March 26, 2007

International Christian Tennis Association: Miami TV Show Production

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The video production crew was outstanding and taping the TV show during the Sony Ericsson Open down in the Miami area was a breeze. Look for the show to air in 2 weeks.

More on that in a minute. First, let me say it is soo good to be home after well over a month on the road during an ICTA mission tour. It’s good to go to my church, sleep in my bed, cook in my kitchen…

For those of you just tuning in, International Christian Tennis Association missions has spent weeks journeying across America and back, and way down into Mexico.

We’ve traveled from our home base in Palm Coast, Florida north to Memphis, Tennessee where we hosted a week+ large-scale mission outreach. Check out my blog: ICTA Tennessee

From there we drove back home, took a few days to rest, unpack, and repack… then we flew to Phoenix, Arizona and drove to Indian Wells, California for a 2 week mission trip during the 6th largest pro tournament in the world, the Pacific Life Open. At this same time our ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team flew to Mexico for an outreach.

Check out my ICTA California blog & pics

After ICTA gained 1000+ members and gave out hundreds of Christian Bibles, tracks, and gift books in Indian Wells during the tournament, we drove to Las Vegas, Nevada for a few days of street missions. Our stay at the Excaliber Hotel and Casino was a blast and everyone realized an intense need for ministry work on the famous Las Vegas Strip.

From Vegas we visited the Hoover Dam and drove to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Words can’t describe the Grand Canyon. After sharing our witness at that amazing place, we drove to the gorgeous mountain town of Flagstaff, Arizona. From there we drove one of the most beautiful drives ever south to Phoenix where we caught a flight to Atlanta. (I’ll write more about all of this soon… and add some pics for you.)

Then, because of airline bunk, we ended up renting a car and driving the 400+ miles from Atlanta to Palm Coast where we enjoyed a brief but restful day before driving down to Miami to tape a TV Show and watch some tennis.

So, back to the show. The camera crew and photographer were first rate. I enjoyed their professionalism and could quickly see their passion for their work. The interviewer was high quality. She has “been here done that” and it showed! The PR gal was a joy to work with.

In fact the whole experience was great. I look forward to working with this crew over the upcoming years! They have a tremendous ministry and calling. I’ll share more and more about them as time goes by. They totally rock and I see a strong partnership developing between us all!

My favorite part was watching Melody Snelen and Rachel Snelen shine in their interviews. They were outstanding, beautiful, Christ-like, and captured the hearts of everyone working and watching. Anastasia Kharchenko settled her nerves and her bubbly personality took over during her film time. I was proud of all three of them! We have lots of pics coming as the professional photographer sends them to us. In addition, I look forward to gaining a DVD of the show to possibly give to all new ICTA members & to add to our upcoming new web sites.

As for me, I enjoyed sharing my life and experiences which brought me face to face with my call to ministry. The ICTA is just the tip of the iceberg for what I have been working on for the last several years in preparing for my walk into fulltime ministry for Him.

My call to ministry was not the International Christian Tennis Association! The ICTA has been what God has used to grow and develop me. To show me my strengths and weaknesses. To teach me the importance of persecution. To show me that to be the greatest you must learn to be the weakest and servant of all.

A tennis analogy would be ICTA for me has been like a series of tennis lessons, practice matches, and local tournaments as a new tennis player learns the fundamentals of strokes and strategies.

What’s coming up in my life!? Well, stay tuned and I’ll try to keep you posted.

For now… thank you for all of your prayers. Your phone calls and emails mean the word to us. Your ICTA boldly declares His name and Good News throughout the richest sport in the world. What we do is not easy, nor is it supposed to be. That said, those of you who take your time to contact us, we really appreciate you and thank God for your support.

God bless,

Scott Paschal


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