November 8, 2007

Christian Junior and Pro Tennis Players Shine for Christ!

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dscf7076.jpgThings are so busy around the ICTAHouse!

We are all getting ready for ICTA outreaches to Israel and Mexico this month in which the ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Teams will compete in ITF Pro Circuit tournaments!

(pic of me with two students who won their divisions in recent tournament)

On top of preparing two international outreaches… we have junior tournaments to attend, daily high-performance tennis training for students representing 7 countries, discipleship training, schoolwork, accounting, bills :(, grocery shopping, cleaning… missions planning for ’08, strategic ministry growth development, personal goals, putting out “fires”, and so, so, so much more… like I said… this is a happening place, and much work gets done to make ministry happen.

Melody and Rachel Snelen will lead an ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team outreach in Ramat Hashoran, Israel, while I take a team to Mexico City, Mexico. This will mark the first time in the history of ICTA that two outreaches will occur at the same time, and personally, I’m excited knowing the name of Jesus will be spoken at these world class tournaments to players, coaches, volunteers, and fans.

Most of you reading this have no idea of the pain so many female players are forced to live through as they attempt to become top pro players. Sexualdscf7049.jpg abuse, drug abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, religious abuse…. Our ICTA player missionaries are highly trained to reach hurting players of all walks of life. Over 6 years of practice, patience, and prayer have developed our methods.

About a dozen now top 100 WTA players have been reached in a meaningful way, in a way that matters that they won’t forget.  In addition, dozens of others ranked from 100 to 1500 WTA, and world class juniors have been reached.  The impact on the pro tour has been profound and stabilizing.

(pic of me and Anastasia as we all celebrated her 1st birthday as a Christian on October 28!)

I’m really looking forward to Mexico City. The player/missionaries I’m traveling with are such good people and a lot of fun. Pretty good tennis players, too. We’ll take lots of pics and videos to share with you.

dscf7059.jpg This pic is of me and one of my friends. He is one of the special mentors God has placed in my life. His business and ministry wisdom is second to none.

In business he invented his entire industry. He has worked with about every US president since I’ve been alive and most major corporations, traveled the world more times and to more places than anyone I’ve ever heard of… and he has helped guide me for a long, long time.

More than any person alive today, this man knows exactly what God has called me to do and exactly why, and he supports and loves me unconditionally as I journey towards God’s development of my life as He prepares me fordscf7055.jpg eternity.

He knows when God calls, you gotta go. And beyond that, he has a complete and clear understanding that a Christian’s reputation and success is determined by God, and God alone.

(here’s a pic of some of my students hanging out during matches)

2007 has been the best year I’ve ever had in ministry. It’s also been the most challenging. Lessons learned from past mistakes and failures are paying off, as is the willingness to take risks.

I’m excited to think about the International Christian Tennis Association 5…10 years from now, and I’m curious as to how God will develop things.

What has been accomplished in the last 7 years in spite of seemingly insurmountable odds is so… well… it’s so amazing dscf2291.jpgthat I really can’t put it into words. The fact that God can believe a piece of poop like me is worth developing is indescribable.

(this is a pic of two international students studying their Bible in a room at my house, ICTAHouse.)

Emma Hustad, who was my summer 2007 intern (and Fellowship of Christian Athletes campus President and Athletes in Action leader), will journey with Rachel and Melody Snelen, and their Mom, to Israel next Tuesday. (ICTA is sending a group of Christian pro tennis players to Israel! That statement gives me goose bumps. Israel. Wow.)

And I’ll be with another team in Mexico! Two teams in two countries. For our little ministry, this is a pretty big undertaking and a really special event!


(here’s a pic of Mel hitting a volley in practice)

Please keep our missionaries in your prayers. These girls are doing some terrific work sharing their faith, time, food, shelter, etc. with others from around the world.

In a “me” centered world, these young people shine for Christ. They are rare, special, and tremendous examples of Christian pro athletes.

God bless,

Scott Paschal


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  1. Gabriella Y said,

    Thanks for the stories and pictures and all that you do.

    I wish you guys were closer to Las Vegas where we live. I have two outstanding junior players Kristofer and Kimberly. Both are raised the Christian way.

    We do not belong to any church but as there mother I do the best I can. Of course I could use some help since teens do not always want to listen to there mother.

    It would be awesome to have my almost 14 year old son experience an environment that you provide for your players in Florida.

    God Bless you and please take care. Gabriella

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