June 1, 2007

Scott Paschal’s Inside-Out Christian Tennis Shots

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Hey, this is Scott Paschal! I’ve received emails lately from people asking for more pics and inquiring about what it’s like around here with the International Christian Tennis Association over the summer!

We decided to take pictures of the last few days to help bring you along with us around here!This summer heaps of good stuff is happening!

To start with, I will host between 11-19 fulltime tennis missionary students in my home who are participating in my tennis academy programs. With students from Australia to Trinidad to Ukraine and beyond, this is an exciting “international” summer.

I have a wonderful new junior boy’s team for ages 11-14! Rand, Adam, and Josh are awesome and I am having a GREAT time working with them on and off court. So refreshing to work with some “pups” after working for so many years with only “big dog” pro players! From tennis to fitness to piano to filming their sermons they make… one word… satisying.

My new boy’s junior team for ages 15-17 will have 6 guys blasting the ball at each other often twice-daily, plus traveling to tournaments together, enjoying mission trips together, attending Christian concerts, studying cutting-edge discipleship training materials….

The ICTA Women’s Christian Pro Tennis Team is at 6 players and is traveling worldwide! Mexico, Paris, USA, Israel, and possibly Thailand and Rome…. please keep Emma Hustad, Shantel Tavita, Melody Snelen, Dea Aker, Anastasia Kharchenko, and Rachel Snelen in your prayers!

Basically, having everyone here is amazing. The energy, the fun, the curiosity, the anticipation! Enjoy the pics and thank you so much for your prayers, emails and phone calls of support!

God bless,

Scott Paschal


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