March 3, 2007

Amazing Grace

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:28 am by Scott Paschal

There comes a point in time when we all have to stand. Not just stand, but stand for something. And, as we stand, we have to face a certain direction. The direction we choose to stand in determines where we go, and what we stand for determines who we go with and why.

The question then becomes not just will we stand and what direction we will face and who we will stand with, but how long will we stand and how long will it take for us to begin walking. Walking requires more than standing. Walking is a bold step forward from a simple upright position. Standing for a sitting person is a bold move, yet standing soon becomes routine. Walking from standing is bold.

We walk and we encounter trials. Trials make us stop and stand, maybe sit, or make us walk more firmly as we grow in experience. While walking is bold, it is nothing compared to breaking out into a jog.

A steady, methodical jog toward the direction we face is a powerful, bold endeavor which will be witnessed by those who sit, stand, or walk. It will be recognized either kindly or poorly depending on the lenses viewed from and the direction taken by those sitting, standing, or walking and determined, as well, by their direction or lack of.

There comes a point when jogging has developed the boldness to the point one begins to run and in running one learns to sprint, thus propelling oneself forward in the direction taken for the choices one faces. And in the boldness of not sitting, nor standing, nor jogging, one finds a view others have to the vantage point not to see.

All people have the ability to sprint. Gods amazing grace frees each of us and takes the chains off. You do not have to sit, you can stand. You can stand right now. Satan will make you believe you are not worthy. You are worthy. So stand.

Get up. Stand up and once standing face in a direction. Choose with boldness shown by standing a direction that is God-honoring. While standing you will become stronger. Others will attempt to make you sit back down, but stand strong. Their lack will develop your endurance and God’s grace will strengthen your faith.

Others will say you have no right to stand, you are a sinner, you are not perfect, you are unworthy… and they’re right. Yet, God has called you His child and has wrapped His loving grace around you. Stand. Get up and stand. Not just stand, but stand tall and face Him.

Then take a step towards Him, however small. As others scoff, take another step. Listen to Him and follow the direction you are facing. Some of those sitting will become your biggest obstacles, conviction is powerful, yet walk around them one step after the other. Focus on His amazing grace. Then, begin jogging. Yes, its bold. Yes, you are unequipped. Yes, you are not worthy. But, He has called and you are answering His call.

Now run, run to Him. Run in the direction He has called you until you begin sprinting. Sprint to Him. Let your lungs explode inside of you, he will give you air to breathe. Let your legs burn, He will take your pain away. Just run.

Jesus was clear that the road is wide but the gate is narrow. He boldly declared that even those performing miracles in His name will not be recognized. So, run. Not just run. Sprint.

And not just sprint, sprint to Him. Stand, find the direction, and sprint to Him.

His grace is amazing.

Scott Paschal

PS. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love the song Amazing Grace. Check out the following link:

And, check out Chris Tomlin’s newest CD where Tomlin sings his rendition of Amazing Grace, which is also on the movie soundtrack.


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