May 19, 2007

Coach Scotty is Going to Paris…

Posted in ICTA Attends 2007 French Open at 12:56 pm by Scott Paschal

I have a sense of excitement as we prepare to journey to Europe.

I generally like traveling and meeting new people and seeing new things, but for me this trip has bit of extra mystery and sense of anticipation. I feel this trip will be special….

Why are we going to France?

We’re traveling specifically to lay the foundation for a potential large-scale International Christian Tennis Association, ICTA, Mission Trip to the 2008 French Open, and to possibly establish an ICTA homebase in Europe.

On the way to Paris and back to Florida, we’ll have some fun visiting other locations. Two places I want to check out are Rome and Athens. We’ll shoot some video footage for upcoming shows and take lots of pics. While in France, we’ll hang out at Rolland Garros and travel with our host church family.

Please keep our trip in your prayers as we seek to expand ICTA tennis ministry to Europe by establishing an International Christian Tennis Association homebase and laying the foundation for a potential future 2008 or 2009 large-scale mission trip in cooperation with our ministry partners and churches in France supportive of our purpose.

God bless,

Scott Paschal


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