March 4, 2007

Glory Revealed

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I had just walked up a driveway that went up a hill. A long driveway and a steep hill.

Long enough and steep enough for me to make sure I took the trailer off the Suburban next time so I could avoid the up and down pain by parking at the top.

The trailer would have been fine down there and the Suburban fine up there, and neither would have missed each other much seeing as how they just traveled over 600 miles together, and seeing as how neither can think.

I had parked at the bottom of the long driveway, thus the bottom of the steep hill, and after already walking the hill many times that morning I was seriously considering taking a swim with a goose called Mr. Bubbles, but that’s another story and something that probably wouldn’t make much sense at this moment.

Suffice to say that after the last journey to the top of the hill, possibly after I’d traveled 400 yards seemingly straight up, I was relieved to discover my last trip would be down the hill to leave for the tennis club.

As I arrived at the top of the hill, Nasser gave me a box full of books. At first a bit skeptical of carrying a box of books back down the hill thus having to again walk up the hill, I quickly forgot about my burning thigh muscles as I looked into the box and saw his new book, Glory Revealed!

I couldn’t have been more excited! He said the books had arrived just 4 days earlier and that we were the first ones to get them!

Glory Revealed is something he had been working on for a long time. Glory Revealed, the book, is a fantastic read. I’ve loved reading it the last two days. My tennis academy students are devouring it as well. But, Glory Revealed is so much more than a book.

There is also a Glory Revealed CD. Nasser has spent at least two years that I can remember bringing the CD to reality. The songs are amazing and I’ve already been hearing them on the radio.

Who is singing in this incredible CD…?

How about Michael W. Smith, Mac Powell of Third Day, Stephen Curtis Chapman, Mark Hall of Casting Crowns, David Crowder, Brian Littrell, Shane and Shane (can the names get any bigger on one CD!!?) & more.

But, Glory Revealed is so much more than a fantastic read and hit CD.

There is also a Glory Revealed Tour. David Nasser, Mac Powell of Third Day, and many others are hitting the road for a 3 week, 16 city tour!

But, as amazing as the book, CD, and tour are… there is more…

Glory Revealed is both the culmination and the beginning of a friendship journey between a couple of guys, Nasser & Powell, flipping burgers during a vacation to the beach in Florida. Both of these guys are the real deal… and Glory Revealed is the real deal.

Friends joining together for Him.

After loading the last box, and all the luggage, and all my tennis academy kids, the dog, and an amazing health-enhancing, not, food called Sticky Buns, we left Nasser’s house and headed to the tennis club mainly so Mark could get some revenge on Nasser and Bozeman could get schooled by Ana. Both of which came to pass.

Our mission trip to Memphis had been incredible. Wrapping it up with Glory Revealed and tennis fun tennis with friends made it all the better.

Check out And check out

The International Christian Tennis Association staff and academy will most likely attend the Glory Revealed tour in either Ocala or Lakeland here in sunny Florida. Would love for you to attend with us. Bring your youth group, friends, and family… and your tennis rackets!

God bless!



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