January 15, 2008

Scott Paschal Confronts Suicide in Tennis

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“If I had the kind of influence you gain by winning a Grand Slam, you’d see me sharing my Christian faith on every tennis TV show, tennis magazine, newspaper and at major tennis events worldwide… kind of like what Billy Jean King does as she promotes homosexuality, but with Jesus as the main focus instead of sex. What are people in tennis doing to truly support youth?” Scott Paschal



Few things hurt more than seeing young lives tragically end.

What I’m about to write will be considered shocking and controversial within the political correctness which is today’s tennis world.

Suicide fills the minds of today’s teens. 1 in 12 teens attempt suicide each year. You don’t want to know how many suicidal tennis players I’ve known, or how much I’ve had to do to keep these kids alive.

From junior tournaments to college tournaments and even to the 2008 Australian Open main draw, players are alive today and able to compete because of God working through my willingness to help young people who found death as their only answer.

I’m not saying this to pat myself on the back. I’m trying to point out that just about everywhere you look kids, and adults, have bought into the satanic lie that death is the answer to their problems. And I want you to know that one person with a willing heart can make a big, positive difference.

Teens today hurt. They hurt more than ever. Armed with laptop computers, cell phones, IPODS, video games, instant messaging, Facebook & MySpace, and high speed internet access 24/7, kids in today’s world are being taught isolation and are committing suicide in record numbers.

The stuff they think is fun is isolating them from Jesus. It shows.

I wonder if Satan is laughing?

He has taken sin to a whole new level. Now, more than ever before, sin is cool.

rach-087.jpgI was talking to one of my Christian tennis academy students who recently spent a few months at arguably the most famous tennis academy in Spain.

Among all players and coaches, he was most probably the only Christian on campus.

Aside from discussing their “high performance” tennis training which he described as pretty basic stuff, he filled me in on the questionable activities permitted the students by the academy owner and coaches. The tennis academy has about 100 full time students.birthdaydillo-105closeup.jpg

A quick rundown of shocking activities he learned of which are not found in the shiny brochures and cool web site… a female prostitute stays near the tennis academy property for sex with male players, coaches “unofficially” endorsing male players being with prostitutes to keep players from wanting full time girlfriends, players having sex with each other.

Players also leave their dorms and host homes late on Saturday nights and go to adult clubs until 7am Sunday morning. Players are having sex with people they meet at clubs, drinking alcohol & getting drunk, steroid use “unofficially” encouraged by select coaches for certain players, obscene language from players and coaches, players allowed to gamble in casinos….

The kid explaining everything to me isn’t some goody-two-shoes, holier than though junior. After his first month there, he got caught up in the mess, too. He is an amazing kid who trustingly went to Spain to improve his game, and got caught in a tornado of sin.

(In defense of the academy, I don’t know if any of the statements are true, though I do know the player well and have no reason to doubt him, and I have been informed about many of the same problems by other players, including a top 40 pro player I coached full time who competes in Grand Slams.)

I guess for teens raised in a worldly environment without hope, that all can look like a fun time. The tennis academy wants to make a lot of money, so they avoid confronting the players basically to the point of endorsing the lifestyle.

julia-scotty.jpgTo an already hurting and isolated generation add alcohol, drugs, sexual addiction, STDs, pornography, gambling, homosexual activity, eating disorders, physical abuse, and so much more… and suicide numbers increase dramatically.

What is the Christian tennis world doing to help? Nothing, really. They’re afraid to.

Even Christian former Grand Slam champions seem to be afraid to outwardly share their faith in fear of being rejected by the tennis establishment they have seemingly grown to adore being worshiped by.

If I had the kind of influence you gain by winning a Grand Slam, you’d see me sharing my faith on every tennis TV show, tennis magazine, newspaper… (kind of like what Billy Jean King does as she promotes homosexuality, but with Jesus as the main focus instead of sex.)

Christian tennis coaches quickly hide their Christian faith in fear of offending a person facing eternity in Hell. It gets ridiculous….

I wonder if Satan is amused? The thought of that hacks me off.pacific-life-2007-day-3-035.jpg

Not to long ago I was faced with one of Satan’s newest jokes. I discovered it about the time I was teaching some people the importance of serving in a strong, Bible based church.

First, before I tell you, let me ask you a question. If you were Satan and you didn’t want Jesus to come back and end your rule on earth, what would you do? Probably make sin cool and acceptable while teaching Christians the need to not offend others, right?

Sure, because that would slow the spread of the Gospel worldwide and you would have more time to lead people to Hell.

leadership-conference-miami-068.jpgThat said, want to hear what I’ve recently discovered… possibly his newest joke!?

I actually couldn’t believe it when a friend told me. I had to discover it for my self…

One of the hottest trends designed by mega-church pastors in the Christian world is to plant pastor-less churches all over America!

Yes, churches are being planted which have no pastor. People actually sit in a building and watch a “live” broadcast from a church far away. And it’s a hot new trend all the “cool” mega-pastors are doing.scott-speaking-trips-033.jpg

Honestly, I couldn’t believe it when I first heard about it.

I can just hear Satan chuckle.

My pastor in my teens and early 20s helped keep me alive! He hugged me, he fed me, he prayed for me, he advised me. Without him, I would be dead.

I’m living proof of the need for us to have a pastor serving a congregation.

Teens are killing themselves in record numbers, famous Christians in tennis hide their faith in Christ, and our trendy Christian leaders are planting churches without pastors.

What happened to Christians who boldly stood up and demanded to be heard!? Why are there so many wimps? Why have so many geldings been created who are afraid of a defeated foe? Why are we developing a generation of isolation?

Again, can’t you just hear Satan’s demonic giggle?

I realize there isn’t much I can do about any of this. Hopefully, when you read this you show some resolve and call or email me. I need your help.

043_43.jpgMy ministry could reach over 3,000,000 tennis fans at major pro tournaments, plus every major tennis academy worldwide, with enough prayer and financial support partners.

We could partner together to offer free Christian materials to literally millions of tennis players and fans worldwide.

Though there is a lot I can’t change overnight, one thing I can do is help the people God sends to me.

Remember my full time Christian tennis academy student, “Lucy”, the one who was at the world famous tennis academy and tried to take her life? She is doing very well. She and her family are amazed at the radical changes in her life. Her non-Christian family is becoming curious about Jesus!

A young teen bent on suicide who was a victim of abuse in tennis has overcome Satan’s attacks and is falling deeper in love with Jesus. Now, she’s pretty awesome to be around… and man, how inspiring her testimony has become.

Tennis is basically the sport of the richest people in the world. These people have influence.dscf2365.jpg

Reach them and you reach culture.

If you have ideas or thoughts to help partner with me to confront sin, please call me right now. 386 793 0557. Don’t wait.

My student is going back to Spain soon. We are busily preparing him to be an effective missionary to the tennis academy.

He is immersing himself in facts about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus… and the authenticity of the Bible. He’s getting back to a strong prayer life. We are working together to write a Christian booklet in English, Russian, and Spanish he will work to publish this month and then give away by the hundreds to other players.

Plus, I’m working him out on the tennis court at a much higher level than anyone at that academy receives so the kids will notice a drastically improved player than the one who left. This kid really wants to make a difference.zgroupnasseratlantamed.jpg

You can make a difference.


God bless,

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association

2008 Christian Tennis Devotionals



  1. Tim N said,

    Very powerful. Thank you. This spoke to my life.

  2. Daniel Howard said,

    I am a christian bar-b-quer and the head of Savory Savior bar-b-queing social club. This really spoke to me and showed me just how many of us are pathetically turning to suicide. Bless your work, i’m sure he is with you.

  3. plugginaway4him said,

    Daniel n Tim,

    Thanks guys.

    Please tell your friends and family about this blog. I’m working to bring issues to the forefront for us all to discuss. My viewpoint is not the only viewpoint. But, i do have a platform for us all to use.

    This blog has been averaging 0ver 300 hits a day, lately. Typically, i expect 30-60 hits, with probably most of them coming from my mom :), but right now we’re getting a lot of traffic.

    The International Christian Tennis Association is following a plan which was partly created by Gene Scott, the founder of Tennis Week Magazine. These articles are part of the overall direction.

    I’m glad this plan has spoken to both of you guys. Makes the hard work of writing and posting it worthwhile!

    God bless,

    coach scotty

  4. Ted said,


    Thank you so much for your words of wisdom for our troubled tennis players. I am a Christian blacksmith and head of a shop called Flaming Sword, and lead a Christian Youth Group for the elderly (Young At Heart).

    The fact that these tennis players are being tempted by Satan into suicide hacks me off as well (I hadn’t heard that phrase before, and I would like to work it into my lexicon). Or, as I like to say, it really stinks me up!


  5. Deena said,


    Thanks for this blog…I’ve personally witnessed the fact that teen suicide is at a all time high…we really have to do our part to educate people of these staggering facts!

    Thanks again, Scott, for your braveness!


  6. Bill Cunningham of Arizona said,

    Coach Scotty,

    My wife and myself thoroughly enjoy your approach to dealing with these difficult subjects and people. Why does the Unites States Tennis Association not? Refreshing for a Pastor to stand strong. Take on those pedophiles. Dozod is surely one of them. Give the kids hope, Coach. Bill

  7. Ron said,

    Hey Coach,

    This article really spoke to me. I’m the President of a Christian Michael Jackson fan club: “Moonwalkin’ on the Water.” You have no idea how often me and my friends thought of suicide during Mike’s recent trouble with the law and the Godless state of California. We thought about planning a mass suicide outside the gates of San Quentin if they sent him up. But then Jesus spoke to me and told me that such an act would be pointless, that we’d be better off ministering to the world through Michael Jackson’s music. I’m working on starting a new club called, “Hey Satan, why don’t you beat it?!?!”

    I hope you and your readers will pray for me.


  8. plugginaway4him said,


    so glad this article spoke to you. that means a lot to me.

    i had no idea that there was anyone with the vision of seeing MJs fans as a harvest field! so great!

    mass suicides are common place. it’s unfortunate. those same people could literally change the world if they combined their forces in a focused way, in a way that included their life’s work.

    think about it. let’s say 27 people commit suicide at the same time…. ok, maybe they will get a 200 word article written about them. so what? nobody cares and the people are deemed quitters.

    but, if those same 27 people each spend 10 hrs a week to their cause, then 270 hrs a week is getting things done. that’s 1080 hrs a month…

    over 12,000 hrs a year, which is the equivalent of 300 weeks of full time work @ 40 hrs a week.

    so, in one year these 27 people have basically created a full time staff of 6 passionate professionals championing a cause.

    let’s do it for 10-15 years…. and the world will change.

    now, let’s take the 27 people and triple their number! or quadrouple…

    hopefully, you can see the power of numbers working together for an extended period of time.

    the thing is, Ron, as a christian you are here to strive to be christ-like, to grow and reach, to share. you are to be the salt and light.

    suicide is stupid. it’s a satanic lie. it’s pointless and worthless.

    your passion, when focused, can and will change the world. your suicide will just cause some 1st year journalist to write a side note article that no one will remember….

    if you and your group quits in suicide, satan giggles and your cause loses.

    God bless,

    coach scotty

  9. Margaret said,

    Hi Scott,
    I’ve just found your site. I like the articles and they are very informing. I am a church planter’s wife and an avid tennis player. You mentioned in this one about ‘pastor-less churches”. You may want to do a little more checking. The trend is called “satellite churches”. All of the ones I know about, and there are many, are not pastor-less. The main sermon is done by one pastor, usually a gifted communicator. It is sent by video-feed to the satellite church. The music is done by a local worship band. The church hires a pastoral staff just for that location. They serve as the shepherding pastor, worship pastor, youth pastor, etc., and meet the needs of that congregation. They function totally as a regular church, but are now able to reach a whole new group of people. It has been very effective, and is another way of planting new churches, which is the #1 way of reaching those that are not yet-Christians for the Savior. They are affiliated with the mother church, but function on their own. I have two friends who have recently been hired to be a part of a satellite church, one who has just been hired as youth pastor in South Carolina, and one who has been hired as connections pastor at a satellite church in Iowa.
    Just thought I’d let you know.

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