September 9, 2007

Rockin’ Good Time in Orlando!

Posted in christian tennis, Fellowship, Leadership, scott paschal at 4:48 pm by Scott Paschal

Rock the Universe at Universal Studios was a great time for the ICTA gang. David, Wil, Jordan, Joe, Rach, Mel, Ana, and I hung out together listening to some great Christian bands and speakers, and had fun on the rides. Universal Studios is a neat place.

I actually didn’t get home til after 4am! I know, that’s late. After Rock the Universe I spent some time with a friend, then headed home. But, on the way home, I ran into a basically shut down highway… which wasn’t a good thing because my Jeep was nearly out of gas. After idling and inching forward for about an hour, I decided to four wheel my way to freedom and to a nearby gas station. I can still see shocked and excited look on the kids’ faces in the minivan next to me as I pulled off the highway and began driving down the steep hill on the side of the highway… you just know they wished they had a Jeep.

Who is going to win the 2007 US OPEN today, Novak or Fed? My pick is for Novak, though there is probably no way it’s going to happen.

God bless and think Rock the Universe 2008!

Scott Paschal


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