March 9, 2007

ICTA Large Scale Mission Trip: Pacific Life Open

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Hello there!

This is Scott Paschal. We are currently on an ICTA Mission Trip to California!

To see my daily blog of this amazing mission trip, click here!

Right now as I type I am sitting in ICTA’s Exhibitor’s booth directly inside the world’s 6th largest pro tournament. The trip has been amazing.

In a few moments we will close our booth for the day and go watch some world class tennis. I love pro tennis. And the tournament site here in Indian Wells is gorgeous. Easily one of the most beautiful places we’ve been. Like Hawaii.

I’m excited to bring a yearly tennis tour group here with my tennis tour company.

And right now I’m really excited to go see ICTA alumni Julia Vakulenko play tennis in her first round main draw match. It’s been really great seeing Julia here at the tournament. She has come a long way from the girl she was just one year ago.

I am still to this day so grateful that God used me to intervene in Julia’s suicide just over a year ago. Then, she came to my tennis academy in Florida where God used me to let Julia know he does love her and care for her! Now, here she is still alive… and playing the best tennis of her life!!

From Julia wanting to commit suicide from the culmination of years of physical, sexual, mental, and spiritual abuse… to Julia getting healthy and playing pro tennis again!

Speaking of tennis… I’m also excited to have been able to help her with her tennis! So great! I enjoyed rebuilding Julia spiritually… and physically. And I completely overhauled her tennis game! Footwork, forehand, fitness, core strength, strategies & tactics. So much fun!

Hey, before training with me Julia needed 33 tournaments to reach top 100 WTA

Then, after just 2 months training with me she needed just 13! Not too bad, huh!?

Keep Julia in your prayers as she fights a difficult fight to learn who is and who isn’t truly her friend, and to help her continue to seek God in all she does.

Gotta go watch her match!

God bless,

386 793 0557


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