July 4, 2007

"Me…Scott Paschal… the most high profile Christian in tennis ….!??"

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Hello there! This is Scott Paschal. That’s me in the middle up there having a picture taken with my tennis academy students. For those of you new to the International Christian Tennis Association, ICTA, this blog is our online magazine designed to keep you up to date and informed on the happenings of our ministry. It’s a free resource for you!

Our goal with our magazine is to offer an insider’s point of view to help our readers feel included, even if they’re secretly logged in from as far away as Tehran, Iran or Istanbul, Turkey. All are welcome!

The pics I’ve placed on this blog are from recent Christian event my wonderful Christian tennis academy students attended with me! We enjoyed a tremendous time at the event!

I’d like introduce you to these fine Christian tennis players who have a heart to serve Jesus and a massive passion for top junior or pro tennis.

From right to left… Shantel Tavita (1 year) , Rachel Snelen (7 years), Melody Snelen (7 years), Jon (3 years), Emma Hustad (summer 07), Josh (summer 07), Anastasia Kharchenko (1 year), Mark (1 year), David (summer 07), Rand (summer 07). Countries represented are Samoa, USA, Ukraine, and Mexico. Not pictured, Brendan from Trinidad. Other students coming in during July and August not pictured.

This last week has been so blessed. Doors are opening for ICTA that only God can open. I am learning so much about Christian ministry, life, empathy for others, letting go and letting God take over.

I’d like to share a phone call with you. A guy called me recently for an interview. Honestly, at first I didn’t trust him, so I agreed to just 5 minutes. His first question was a shocker! He asked point blank… “Are you aware you are the most high profile Christian in tennis right now?”

The way he said “the” echoed in my brain for what seemed like an hour. I politely disagreed in my own unique Italian way, which possibly sounded like a cat getting a bath, mentioned I am just a pretty stubborn behind the scenes type of guy and am nothing at all more than a happy donkey being ridden by Christ’s purpose for my life… and I quickly changed the subject.

Me…??… the… NOT!

We spoke for longer than 5 minutes and I believe the fella is now an advocate for our ministry. I talk to a lot of folks each week, but that phone call stood out.

I’d also like to mention a friend of mine came to stay with us for a couple days. Like me, he’s a tennis/ministry type of guy. I enjoyed having him around and look forward to God’s purpose for our friendship. The kids enjoyed him also… though Mark probably didn’t enjoy getting destroyed 21-9 by him in ping-pong last night!

God bless each of you reading today. Thank you for your soo many phone calls and emails of support as ICTA reaches for Christ into the tennis industry and beyond.

Wherever you are and whatever your situation, know Jesus loves you even when it seems like no one else does.

Scott Paschal


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