December 28, 2007

Christian Tennis Devotionals Web Site Online!

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Hope all of you had an amazing celebration of the birth of Christ.

My celebration included bringing you a new, exciting web site!

It is being filled with faith-filled, tennis related short stories!  Plus,  exciting videos from places I visit while following the Great Commission, impactful and effective devotionals, neat pics of tennis missionaries, and insightful Chronicle series into the miracles of Jesus.

Currently published are parts one and two of…

The Chronicles of the Spooky Naked Guy  

Click here to Visit New Site!

God bless,

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association

December 24, 2007

Even More Christmas Notes… Thank YOU SO MUCH!

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Merry Christmas, Scotty,jesus_manger_1.jpg I love getting your email newsletter updates.

I love your encouragement to pray that shackles will come off, 100%. I have been delivered from alcoholism, and daily (hourly) I marvel at God’s 110% mercy. I want everyone to know it.

I met you a few years ago at Family Circle Cup in Charleston , SC. I write for a Christian monthly magazine called _____________. I think you and ICTA would make a great cover story, particularly if you plan to be in our home area.

Let me know if you’re ever interested.

I also want to find out if you have weekly camps. My kids, or even my whole family, would love something like that.

I also want to find out about short-term mission trip opportunities.

In Christ, (editor: name withheld for security reasons)



As usual, a wonderful inspiration newsletter from you stemming from your love for Jesus.

Do not be saddened for being alone with your dog. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and all throughout the world, your Timothy’s are rummaging throughout the land doing the Lord’s will. Praise God!

I encourage you to rejoice in where He has established you, your dream and vision.

I am active duty Navy, married and have three children. Our families are in St. Louis and Nashville, and we are in California, recently moved here from Tampa. I sympathize with your situation.

At the same time, like you know, we are never alone. God surrounds us and displays Himself in many ways regardless of our situations. Blessing come in many forms. This year, one of your blessings is spending time with your dog – what a gift!:)

Champ, have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the day God has provided.

I share a similar vision in spreading the word of God via Tennis – God’s greatest gift of sport and game. I have some questions regarding the direction I feel the Lord leading me with this vision. If you have a moment, I would like to share them with you.

Met you in Memphis last year and love what you are doing! This was extremely good news in the newsletter.

May God bless you and wishing you a blessed and Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas , Rollin




how are u doing and how are things moving on with u there
well guess not all that bad with u there since The Almighty Heavenly Father and Saviour Jesus is in control

i wish u a happy christmas and a happy new year
well am also in Ghana and things are going on well by His grace

how is ur family and when are u planning of visiting we the christians here in Ghana

i can also be reach on phone through __________________

take care and wish u all the best in everything u doing and the Lord bless u, the Lord be with u and the Lord show is countenances upon u and guard u and then be with u till we meet in Ghana

this has been ur christian brother from Ghana



pic-2.jpgpraise God !!!!

im a born again Christian girl aged 19yrs from kenya ..God has been my strength in all that i do since he has shown me great Love and care in alll that i do .i love tenniss but have not gotten an opportunity to play real games but i know this God is an all round person in Blessing and i beleive he is going to do that ….

i promise after Christmass i will tell you more about my festivity ..but for now i will tell you that God placed a project in my heart three months ago to go out to minister during the festive season by going to visit the sick ,the needy ,and the orphans and i thank Him for that since he has made tomorrow come for me to go out and visit the sick in the hospital and the small amount i saved i have bought some goodies ..i do hope i will write to tell you the outcome of all this has happened just continue praying for us always …we are praying for you too




Merry Christmas! =)

Keep up the good work in bringing more souls to Christ!

All of you will be remembered in our prayers.

God bless!



i am a young boy who is living in cameroon and i lost my dad on the 6 of april 2007 since then things have been bad for us and i have 4 sisters and 1step-brother and a step sisters also my mum is still alive and her name is akom _____ she is a very god fearing person and also she love singing praise song to god.

i am a student in the high school and i do study sciences in which i am intending to become a petrologist engineer.

merry christmas and thanks. greet the other student for memanger-2.jpg
tell them my problem and for prayer for me.



My name is Lilian from Nairobi, Kenya. Just to
wish you a vey merry Christmas and a happy new year.

God Bless you.



My ICTA Friends,

Thank you for giving me motivational words especially on Christmas day.

Till I hear from you.


Best regards,


December 23, 2007

More Christmas Notes to Scott Paschal!

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Hi Scott –

Thank you for that amazing testimony. News like that really lifts my spirit when I feel low. I have forwarded the news to others in my network. Your evangelism is so critical and important to young players in an atmosphere fraught with so much worldly excess. Christ is the only way to true success and peace while we are on our journey to God’s Kingdom!

As a point of reference for you…I met you and a couple of the young women last year at your booth at the Pac Life Open.jesus_manger_1.jpg

I know you were having trouble finding a home church last year when you were here. Did you ever connect with anyone? I would be happy to do some research before you get here if you need it.

Also, if I can be of service in any way while you are in town please don’t hesitate to ask. My husband and I are both self employed and our schedules are flexible (we actually entertain a lot of clients during the open and clear our schedules to enjoy the event.)

May God bless you and keep you safe in your travels!



Bless you for your work!!! Your insight on Joel is very good and true. I can vouch for the impact he and his writings have had on personal friends and myself included. It’s exciting to hear that John Osteen spoke prophetically over you as a young child. It appears this word is coming to fulfillment… praise God!holiday-bells.jpg

I hope you have a great Christmas and if you get lonely up in Palm Coast with just you and your dog, you are welcome to come down I-95 about 50 miles to Titusville and enjoy a meal with my family. We would be honored )

We’ll keep praying for you……… bd


Dear Scott Paschal

How are you?

I am so glad to recieve an E-mail newsletter from you …

First of all, Happy Chrismas ,,, I have read you E-mail ,,, and found that how much your awareness that reflected to us…

I am a tennis Coach from Yemen,,, and I am interested to transfer many things Jesus said through tennis but I want you to guide what to do to spread Jesus love to the rest of the people especially in my country because less people here in believe of jesus… I don’t know what to do …. ????

I am looking forward hearing from you….

Yours, (editor’s note: name withheld for safety reasons)



Hi Scott,

I enjoyed reading your note about leading others to Christ in 2008. I hope I could do this.christmastop.jpg

I am a father of four in St. Louis. Next, I am a tennis nut, play around 5 times per week. Been at 4.0 for about
a year. Am taking lessons trying to get to the place where I could play tournaments with people my age (53).

Hope a lot of people respond so you have something to do. 😉



Good Morning,

My daughter is ten and we live in Cape Canaveral. Is this only for junior pros? and are all the activities in South Florida? Do you have a summer camp?

I think it would be great for her to get involved in ministry by something she already enjoys.

Thanks and God Bless,




Just wanted to let you know that you and your “tennis mission” are being held up in prayer. I also wish you happy holidays and God’s blessings of peace and comfort to you.

Keep on keeping on!!christmas_background-ornaments.gif


Hello Scott,

Keep up the good work. Can you imagine how many people have come to know Jesus through the lives you’ve touched and then they touched others and then they touched others…?

It never panned out that my daughter Alex was able to travel with the girls, but I am so glad that we were able to have the conversation. When we have seen tennis on TV it is comforting to know that there are people in the trenches working for Christ. By the way, Alex did make Varsity this year.

Take care and keep working even when you are not privy to the fruit!

Blessings to YOU!


December 22, 2007

Christmas Notes to Scott Paschal!

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Scotty, Aloha from Hawaii:

Thank you for your encouraging e-mail. Our God is amazing on how he
reaches out to those that don’t yet know him.

merry-christmas-from-hawaii-286x179.jpgWe are greatful for your ministry and
always blessed to hear of the many ways people are working for Jesus.

We are without family here in Hawaii also, but have our church family
which is a wonderful blessing. May your Christmas be one of rest &
encouragement to you.

You are reaching out to the world in a very unique way.

Merry Christmas

Toni & Stephen

Kapolei, HI


Hi Scotty…

Received your email newsletter today….how awesome is great to hear that Ana has reached a new member to the family of God.
This year certainly has been more than great for your program….Christmas will be quiet for me also….but the peace of God goes beyond all understanding….

I am looking forward to seeing you all at Indian Wells again this year. I will look forward to hearing and sharing the love of Christ with the family of Christ…..
In his hands….Dennis

——————————- manger-2.jpg

Its unusual that I read through letters like these at this busy time. I’m glad I did.

That was an encouraging story and we all need to be reminded to be praying for our witness.
I’m wondering if your going to be at the symposium at Hilton Head in February – it’ll be my first time there and its always good to know when other Christians are in the place.

Have a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for your work (… maybe I’ll meet up with your team sometime).

Because He Lives, Kelly, (tennis coach and personal lover of the sport:)


Scot, thanks for story of the Indonesian girl…BLESSED my day.

Sending you a U-Tube you might enjoy with your devoted 4 legged friend! (we just
put our 12 yr old Lab to rest two weeks ago. He would do about anything forfrosty.jpg
a tennis ball.)

LOve your work and faithfully pray for you & the ministry every
Saturday morning. Know God is going to continue to use you & bless you. If you
ever get to KC please let me know.

I used to do chapel for the WTA ladies when they played in Houston & we
lived there. Love the game and all it can be about. Tennis provides a
wonderful backdrop & story line for ministry.

Have you ever thought of writing a devotional book for tennis? I know soccer has done that “Beyond Soccer”
by Rich Daughtridge. I think they have multiple books today.

Well brother, may God bless you with a joyous & blessed CHRISTmas and
may the New Year provide you with good health, peace, joy and love in ALL





Hey Scott!!

Wanted to drop you a line & wish you a very Merry Christmas!!

My best friend & I met you in Memphis, TN in 2007 at the Morgan Keegan Championships in Feb.

We will be back in 2008 for the entire week and look forward to seeing you there again!!! [hopefully you guys will be there!!]

holiday-bells.jpgThanks for the awesome e-mail about the girl from Indonesia!!

Hope you & yours have a happy holiday season!! Look forward to seeing you guys in Feb!!

Take care!!

South Carolina

Hi Scott:

First let me start by saying:

May your Christmas and New Year be filled with His amazing love.

Secondly I had written you an email several months back and didn’t get an answer. I am new to your association. I think I have signed up. But I was wondering how mission outreaches work, and can we help start Christian tennis international teams.

I have Kenya and India in mind as I have medical projects focused there. I live in Northern California and am an avid tennis player.

Look forward to hearing from you.christmas_background-ornaments.gif




Hope you have a most merry Christmas!

Did you receive my Christmas newsletter? How are things going for you?
What are your plans for ITCA these days?

Are you going to be at Pacific Life again this year? I’m off to Phoenix Christmas afternoon for Winter nationals with a family from Atlanta.



Hi Scott,

just a quick note to say hi and wish you a Merry

You are an inspiration bro!

Maybe in 08 our path’s will cross in God’s

take care,



Thanks for sharing the great works of the Lord in a sport both my husband and I enjoy. It’s great to see a Christian group involved in world wide known sport and not just in our churches.

Keep up the great work!

Merry Christmas & a super 2008!
God Bless,
The Wu’s.

December 19, 2007

John McEnroe Speaks

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Mac, are you reading my blog?

If you are, pick up the phone and call me… 386 793 0557.

Our conversation will stay private.

For those of you just waking up to the fact that tennis is a multi-billion $ global industry in which potentially massive corruption exists, you need to know that John McEnroe recently threw down to the international media about the possibility of the Russian mafia having infiltrated pro tennis.


ICTA Founder, Scott Paschal, with Ultimate Impact Tennis Academy students

Yep, he actually said Russian mafia…

Like he would know.

(Ana, Josh, me, Emma, and Newb at Christian event)

Not that he’s wrong, but in his sheltered, celebrity-type world he has no idea who he just hacked off.

Like I would know, huh?

So, why did I ask if JMac drove in and gassed up at my blog? Isn’t this just supposed to be some churchy e-place?

It was recently brought to my attention that Mac’s statements were almost word for word what I had written in a recent article.

Is this pure coincidence? The probability is pretty low given the wording and the timing, but it is a possibility. I really don’t know.

What I had written was, again, to help open the eyes of a distracted tennis public towards “swept under the rug” aspects of tennis. Tennis can be a dangerous, dark place no matter where where you sit in the food chain.

For example, take a look at this up to the minute piece of news I received while most in America are asleep tonite…

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian tennis star Anna Chakvetadze was tied up by masked robbers who broke into her home Tuesday and stole money and goods worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, her father said.

Six assailants approached the home before dawn, tied up a maid in another building and forced her to hand over a remote control enabling them to enter the house through the garage, Dzhamal Chakvetadze told NTV.

“They started to beat me, and I resisted. They hit me over the head with, I think, a pistol butt. It was dark,” he said, taking off his cap to show his bruised scalp. “They took out a pistol and told me my child was at home — reminded me — and they told me to hand everything over. I did.”

Police and Tarpishchev said the assailants tied up Chakvetadze and her parents, the ITAR-Tass news agency reported. Tarpishchev said the 20-year-old player “tried to resist but it was useless.”

NTV said the robbers took about $106,000 in cash, as well as jewelry and other goods worth about $200,000. End AP report

Watcha think Mac? How safe is your place?

Over the years, I’ve labored to bring public awareness to many tennis issues.

Issues such as…

  • pro players abusing anti-depressant prescription drugs (these powerful drugs keep players from getting nervous before and during matches, and FDA warns these drugs can make young users suicidal),
  • rampant sexual slavery by Russian coaches towards female players (culturally accepted/expected),
  • Eastern European and S. American coaches forcing their female players into eating disorders, etc….
  • and, as the public is now learning, gambling in tennis.

Check out this stat… well over $1,000,000,000 (1 billion $US) was bet on the 2007 US Open alone through just one online gambling shop, Betfare.

Most tennis fans had no idea. Why? Because global tennis industry leaders interested in cashing in on your ignorance want you looking at Federer and Sharapova and Nadal….

They don’t want you to see the corpses of teens who committed suicide from abuses endured while trying to become pro.

Or learn about the mafia potentially manipulating billions of $. Or discover the devastated lives of girls forced into eating disorders… or to discover the legions of homosexual and heterosexual pedophiles posing as tennis coaches. Or to discover the depth of organized crime, particularly as it pertains to financing and developing its own players and coaches!


Scotty w UITA student, Rand, at Florida junior tennis tournament

And folks, you have NO idea the pressure young Russian players, their coaches, and families are under to succeed, particularly when they are being financed by organized crime.

(ICTA B14 Team member, Rand, and I at a tennis event)

So, back to gambling and the 2007 US Open…. add in the French, Aussie, and Wimbledon… Masters Series… WTA stuff… Davis and Fed Cups… you get the 4-5 billion $ gambling picture, right?

And that number could be projected for just that one online gambling web site!

Let’s bring in possibly 30-50 other major online gambling sites worldwide… and maybe, just maybe someone will understand the potential corruption involved.

Whatever or however, JMac has no business talking about any country’s mafia. He is as soft and as sheltered as they come, and he has little concept of the criminal element he just threw down at. I appreciate his concern, but there is a big difference between a little Christian pastor type guy like me working to bring attention to a huge problem I was introduced to firsthand in tennis, and JMac shouting “whack me” from the rooftops.

The people reading my blog are like a who’s who list, particularly over the last 6-8 months. Nowadays, when I scribble something here it grows legs and gets moving. My hope is grassroots work would begin to bring awareness to topics.

I would venture to say that John McEnroe is now a target. JMac, you don’t want to be a target. McEnroe, himself, might be fairly safe, but possibly someone he cares for may take the wrath intended for him.

Mac, you should have said “organized crime,” if anything, and, more importantly, should have considered speaking through someone else, such as the ATP or ITF.


Ultimate Impact Tennis Academyfull time player/missionaries at breakfast.

How do I know this? I’m Italian.

I have Italian family.

I know things.

And I’ll leave that at that.

(Rand, Brendan, Dea, Mark, Emma, and Rachel getting lunch in my kitchen)

The Russian mafia, Mac, isn’t a ridiculous Sopranos TV episode. To them, you’re basically trying to “steal” money from one of the most highly organized criminal elements in the world.

Let’s make a guesstimate, and I’ll keep the numbers low. Let’s say 20 billion $US was bet on tennis globally in 2007. How much of that could be corrupt? 3 billion? 3.5?

So, if you are in organized crime and some loudmouth blows the whistle on your $3,000,000,000 territory, what do you do next?

Getting the loudmouth may now be a priority.

Ok, I guess I’ll wrap this up now. You got the point. Mac, give me a call.

Possibly now the reader may have some type of understanding what a pro player may feel when confronted by organized crime. The fear, the loneliness, the insecurity. And there isn’t anything the ATP or WTA can do to protect the player. Nothing.

Just ask Chakvetadze….

The answer to the problem will have to start with bringing morals and standards back into tennis. Strong, healthy, faith-filled personalities are less approachable and less fearful of harmful influences . More organizations like the International Christian Tennis Association need to be developed.

Christian pro players need to stand up and be heard. The current trend of only showing your faith by the way you live your life isn’t cutting it, guys. Never has, never will. This cowardly way may be popular and trendy, but that doesn’t mean it’s effective. No one knows your true lifestyle. How do you sit, stand, walk, eat, pay bills, and drive like a Christian?


Scott Paschal and full time student, Mark, from Mexico.

The Bible says to use your voice.

Mathew 28 says… “Tell people what you’ve seen and heard.”

(Mark and I after church. Mark is a full time student training with me for 3 years)

Jesus spoke to people. He used his mouth, guys, to form words.

He didn’t just project his thoughts into brains… he spoke.

So, speak.

Don’t be afraid of being judged. Just speak of your faith. You don’t have to be perfect, either. Just speak.

Once you speak, the word of God will begin reaching people. Kids need you to open your mouth like a man and talk about Jesus.

JMac, it’s time for people to stand up for something bigger than the “integrity” of the sport.

You really want to make a difference?

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association

December 6, 2007

Welcome to Int’l Christian Tennis Association!

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Evgenyi, a tennis coach from Uzbekistan

Madeline, a 12 year old student from Minnesota

Brad, a COO of a seminary from Florida

Alayode, a soccer coach from Nigeria

Jaime, a private teacher from the Philippines

David, an optical manager from Alabama

Jacob, a college student from Pennsylvania

John, a mortgage banker from North Carolina

Craig, a chef and tennis coach from Australia

Kim, a homemaker from Ohio

Fernando, a salesman from the Philippines

John, a high school tennis coach and college history professor from Kansas

Richard, a flight attendant from Missouri

Gerry, a cable tv operator from the Philippines

Adam, a consultant from the UK

Rosell, a fire safety engineer from the Philippines

Michael, a college student and tennis coach from Australia

Tanveer, a media person from India

Victor, a tennis coach from New York

Edward, an engineer from Singapore

Marina, a college student from Egypt

Damoon, a civil engineer from Iran

Godwin, a tennis coach from Nigeria

Nelia, retired and a great grandmother from Oregon

Isabela, a banker from New York

A big ICTA welcome hug goes out to our new December members who joined online at! Iran, Egypt, India, Singapore, Uzbekistan…! Wow, you folks are from all over, huh? As I see it, you represent 9 countries!

And then there’s Oregon, New York, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Minnesota… all across the United States… 10 different states in all!

A chef, a teacher, a civil engineer, a flight attendant, a mortgage banker, tennis coaches, college students… what a neat mix of careers from such a variety of interesting places… all brought together in fellowship through the International Christian Tennis Association,all wanting their voices to count in bringing Faith to the forefront in the global tennis industry.

Here’s a neat blog comment we received today….

“Can you help me? I’ve been at the ITCA web site for nearly an hour. We are already members. I just signed my daughter up as well.

I want to make a contribution of $30 so i can replace the t-shirt (now faded) we received for her from you folks at Cincinnati two years ago. Yet i cannot find any link, email, phone number on the site to do this. Just a thought, but it might be wise to have a large log or link right on the web site that says, Donate. It shouldn’t be so hard to make a contribution to a wonderful organization. Please tell me how to do this, so i can get the gift before Christmas. God bless you.” Karen from Lake Elmo, MN

Here’s another one…

“Dear everyone !

It is refreshing to come to a beautiful Christian website of tennis people! I didn’t know you existed. Every day (or perhaps every 3 hours), I get Internet-Alerts about MARTINA HINGIS. I’m a long-time fan!

That was how I found the ICTA.

Thank you for the wonderful things that are written here about her.

On the Dedications page of my new novel titled “___ _____ _____,” published by a North American company, Martina’s name is listed … though not necessarily a dedication. What is mentioned there is something, “To so and so people of the Martina Hingis Fan Community, led by ….. ”

I would very much have loved to dedicate the novel to her, too, but I was a bit hesitant … Over the years, she hasn’t made contact with that Martina-fan group to which I belong, although we’ve tried to reach her. Never mind.

Has she been in touch with you?

For now, I just wish to express my joy in having found your website. It is great to know that I have so many brothers and sisters in our Lord Jesus who love tennis.

I will always think of you, and I wish you all a lovely blessed weekend, stepping onto the new winter up there …. and summer here down-under Western Australia.

Love in our Lord Jesus”

As we roll into 2008, I am thoroughly grateful to see the incredible international support God is continuing to bring to ICTA. Each person who can see the importance of an organization dedicated to sharing Jesus’ saving grace to the vast global tennis world is so appreciated. Your membership, phone calls, emails of support, blog comments, letters, text messages MEAN SO MUCH to me.

To our ICTA global Christian tennis community in well over 1800 cities in over 50 countries… to the tennis coaches, pastors, youth pastors, lawyers, media, pilots, military, doctors, teachers, homemakers, nurses, bankers, salespeople, dentists, business owners, printers, finance, psychologists, students, paralegals, journalists, authors, tennis umpires, NFL players, government officials, seminary COO’s and professors, college coaches, pro tennis players, college tennis players, scientists, accountants…

to all of you who have cared to help make my dream come true, a dream God placed in my heart and mind… thank you.

And to our wonderful new ICTA members…


God bless,

Scott Paschal

Founder, International Christian Tennis Association
386 793 0557