on April 26! Come with us… and bring your tennis racket as we will all hit before the event begins!


March 26, 2007

International Christian Tennis Association: Miami TV Show Production

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The video production crew was outstanding and taping the TV show during the Sony Ericsson Open down in the Miami area was a breeze. Look for the show to air in 2 weeks.

More on that in a minute. First, let me say it is soo good to be home after well over a month on the road during an ICTA mission tour. It’s good to go to my church, sleep in my bed, cook in my kitchen…

For those of you just tuning in, International Christian Tennis Association missions has spent weeks journeying across America and back, and way down into Mexico.

We’ve traveled from our home base in Palm Coast, Florida north to Memphis, Tennessee where we hosted a week+ large-scale mission outreach. Check out my blog: ICTA Tennessee

From there we drove back home, took a few days to rest, unpack, and repack… then we flew to Phoenix, Arizona and drove to Indian Wells, California for a 2 week mission trip during the 6th largest pro tournament in the world, the Pacific Life Open. At this same time our ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team flew to Mexico for an outreach.

Check out my ICTA California blog & pics

After ICTA gained 1000+ members and gave out hundreds of Christian Bibles, tracks, and gift books in Indian Wells during the tournament, we drove to Las Vegas, Nevada for a few days of street missions. Our stay at the Excaliber Hotel and Casino was a blast and everyone realized an intense need for ministry work on the famous Las Vegas Strip.

From Vegas we visited the Hoover Dam and drove to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Words can’t describe the Grand Canyon. After sharing our witness at that amazing place, we drove to the gorgeous mountain town of Flagstaff, Arizona. From there we drove one of the most beautiful drives ever south to Phoenix where we caught a flight to Atlanta. (I’ll write more about all of this soon… and add some pics for you.)

Then, because of airline bunk, we ended up renting a car and driving the 400+ miles from Atlanta to Palm Coast where we enjoyed a brief but restful day before driving down to Miami to tape a TV Show and watch some tennis.

So, back to the show. The camera crew and photographer were first rate. I enjoyed their professionalism and could quickly see their passion for their work. The interviewer was high quality. She has “been here done that” and it showed! The PR gal was a joy to work with.

In fact the whole experience was great. I look forward to working with this crew over the upcoming years! They have a tremendous ministry and calling. I’ll share more and more about them as time goes by. They totally rock and I see a strong partnership developing between us all!

My favorite part was watching Melody Snelen and Rachel Snelen shine in their interviews. They were outstanding, beautiful, Christ-like, and captured the hearts of everyone working and watching. Anastasia Kharchenko settled her nerves and her bubbly personality took over during her film time. I was proud of all three of them! We have lots of pics coming as the professional photographer sends them to us. In addition, I look forward to gaining a DVD of the show to possibly give to all new ICTA members & to add to our upcoming new web sites.

As for me, I enjoyed sharing my life and experiences which brought me face to face with my call to ministry. The ICTA is just the tip of the iceberg for what I have been working on for the last several years in preparing for my walk into fulltime ministry for Him.

My call to ministry was not the International Christian Tennis Association! The ICTA has been what God has used to grow and develop me. To show me my strengths and weaknesses. To teach me the importance of persecution. To show me that to be the greatest you must learn to be the weakest and servant of all.

A tennis analogy would be ICTA for me has been like a series of tennis lessons, practice matches, and local tournaments as a new tennis player learns the fundamentals of strokes and strategies.

What’s coming up in my life!? Well, stay tuned and I’ll try to keep you posted.

For now… thank you for all of your prayers. Your phone calls and emails mean the word to us. Your ICTA boldly declares His name and Good News throughout the richest sport in the world. What we do is not easy, nor is it supposed to be. That said, those of you who take your time to contact us, we really appreciate you and thank God for your support.

God bless,

Scott Paschal

March 9, 2007

ICTA Large Scale Mission Trip: Pacific Life Open

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Hello there!

This is Scott Paschal. We are currently on an ICTA Mission Trip to California!

To see my daily blog of this amazing mission trip, click here!

Right now as I type I am sitting in ICTA’s Exhibitor’s booth directly inside the world’s 6th largest pro tournament. The trip has been amazing.

In a few moments we will close our booth for the day and go watch some world class tennis. I love pro tennis. And the tournament site here in Indian Wells is gorgeous. Easily one of the most beautiful places we’ve been. Like Hawaii.

I’m excited to bring a yearly tennis tour group here with my tennis tour company.

And right now I’m really excited to go see ICTA alumni Julia Vakulenko play tennis in her first round main draw match. It’s been really great seeing Julia here at the tournament. She has come a long way from the girl she was just one year ago.

I am still to this day so grateful that God used me to intervene in Julia’s suicide just over a year ago. Then, she came to my tennis academy in Florida where God used me to let Julia know he does love her and care for her! Now, here she is still alive… and playing the best tennis of her life!!

From Julia wanting to commit suicide from the culmination of years of physical, sexual, mental, and spiritual abuse… to Julia getting healthy and playing pro tennis again!

Speaking of tennis… I’m also excited to have been able to help her with her tennis! So great! I enjoyed rebuilding Julia spiritually… and physically. And I completely overhauled her tennis game! Footwork, forehand, fitness, core strength, strategies & tactics. So much fun!

Hey, before training with me Julia needed 33 tournaments to reach top 100 WTA

Then, after just 2 months training with me she needed just 13! Not too bad, huh!?

Keep Julia in your prayers as she fights a difficult fight to learn who is and who isn’t truly her friend, and to help her continue to seek God in all she does.

Gotta go watch her match!

God bless,

386 793 0557

March 4, 2007

Glory Revealed

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I had just walked up a driveway that went up a hill. A long driveway and a steep hill.

Long enough and steep enough for me to make sure I took the trailer off the Suburban next time so I could avoid the up and down pain by parking at the top.

The trailer would have been fine down there and the Suburban fine up there, and neither would have missed each other much seeing as how they just traveled over 600 miles together, and seeing as how neither can think.

I had parked at the bottom of the long driveway, thus the bottom of the steep hill, and after already walking the hill many times that morning I was seriously considering taking a swim with a goose called Mr. Bubbles, but that’s another story and something that probably wouldn’t make much sense at this moment.

Suffice to say that after the last journey to the top of the hill, possibly after I’d traveled 400 yards seemingly straight up, I was relieved to discover my last trip would be down the hill to leave for the tennis club.

As I arrived at the top of the hill, Nasser gave me a box full of books. At first a bit skeptical of carrying a box of books back down the hill thus having to again walk up the hill, I quickly forgot about my burning thigh muscles as I looked into the box and saw his new book, Glory Revealed!

I couldn’t have been more excited! He said the books had arrived just 4 days earlier and that we were the first ones to get them!

Glory Revealed is something he had been working on for a long time. Glory Revealed, the book, is a fantastic read. I’ve loved reading it the last two days. My tennis academy students are devouring it as well. But, Glory Revealed is so much more than a book.

There is also a Glory Revealed CD. Nasser has spent at least two years that I can remember bringing the CD to reality. The songs are amazing and I’ve already been hearing them on the radio.

Who is singing in this incredible CD…?

How about Michael W. Smith, Mac Powell of Third Day, Stephen Curtis Chapman, Mark Hall of Casting Crowns, David Crowder, Brian Littrell, Shane and Shane (can the names get any bigger on one CD!!?) & more.

But, Glory Revealed is so much more than a fantastic read and hit CD.

There is also a Glory Revealed Tour. David Nasser, Mac Powell of Third Day, and many others are hitting the road for a 3 week, 16 city tour!

But, as amazing as the book, CD, and tour are… there is more…

Glory Revealed is both the culmination and the beginning of a friendship journey between a couple of guys, Nasser & Powell, flipping burgers during a vacation to the beach in Florida. Both of these guys are the real deal… and Glory Revealed is the real deal.

Friends joining together for Him.

After loading the last box, and all the luggage, and all my tennis academy kids, the dog, and an amazing health-enhancing, not, food called Sticky Buns, we left Nasser’s house and headed to the tennis club mainly so Mark could get some revenge on Nasser and Bozeman could get schooled by Ana. Both of which came to pass.

Our mission trip to Memphis had been incredible. Wrapping it up with Glory Revealed and tennis fun tennis with friends made it all the better.

Check out And check out

The International Christian Tennis Association staff and academy will most likely attend the Glory Revealed tour in either Ocala or Lakeland here in sunny Florida. Would love for you to attend with us. Bring your youth group, friends, and family… and your tennis rackets!

God bless!


March 3, 2007

Amazing Grace

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There comes a point in time when we all have to stand. Not just stand, but stand for something. And, as we stand, we have to face a certain direction. The direction we choose to stand in determines where we go, and what we stand for determines who we go with and why.

The question then becomes not just will we stand and what direction we will face and who we will stand with, but how long will we stand and how long will it take for us to begin walking. Walking requires more than standing. Walking is a bold step forward from a simple upright position. Standing for a sitting person is a bold move, yet standing soon becomes routine. Walking from standing is bold.

We walk and we encounter trials. Trials make us stop and stand, maybe sit, or make us walk more firmly as we grow in experience. While walking is bold, it is nothing compared to breaking out into a jog.

A steady, methodical jog toward the direction we face is a powerful, bold endeavor which will be witnessed by those who sit, stand, or walk. It will be recognized either kindly or poorly depending on the lenses viewed from and the direction taken by those sitting, standing, or walking and determined, as well, by their direction or lack of.

There comes a point when jogging has developed the boldness to the point one begins to run and in running one learns to sprint, thus propelling oneself forward in the direction taken for the choices one faces. And in the boldness of not sitting, nor standing, nor jogging, one finds a view others have to the vantage point not to see.

All people have the ability to sprint. Gods amazing grace frees each of us and takes the chains off. You do not have to sit, you can stand. You can stand right now. Satan will make you believe you are not worthy. You are worthy. So stand.

Get up. Stand up and once standing face in a direction. Choose with boldness shown by standing a direction that is God-honoring. While standing you will become stronger. Others will attempt to make you sit back down, but stand strong. Their lack will develop your endurance and God’s grace will strengthen your faith.

Others will say you have no right to stand, you are a sinner, you are not perfect, you are unworthy… and they’re right. Yet, God has called you His child and has wrapped His loving grace around you. Stand. Get up and stand. Not just stand, but stand tall and face Him.

Then take a step towards Him, however small. As others scoff, take another step. Listen to Him and follow the direction you are facing. Some of those sitting will become your biggest obstacles, conviction is powerful, yet walk around them one step after the other. Focus on His amazing grace. Then, begin jogging. Yes, its bold. Yes, you are unequipped. Yes, you are not worthy. But, He has called and you are answering His call.

Now run, run to Him. Run in the direction He has called you until you begin sprinting. Sprint to Him. Let your lungs explode inside of you, he will give you air to breathe. Let your legs burn, He will take your pain away. Just run.

Jesus was clear that the road is wide but the gate is narrow. He boldly declared that even those performing miracles in His name will not be recognized. So, run. Not just run. Sprint.

And not just sprint, sprint to Him. Stand, find the direction, and sprint to Him.

His grace is amazing.

Scott Paschal

PS. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love the song Amazing Grace. Check out the following link:

And, check out Chris Tomlin’s newest CD where Tomlin sings his rendition of Amazing Grace, which is also on the movie soundtrack.