April 22, 2007

Scott Paschal and Peppers… Two Christian Tennis Nuts!

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This is Scott Paschal.  This morning as the sun rises I keep thinking about the many blessings God has placed in my life.

Even though the TV and the Internet remind me how fallen this world is, even though there is so much heartache, I keep hearing God’s voice through it all.

The senseless massacre at Virginia Tech, the daily murders in Baghdad, starvation and poverty and disease worldwide, kids with AIDS… the world pounds us with such pain and sometimes I just sit and stare, not quite knowing what to do, where I fit in, or even what to think of it all.

Then, as it all begins to seem a bit hopeless, God sends me a sign. Maybe an olive branch in a way. A sign to say He is in control. A sign to say He is creator of all and I am just a little nobody who isn’t supposed to have all the answers. Yet, though a little nobody, I am His.

In a small way I can understand this because I have a fish tank and I take care of my fish.

And as I am His I have a job to accomplish. I’ve been set on this planet to share His word and to disciple others. Plus, I teach tennis. Oh, and there’s this little ministry I run.

Peppers is one of the reminders God is in control. He is someone God sent to show me how I fit into His greater plan. God has big things in store for Peppers. My job with Peppers was to point him in a more focused direction, which I did.

A couple days ago, Pepper’s Dad flew in from the South Pacific to fly home with Peppers. We enjoyed a 4 hr visit at Chic Fil A discussing lots of thoughts about Church, Christianity, Restoration, his family, and Peppers.

The Dad says Peppers is an improved kid from the one he dropped off with me in January. That’s nice.

In the middle of all the pain and suffering of the world, it’s nice to know I have a purpose. It’s good to know there is some good inside of me. When the world constantly says “bad,” it’s nice to know God is good and His goodness wants to flow through you and me.

As it flows through us, it reaches others. While we can’t snap our fingers and make the pain of the world go away, we can open our eyes and our ears to hear his voice and see His face. Then we can answer Him when He calls…

and for better or for worse we can know He is in control.


Scott Paschal
International Christian Tennis Association
386 793 0557


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