December 6, 2007

Welcome to Int’l Christian Tennis Association!

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Evgenyi, a tennis coach from Uzbekistan

Madeline, a 12 year old student from Minnesota

Brad, a COO of a seminary from Florida

Alayode, a soccer coach from Nigeria

Jaime, a private teacher from the Philippines

David, an optical manager from Alabama

Jacob, a college student from Pennsylvania

John, a mortgage banker from North Carolina

Craig, a chef and tennis coach from Australia

Kim, a homemaker from Ohio

Fernando, a salesman from the Philippines

John, a high school tennis coach and college history professor from Kansas

Richard, a flight attendant from Missouri

Gerry, a cable tv operator from the Philippines

Adam, a consultant from the UK

Rosell, a fire safety engineer from the Philippines

Michael, a college student and tennis coach from Australia

Tanveer, a media person from India

Victor, a tennis coach from New York

Edward, an engineer from Singapore

Marina, a college student from Egypt

Damoon, a civil engineer from Iran

Godwin, a tennis coach from Nigeria

Nelia, retired and a great grandmother from Oregon

Isabela, a banker from New York

A big ICTA welcome hug goes out to our new December members who joined online at! Iran, Egypt, India, Singapore, Uzbekistan…! Wow, you folks are from all over, huh? As I see it, you represent 9 countries!

And then there’s Oregon, New York, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Minnesota… all across the United States… 10 different states in all!

A chef, a teacher, a civil engineer, a flight attendant, a mortgage banker, tennis coaches, college students… what a neat mix of careers from such a variety of interesting places… all brought together in fellowship through the International Christian Tennis Association,all wanting their voices to count in bringing Faith to the forefront in the global tennis industry.

Here’s a neat blog comment we received today….

“Can you help me? I’ve been at the ITCA web site for nearly an hour. We are already members. I just signed my daughter up as well.

I want to make a contribution of $30 so i can replace the t-shirt (now faded) we received for her from you folks at Cincinnati two years ago. Yet i cannot find any link, email, phone number on the site to do this. Just a thought, but it might be wise to have a large log or link right on the web site that says, Donate. It shouldn’t be so hard to make a contribution to a wonderful organization. Please tell me how to do this, so i can get the gift before Christmas. God bless you.” Karen from Lake Elmo, MN

Here’s another one…

“Dear everyone !

It is refreshing to come to a beautiful Christian website of tennis people! I didn’t know you existed. Every day (or perhaps every 3 hours), I get Internet-Alerts about MARTINA HINGIS. I’m a long-time fan!

That was how I found the ICTA.

Thank you for the wonderful things that are written here about her.

On the Dedications page of my new novel titled “___ _____ _____,” published by a North American company, Martina’s name is listed … though not necessarily a dedication. What is mentioned there is something, “To so and so people of the Martina Hingis Fan Community, led by ….. ”

I would very much have loved to dedicate the novel to her, too, but I was a bit hesitant … Over the years, she hasn’t made contact with that Martina-fan group to which I belong, although we’ve tried to reach her. Never mind.

Has she been in touch with you?

For now, I just wish to express my joy in having found your website. It is great to know that I have so many brothers and sisters in our Lord Jesus who love tennis.

I will always think of you, and I wish you all a lovely blessed weekend, stepping onto the new winter up there …. and summer here down-under Western Australia.

Love in our Lord Jesus”

As we roll into 2008, I am thoroughly grateful to see the incredible international support God is continuing to bring to ICTA. Each person who can see the importance of an organization dedicated to sharing Jesus’ saving grace to the vast global tennis world is so appreciated. Your membership, phone calls, emails of support, blog comments, letters, text messages MEAN SO MUCH to me.

To our ICTA global Christian tennis community in well over 1800 cities in over 50 countries… to the tennis coaches, pastors, youth pastors, lawyers, media, pilots, military, doctors, teachers, homemakers, nurses, bankers, salespeople, dentists, business owners, printers, finance, psychologists, students, paralegals, journalists, authors, tennis umpires, NFL players, government officials, seminary COO’s and professors, college coaches, pro tennis players, college tennis players, scientists, accountants…

to all of you who have cared to help make my dream come true, a dream God placed in my heart and mind… thank you.

And to our wonderful new ICTA members…


God bless,

Scott Paschal

Founder, International Christian Tennis Association
386 793 0557


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