April 5, 2007

Scott Paschal says “My life ROCKS!”

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What a great week! Man, I love my life!

This is Scott Paschal, Director & Founder of the International Christian Tennis Association.

Who else gets to tell so many people about the Creator of the universe and how He wants to have a personal relationship with each of them, and while I do that I get to live in gorgeous Palm Coast, Florida and smack the tennis ball around with a bunch of Christian tennis juniors and WTA pro tennis players who want to hit the ball all day long?

Who else, I ask!? Nobody! Just me! My life rocks…

Wanna know what’s been going on around here lately? Ok, I’ll tell you.

My junior guys are working on an in-depth study of A Case for Christ by Lee Stroebel and The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. Cool, huh!? They are learning at just 14-15 years of age the incredible facts and proof of Christ, and learning world-class habits from the world’s leading expert. Who does that at 14-15 years!? Cool, huh!

Plus, these Christian tennis guys are learning how to preach.

They take each chapter of each book and break them down on paper, then write an in-depth narrative of what they’ve learned. From there they head to the edge of the wooded area in the back of the yard of my house… where they take turns reading out loud what they’re learning. And I mean out loud!! Really loud because I’m in the house and they have to speak loud enough for me to hear them clearly.

So fun! Their voices are getting stronger and their words more confident. So fun to build pastors!

Plus, did I mention we hit balls like 5 hours yesterday? That was awesome. What is better than tennis and Jesus… and Italian pasta :).

Speaking of tennis and Jesus, my girls are coming back from their mission trip to Alabama. Rachel Snelen, Melody Snelen, Shantel Tavita, and Anastasia Kharchenko spent the last week telling top WTA players and others about Jesus at an ITF $25,000 tournament.

So fun and productive! They had an absolute blast staying at David Nasser’s house with his family for the week. Nasser is getting ready to head out on his tour, Glory Revealed, www.gloryrevealed.com with Mac Powell of Third Day and so many others! (And be sure to check out this awesome Glory Revealed Video)

Nasser has an amazing guest house and the girls packed into it. His wife is a tremendous mentor and friend to Rach and Mel, and the other girls I coach full time or who travel with us, and Nasser loves playing tennis with everyone. So blessed for them to be in such a loving, faith-filled, family environment. David has been a great friend, mentor, and supporter of mine for years.

Tomorrow nite, the girls will be here after a long drive from Alabama and I’m excited to hear all the wonderful stories of people they met and ministry that happened!

The girls are preparing for a huge 8-week road tour. This will be a time of speaking, prayer, building relationships, seeking God’s will on the pro tour…. Touring throughout Mexico and the USA with sites set on Japan as well, the ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team is so special and rare and blessed.

I thank God for these girls and their hearts to share their faith.

I thank God for those who would support them and care about them such as tremendous friends like Jim B. who is there in Birmingham and beyond whenever we need him. I thank God for continuously protecting them from those who would do harm to them (who hasn’t heard my stories of the ridiculous antics of their Chinese-American tennis pro stalker I call “Rev.” Kraft!?). I thank God for these selfless teens and young adults who stay focused on Jesus and have led others on the WTA tour to Christ while developing relationships to last a lifetime.

What an absolute joy I have in my heart when I think about my life!!

My junior guys are being forged into passionate preachers who are brilliantly able to share their faith! I get to plan and attend mission trips to famous tennis events! My pro player girls travel internationally helping others and sharing their faith in such a way that others have been led to know Christ as their personal Lord and Savior!

I have so many blessings in my life! I live in a safe, beautiful town in a wonderful 2 year old home. My health is tremendous, my Jeep runs like a champ, my Mom called today to check in with unyeilding support for my work, my brother is a successful youth pastor and we talk often, I’m founding a new ministry and two new secular Christian-owned businesses, my tennis academy will be full again this summer as we pack the place with a bunch of junior guys ages 14-16 and hit the fuzz off of boxes and boxes of new tennis balls.

Wow, I’m a fortunate person. So blessed! Thank you God for taking this idiot and creating me as you need me to be. I remember my old life and I thank God for the new creation you have made in me. The last 15 years have been wonderful as you took the old self-centered and replaced him with a Christ-centered one.

Life is so good! Yet, as good as it is right now, when I begin to share my upcoming plans for my life and my ministry with you… WOW!!!

God bless and know Jesus loves you and cares about you even when it seems no one else does!

Coach Scott Paschal


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