July 13, 2007

Rachel Snelen WTA Christian Tennis Player Skydiving!!

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Visit ICTA’s video website to see the awesome video of Rachel Snelen skydiving!

Rachel Snelen, the captain of ICTA’s Women’s Pro Tennis Team which travels worldwide competing on the pro tour while sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ despite persecution, took a weekend off from her crazy busy schedule to celebrate her 24th birthday with her twin sister, Melody Snelen; her mother, Joy Snelen; fellow WTA player and fellow team member, Shantel Tavita; and 8 year ICTA friend, Sue Beck, whose son Joe trained with me for over 5 years.

Rachel, you rock! You’ve selflessly dedicated your life to following Christ. God has used your life to bring other WTA players and top juniors to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. You are a blessed amazing person that shines as an example worldwide as to what a young person can do when she follows God’s call into ministry.

I thank God for your mentors starting with your amazing mom, Joy Snelen. I am thankful for Sue Beck, a former Mormon who is now forever Christian because of your never ending devotion and dedication to your unwavering faith that Jesus Christ is Lord. I am thankful for the wife of my friend David Nasser, whose big sister love for you and your potential in this world and her incredible advice and wisdom has made such a huge impact on your life. I thank God for your twin, Melody, who will always have your back and is your best friend in this world.

Happy Birthday, Rachel.

We LOVE you!

Scott Paschal


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