August 30, 2007

ICTA Church Online:’s Friday Nite @ the Beach!

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Scott, Rand, Brendan, Josh Small
Wow, the last couple of weeks have flown by.

I’ve missed writing to our ICTABLOG family around the world. You guys are great. Your emails and phone calls with personal updates and prayer requests are a great source of inspiration for me. Our worldwide International Christian Tennis Association family in over 50 countries is special.

Let’s talk about ICTA Church Online’s Friday Nite @ the Beach! So good to receive your loving support and encouragement for this new Christian tennis video ministry endeavor. One lady from California wrote and said her ladies tennis team is planning to get together weekly and watch ICTA Church Online at her tennis club! Such a neat thought. One junior player’s mom reported he downloaded the videos onto his IPOD and shares them with friends. That’s awesome! A couple of pro players have joined in as well. So great because we all need God’s word.

If just one person’s life is touched, it’s all worth it to me. I’m having fun for sure. Hopefully, we can inspire people to join a local church and serve, read their Bible, pray, and share their faith. That’s really the mission of FN@B!.

Tomorrow will be a great day of hitting tennis balls with and coaching Christian WTA pro players in sunny Florida, preparing business plans for an ICTA Tennis Facility, and Friday Nite @ the Beach! with friends.

God bless, Scott Paschal


Here are a few emails I’ve received over the last 10 days…

Scott, Great idea! I hope all is going well for you. Please send me an email when you get a chance and let me know how you are doing. Thanks, George


I'm in NY for the Open already and running around with Roddick, Isner
and the SFX crew. Are you going to be up here at all during the
tourney?  Praying for you!  Jim

Just a short note to let you know I’m praying for you and your ministry. Keep me posted whenever your travels bring you around our parts. Let me know if there is any way our Magazine can better support your ICTA members. In Christ, Brent

Hi Scotty, Thanks for the newsletter. This is an awesome initiative and you fully have my support in prayer my brother. I pray for huge blessings and harvest in this endeavour. As you’re well aware the US Open will be served up (bit of tennis humor for you) to us from Monday and I’d love to get you on the program next week to talk about it. Evening time in the US is best for me, but let me know what suits you and I’m sure we can work something out. Be Blessed, Curtis

This is so awesome, thanks for your heart for God!! Martha

Hi, Thanks very much for your invitation. Am very happy to hear from you. Am Alfred Amanor and am from Ghana. Please I will make sure that this Saturday evening, I will be listening to your services. Thanks once again for your notice. I will be always be expecting your next invitation to your programs. I hope to hear from you soon. God Bless, Alfred

God bless you. I’m so pleased that you are a warrior for Christ in Tennis. Tennis needs it in my opinion with all of the junk that is pushed and considered a part of the game. Keep on……………In Christ, Michael

dear scott, i don’t know if you remember me, eireen p. i met you in houston at the masters cup last year. i am so pleased to see your on-line church and ministry. my daughter kandice and i have a heart for jesus and want to become more involved in this ministry….the tennis community really needs it. i am pleased to report that this summer in denver colorado at the colorado junior open, while wearing my icta t-shirt, i had a man come up and introduce himself and ask about the organization…i was so happy to share the good news!

please let me know what we can do here in houston, texas. i am a full-time lawyer. my daughter is in high school and on the tennis team. she intends to join fellowship of christian athletes at school, but to the extent she is on-court and at tournaments so much (and wants to do mission work someday) surely there is more she can do to get the word out. at a minimum, more icta t-shirts over here would help–i am willing to buy quite a few if i may…please let me know your thoughts. thanks again. eireen

Scott, Thanks for the invitation to the online beach service. I will try to attend some of these services. Ed

Scotty,  Going on vacation in a couple days but when I get back I’m going to start a bi-monthly bible study in my home just for my tennis buddies that miss other opportunities because of league play or work. I already lead a bible study at our church in Rancho Santa Fe and try to invite friends to that 9:00 on Wednesdays is sometimes a tough sell  You’ve inspired me to put some action into something I’ve thought of doing for some time.  Thanks!! Blessings, Martha

August 18, 2007

Rand’s Parents Write International Christian Tennis Association a Note!!

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This has probably been the best summer of our son’s life.

Rand wanted to find a great tennis camp, and we (his parents) wanted a happy, safe, Christian environment where he could grow.

We got it all with International Christian Tennis Association.

His tennis skills and love for the game have really bloomed over the summer, along with the understanding that he’s going to have to put in a lot of hard work to achieve his goals (hitting thousands of balls, stomach exercises, resistance training, etc).

But Scotty has him convinced he can do it! His encouragement has been terrific for Rand.

It’s been even more rewarding to see how ICTA has helped take Rand’s faith and love for God higher.

We’re excited to see him excited about his walk with Jesus, and about sharing Christ with the rest of the world.

Scott Paschal, Rachel and Melody Snelen, Emma Hustad, and the rest of the crew have been wonderful to our whole family and we’ve loved getting to know them.

I hope we’ll be seeing them a lot more in the future!

Edwin and Melissa

August 7, 2007

Bryan Brothers and ICTA’s Melody & Rachel Play at Legg Mason Tennis Classic In Washington, DC!!

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Mike Bryan and Melody with Bob Bryan and Rachel

Hello there. This is Scott Paschal, founder of the International Christian Tennis Association, I’d like to update you on our latest ICTA Mission Trip.

Here is a great picture of Bob Bryan and Rachel (lt) with Mike Bryan and Melody (rt) taken in Washington DC at a US OPEN SERIES tournament called the Legg Mason Tennis Classic.

Bob and Mike played main draw men’s doubles, while Rachel and Melody played main draw women’s doubles. We’re doing some research to see if this was the first time in history twin guys played the same tournament as twin girls! Rach and Bob played against each other for fun during the event.

This famous professional tennis tournament was played July 28 – August 5, 2007 at the
William H.G. FitzGerald Tennis Center in Rock Creek Park and benefited the Washington Tennis & Education Foundation.

In prayer, the International Christian Tennis Association made the decision to send the ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team to compete in this fabulous event. Rachel, Melody, and Emma Hustad represented the team, which is the first and only of its kind in the history of tennis. The entire trip was God-blessed from the first minute until the last.

I’ll touch on a few of the highlights here, but know we are preparing an entire ICTA Video production to share this God-blessed mission trip to the largest audience possible in hope of inspiring people worldwide.

God placed these wonderful women reached some of the most famous ATP men’s players in the world with one on one conversations about faith.

They had the amazing opportunity to room for the week with a really special player (who was not a Christian!) and feel God work.

Rachel and Melody were offered professional coaching by a famous tennis players… for free. He is a Grand Slam champion and both girls are excited at the opportunity to be able to call him anytime, meet him at his home, and learn from his vast knowledge.

Rach and Mel lost in main draw doubles. But, the positive of the loss was the match was competitive as the sister  twins played the #1 seeds, who are top 100 WTA players and compete in Grand Slams. Their new Grand Slam Champion friend feels with his help they could more strongly compete at this level. As their many injuries over the last 2 years are healing… I am excited to see God continue fulfilling the dreams the twins have had since childhood!

The connections the girls made throughout the entire event have been astounding. Everyone noticed them and God blessed the entire trip.

What’s next for the ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team!? They are flying to Israel on Friday.

So exciting for ICTA to send a team of professional athletes to share Christ and serve hard in Jerusalem. I’ll write more on this upcoming mission trip soon.

God bless,

Scott Paschal
386 793 0557

August 6, 2007

Exclusive: Scott Paschal Sees a Shrink!!!

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Chuck, Chris’s Dad, Visiting Scott Paschal

It’s Saturday night. As I reflect over this amazing, God blessed week I thought I’d check in with you. God is so good.

I’d like you to meet a couple of my friends, Chuck and Chris. Chuck is Chris’ dad. I coached Chris full time last summer. I’ve known them both for about 4 years.

Chuck is a psychologist and on staff at a large church in the Southern USA. Chris’ mom is a Medical Doctor.

These pics were taken a couple of weeks ago. They came by again today. Chuck and I spend a lot of time talking. We made some neat plans for ICTA while Chris and Mark headed out to the tennis courts and played a 5 set match. Mark won 6-3 in the 5th.

I really enjoy having the parents of my students visit my home. It’s good to have the friendships last even after the kid leaves.

Tomorrow is church! I love going to church. The church I attend is great. After church we all usually go out to eat, shop a little, and go see a movie before driving back to Palm Coast.

I think the plan for tomorrow is for us to film an ICTA Video after church before we go out to eat. We’ll talk about the ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team’s wonderful mission trip to the Legg Masson Tennis Classic in Washington DC!  Last week, Melody Snelen led a mission trip to the Legg Mason Tennis Classic.  Rachel Snelen and Emma Hustad journied with her as their teamwork shared fellowship with players worldwide.

The girls literally took over the player’s lounge areas as basically all the top ATP players received a free Gospel of John (The Message Version). You would be in shock to learn who they hit with, swapped phone numbers with, talked with… God used them in such huge ways.

There is so much I could write. But, I’ll let them tell you on the video!

God bless,

Scott Paschal

ICTA Students in Scott Paschal’s Kitchen

Scott Paschal Receives Letter from Anastasia Kharchenko!

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Hello there!

Much has been happening around the International Christian Tennis Association since I last checked in!

I’ll write a bit more than usual this week to help fill each of you in. God is so good and I want to tell you about all He has done!!

Today, I’d like to share with a card I received from Ana, my “adopted” daughter from Kiev, Ukraine who has trained with me now for nearly a year.

For those of you who don’t know Ana…ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team met Ana in Juarez, Mexico, during an ITF Pro Circuit tournament. Ana was in a very difficult situation with an abusive coach. Her father was notified of the situation, and Ana was allowed to immediately fly to Florida to ICTA.

Ana soon became a Christian…and feels God came to find her in her darkest hour. Her testimony of faith is amazing. She has a goal to become a top pro player and share her faith & help others in need. I’m 100% agreed with helping her!

Anastasia is back home in Kiev until August and I miss her tremendously. Not only do I miss her, but everyone at Ultimate Impact Tennis Academy misses her, as well!

I’ll write more tomorrow or Friday about International Christian Tennis Association’s amazing mission trips to Lexington, Kentucky, and then to Washington DC for the Legg Mason Tennis Classic!

Be sure to check back for updates!

Here’s my Ana…

Dear Scott,

First I want to say how much I miss you. All positive things that I do now coming from your patient teaching. I want to say THANK YOU so much for all things that you taught me. It helps me now a lot.

Everyone who is around me noticed that my actions are very mature. I grew in my tennis game and in my social life, too!

I got back to Ukraine where is everything is still the same (even worse), but I see all of that in different way.

Now I know how to respond with different types of people and give them a thought in their minds about Jesus after my answer or reaction.

There is so many things I want to say about what works in my life that you taught me, but it can’t fit all in this little (tiny) card. This is card I want to show you a tiny part of my appreciation for all your work in my life.

I’m always thanking God for you. Because it’s not only in my life you did so much work & made a difference, but in each student’s life that is in ICTA.

And you doing it all from your heart!!! Having you in my life-it’s a blessing!

Love you & miss you a lot! You’re unbelievable.

God bless you,