October 29, 2007

ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team Outreach in Israel

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Outreach Israel

ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team
November 14-22, 2007

On November 14, 2007, the International Christian Tennis Association will begin an outreach which has been 4 months in planning.

Rachel and Melody Snelen, and Emma Hustad (Fellowship of Christian Athletes Campus President and my 2007 summer intern) will represent the ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team during a special ICTA outreach to WTA players and world class juniors competing in an International Tennis Federation pro tennis tournament in Israel.

Music evangelist and certified chaplain, Joy Snelen, will journey with the team for this special event.

rachel-3-weeks-mexico-387.jpgAlong with providing an outreach, the ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team will compete in the pro tournament. How does an outreach work?

Upon arrival at the tennis venue, the team will locate hitting partners. Email addresses and phone numbers are exchanged as relationships are built.

Often, our team members are each able to train with several different players each day, which is great for Christian outreach, as well as their tennis skill development. The outreach focus is on developing a relationship with the players, their parent(s)and coach, if any.

From buying food to providing shelter to sharing their faith to just being a friend or hitting partner, the team is prepared to be used however God leads.

Please keep the team in your prayers as they fly into Tel Aviv, and journey to the pro tournament location in Ramat Hasharon.

They are very fortunate to have partnered with a ministry based in Israel for housing and safe, effective daily planning as the team will also travel to several Biblical destinations after the tournament.

So, thank you in advance for your prayers, and if you feel called, for your financial support.

We’ll keep you up to date on the trip, and will write soon with updates.

God bless,

Scotty Paschal
International Christian Tennis Association



  1. Duncan said,

    Dear Team

    We are friends of Joel and Laura , and due to their needing to fly to the States for Joel’s father’s situation, I will be helping out with touring with the Blessing family ( ? ) after friday , and maybe I can come to Ramat HaSharon,
    which I know well.

    At present , we have no car, and although I have been here with my family for four years , running tennis projects in challenging environments, we at present are not allowed to work , and therefor restricted in what we can take on , until our status is finalised, maybe in January.

    I look forward to meeting some or all of you

    Greetings, in Yeshua the Messiah



  2. floriyanti said,

    Shalom Elohim.

    Dear Sir / Madam

    My name is Floriyanti from Indonesia, Jakarta, I need your help to give scholarship for both of my kids, becouse my husband had stopped working, and everything is very expensive here.So please help us.and please sent my regards to Mrs Tzipi Livni, I am proud of her.May God Bless You all and your country.


    Floriyanti / Indonesia.

  3. Sunny A. Nanna said,

    Hello! I am Sunny from Nigeria, i was so excited to read about the Christian Tennis Association, never new there was anything like it. it’s great to know there is a Christian Tennis Community somewhere around the world.
    The pics are all looking great! Keep on keeping on guys.. i sincerely look forward to posing in a photograph with some of you guys some day.

    Keep up with the good works and God bless,


  4. unreached said,

    Outreach team request

    Dear brother in the name of Jesus I glat to see you. I am X-YWAMer,my name is B.Devilal I born broght in Banjara Hindu Tribal family.In 1992 as the year Jesus call to me then GOD changed to my as Isarael. I was trained DTS and SOFM.I am writing you that remember experience of YWAM.By GOD grace I started ministries in Hyderabad location at Nagaram area.Now our sunday service is running at four villages then we are reaching surrounding of Nagaram area 25 villages.Then we started ministries around 4 Districts in A.P.I am praying and requesting you please for needing outreach team to send through YWAM.
    Thanking so much.

    Your faithfully in Christ
    Redeemer Gospel Ministries,
    Kamalabai Nagar Colony,
    Nagaram(Village & Post),
    Keesara Mandal, R.R dist,
    Hyderabad-500 083,
    AndhraPradesh, INDIA.

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