August 30, 2007

ICTA Church Online:’s Friday Nite @ the Beach!

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Scott, Rand, Brendan, Josh Small
Wow, the last couple of weeks have flown by.

I’ve missed writing to our ICTABLOG family around the world. You guys are great. Your emails and phone calls with personal updates and prayer requests are a great source of inspiration for me. Our worldwide International Christian Tennis Association family in over 50 countries is special.

Let’s talk about ICTA Church Online’s Friday Nite @ the Beach! So good to receive your loving support and encouragement for this new Christian tennis video ministry endeavor. One lady from California wrote and said her ladies tennis team is planning to get together weekly and watch ICTA Church Online at her tennis club! Such a neat thought. One junior player’s mom reported he downloaded the videos onto his IPOD and shares them with friends. That’s awesome! A couple of pro players have joined in as well. So great because we all need God’s word.

If just one person’s life is touched, it’s all worth it to me. I’m having fun for sure. Hopefully, we can inspire people to join a local church and serve, read their Bible, pray, and share their faith. That’s really the mission of FN@B!.

Tomorrow will be a great day of hitting tennis balls with and coaching Christian WTA pro players in sunny Florida, preparing business plans for an ICTA Tennis Facility, and Friday Nite @ the Beach! with friends.

God bless, Scott Paschal


Here are a few emails I’ve received over the last 10 days…

Scott, Great idea! I hope all is going well for you. Please send me an email when you get a chance and let me know how you are doing. Thanks, George


I'm in NY for the Open already and running around with Roddick, Isner
and the SFX crew. Are you going to be up here at all during the
tourney?  Praying for you!  Jim

Just a short note to let you know I’m praying for you and your ministry. Keep me posted whenever your travels bring you around our parts. Let me know if there is any way our Magazine can better support your ICTA members. In Christ, Brent

Hi Scotty, Thanks for the newsletter. This is an awesome initiative and you fully have my support in prayer my brother. I pray for huge blessings and harvest in this endeavour. As you’re well aware the US Open will be served up (bit of tennis humor for you) to us from Monday and I’d love to get you on the program next week to talk about it. Evening time in the US is best for me, but let me know what suits you and I’m sure we can work something out. Be Blessed, Curtis

This is so awesome, thanks for your heart for God!! Martha

Hi, Thanks very much for your invitation. Am very happy to hear from you. Am Alfred Amanor and am from Ghana. Please I will make sure that this Saturday evening, I will be listening to your services. Thanks once again for your notice. I will be always be expecting your next invitation to your programs. I hope to hear from you soon. God Bless, Alfred

God bless you. I’m so pleased that you are a warrior for Christ in Tennis. Tennis needs it in my opinion with all of the junk that is pushed and considered a part of the game. Keep on……………In Christ, Michael

dear scott, i don’t know if you remember me, eireen p. i met you in houston at the masters cup last year. i am so pleased to see your on-line church and ministry. my daughter kandice and i have a heart for jesus and want to become more involved in this ministry….the tennis community really needs it. i am pleased to report that this summer in denver colorado at the colorado junior open, while wearing my icta t-shirt, i had a man come up and introduce himself and ask about the organization…i was so happy to share the good news!

please let me know what we can do here in houston, texas. i am a full-time lawyer. my daughter is in high school and on the tennis team. she intends to join fellowship of christian athletes at school, but to the extent she is on-court and at tournaments so much (and wants to do mission work someday) surely there is more she can do to get the word out. at a minimum, more icta t-shirts over here would help–i am willing to buy quite a few if i may…please let me know your thoughts. thanks again. eireen

Scott, Thanks for the invitation to the online beach service. I will try to attend some of these services. Ed

Scotty,  Going on vacation in a couple days but when I get back I’m going to start a bi-monthly bible study in my home just for my tennis buddies that miss other opportunities because of league play or work. I already lead a bible study at our church in Rancho Santa Fe and try to invite friends to that 9:00 on Wednesdays is sometimes a tough sell  You’ve inspired me to put some action into something I’ve thought of doing for some time.  Thanks!! Blessings, Martha