September 15, 2007

Christian Tennis Facility

Posted in christian tennis, Christian Tennis Facility, Faith, Hope, scott paschal, Scott Paschal Tennis at 10:25 pm by Scott Paschal

Just a quick note to inform our ICTABLOG family worldwide that I’ve submitted our ideas and drawings for ICTA’s tennis facility to a premier architect firm who is now working on blueprints and artwork. I’d like to ask for your prayers for the blueprints to be completely accurate and the artwork to be inspiring, and prayers for those doing so much work on both.

God is working in bringing ICTA towards a tennis facility to shine for Him within the tennis world globally. Donors and investors have been found for start-up building expenses…ICTA has developed relationships with two bankers for potential building loans or lines of credit… USPTA master pro and high performance tennis professionals, as well as current pro tour coaches, have committed to working at our facility when it is operational, students worldwide are ready to train full time with ICTA, an administrative staff and an advisory board is in place.

Now begins the next step in a yearslong journey of faith. One that has started and stopped several times. Thank you for your prayers.

Scott Paschal


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