April 25, 2007

Christiantennis.net Attends Glory Revealed Concert!

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Tomorrow is the big day! The Glory Revealed Tour is in our area and we’re heading out to Ocala, Florida to have a great time! We’ll hit some tennis balls with Nasser around 3pm, shower, eat something, then head to the concert venue, First Baptist Church of Ocala!

Watching Newbie and Nasser play a match is always fun! I think this is Newbie vs Nasser V. Right now, I think Newbs has the advantage 3-2. The funnest match was when they played in Atlanta just over a year ago… split sets and a tie break in the third. That match took so long that we were all late getting to the concert venue.

Chris and his mom, Susie, are driving in to meet us. I coached Chris last summer. His Mom and Dad have been my friends and ICTA supporters for 5 years. Susie is a Pediatrician and her husband, Chuck, is a shrink. Will be fun to spend time with everyone. Chris and I have a strong coach/player bond for sure. One of those bonds that will last a lifetime. Same with Newbie, whose real name is Jon by the way.

This morning Rachel Snelen, Anastasia Kharchenko, Shantel Tavita, and Melody Snelen drove to Orlando to spend the night. Tomorrow, 3 of the 4 of this amazing ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team flies to Mazatlan, Mexico via LA. The team will do missions activities while competing in two ITF pro tournaments… Los Mochis, Mexico and Mazatlan, Mexico.

Melody Snelen isn’t going with the team as she has been invited by Nasser’s family to go with them on the Music Boat Cruise to Jamaica. Rach went last year on the cruise that went from California down to Mexico. Mel will have a blast spending time with Nasser’s family and meeting so many Christian music artists. She’s really excited! I’m excited for her!

Me… I’m sitting here on the couch with the dog typing this to you… kinda boring, huh? I think I’ll go make some homemade Fettuccine Alfredo and watch The Incredibles. Not exactly missions work in Mazatlan, but it’ll do…

I hope you have had the opportunity to attend Glory Revealed!

If not, be sure to check out the book and CD at the Glory Revealed web site… www.GloryRevealed.com

Please keep the safety of the girls in your prayers. They are traveling deep into Mexico specifically to share the Gospel of Jesus to WTA players and others God brings to their path. These amazing girls are selflessly giving of their time, money, safety to follow the Great Commission as commanded by Jesus and recorded by Mathew (28). These girls, and the mission of their team, are very rare and special.

God bless,

Scott Paschal
International Christian Tennis Association
386 793 0557


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