January 19, 2008

Serena Williams’ Nude Blunder

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Serena Williams’ Nude Blunder

Honestly, it was pretty weird.

Serena Williams… right in front of me… nude. I have the picture etched into my mind. There she was wearing nothing but shiny, high heeled shoes with a silver tint.

When I saw her I froze, not knowing what to say or do.

Serena Williams, the one fighting for women’s rights?, the one thanking God after big wins at Slams?, the one working for racial equality?… exposing herself in front of so many people.

She looked like a stripper at an all nude bar.

In Serena’s left hand she was holding what looked like two white carnations. She was holding them in a way to attempt to cover a certain private area from behind.

We all froze.

pacificlife2007day30212.jpgThe whole thing was completely freaking me out.

Serena Williams… the Serena Williams… the hero of so many… what was happening!?

And what will be the repercussions…? She has to know photos of her like these will cover the globe…. What will be the ripple effects?

You see, sexual abuse in junior tennis runs rampant worldwide.

As many of you know, I have dealt with both homosexual and heterosexual pedophiles posing as tennis pros and Christian leaders.

A conservative estimate is that over 50% of all female students I have coached during my 22+ year career have told me (or their parents have told me) they had been sexually abused at some point.

Now, forcing her poor decision into my mind was one of the top 5 most famous female athletes in the world stripping… and she knew the world would discover… she knew it, she planned it, and it seems she didn’t give a rip about anything but her pocketbook.

And she gave ammo to predators who use porn to “soften up” the children they victimize. They will tell little girls and boys… “Look, Serena does it… why don’t you? Serena thinks it is ok to fondle her breasts in front of others… don’t you want to be like such a famous person…?”

From Fiji to Ukraine to California to Florida, like they did to become Catholic priests, it seems pedophiles line up to become tennis pros.

Did you know that I can’t locate even one tennis teacher certification organization which runs any type of background check on current or potential tennis pros!?

Pedophiles know this. They pay about $250 for membership to a tennis pro organization, take a basic tennis pro certification test that most 2.5 NTRP players with basic tennis knowledge could pass, and are “officially” certified and professional in the eyes of the general public.

So, after the molestation, after the rapes, after the sexual abuse of tennis pros towards 9 year old girls, after homosexual pedophiles rape young boys and get them hooked on porn and drugs, after families are ripped apart, after young lives are forever shredded…

pacific-life-2007-day-2-016.jpg… I get the phone calls and emails asking for help. I talk to the raped kids. I hug the Dads as they shake while crying uncontrollably. And I have to explain God’s role in all of this….

Gene Scott founded Tennis Week Magazine. Gene was arguable among the most influential people in tennis.

The first day I met Gene was when he came to my ministry’s booth at the world’s 5th largest pro tournament. He had stood watching us for about 20 minutes as we talked with lots of people. I knew he was really curious about us and was listening to every word.

Then, he and his two friends came up to our table and asked to sign up as members of the International Christian Tennis Association. He signed up his whole family.

Gene then spent the next two years opening doors for ICTA.

I came to know Gene as honest, direct, experienced, and kind hearted. I also came to know his magazine as a class act.

037_37.jpgAbout 2 years after meeting Gene, I was with him in the Bahamas to help with one of his junior tournaments. He was sick. He was worried. Something that no one could diagnose was wrong with his body, and Gene was scared.

Anyone who knew Gene will tell you Gene doesn’t get scared.

We talked both privately, and with my friend John Ippolitto, about tennis and about faith. Just 3 guys late at night at a resort in the Caribbean spending God-appointed time together.

Gene wrote me shortly after he returned to New York. His email was, as usual, short and to the point. He told me he had found his faith!

Suddenly, about 8 weeks later, Gene died. I was told this during the same tournament where I had met him. Honestly, I was really saddened. Even though I was so glad he would spend eternity in heaven, I hurt.

My friend, David Nasser, told me something I have never forgotten. He said maybe God led Gene to our Christian outreach booth as Gene’s body was beginning its end, and that the friendship Gene and I developed ultimately led to my being able to witness to Gene in the Bahamas.

What does Serena Williams posing nude, sexual abuse in tennis, and Gene Scott all being mentioned together have to do with anything?

pacific-life-2007-day-2-001.jpgBecause, when Gene died, his wife, Polly, sold Tennis Week Magazine to IMG.

What was once a tennis insider’s magazine to pro events owned by a truly great man, now has pornography.

You see, in the US OPEN edition of the “new” Tennis Week magazine, Serena Williams is on page 19… totally nude. For all kids ages 2 to 20 and beyond, Serena is stripping for the masses…

Right below Serena’s ridiculous picture and on the same page is an article about one of Gene’s best friends, Bud Collins. And on the same page right next to Serena’s nude, stripper pose is a 1/2 page advertisement for Saddlebrook Tennis Academy.

The whole scene was disturbing.

In her defense, maybe Serena is just clueless. Maybe she is so out of touch with the reality of sexual slavery worldwide she has no idea the aftermath of abuse other children could endure because of her forcing her naked body into the minds of others.

Sexual abuse is sexual slavery and the Serena I’ve known in the past wouldn’t stand for supporting such horrific abuse towards young children. Why she has seemingly changed so drastically, I have no idea.

With her nude photos, Serena is basically telling girls it is ok to expose yourself publicly, she is telling boys it is ok to ask pacific-life-2007-day-2-035.jpggirls to do the same, she is degrading women’s rights, and she is helping Muslims worldwide justify their view of America as the great Satan.

It seems to happen all the time… a great American kid becomes famous.

Soon after, as they hit their early 20’s they start losing their clothes to become more famous while abandoning their roots which got them their successful start.

Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears come to mind…

Before I wrap this up, several other pictures of Serena have been brought to my attention. A quick internet search confirmed they are of Serena.

One is of her in a red dress which is completely see-through in the chest area leaving the viewer no doubt and needing no imagination as to what her breasts look like. Another is an exposed crotch shot, think a stoned Brittiny Spears partying with Paris Hilton, of her getting out of a car while wearing what looks like the same dress.

She is wearing this dress at a place where literally dozens of photographers are taking pictures at a celebrity event.

Like I said earlier, it’s just weird.

As a tennis insider with literally hundreds of contacts within the industry, I am working tirelessly to defend the rights of children from sexual predators posing as tennis pros.

To help me, the tennis industry could stop exploiting women as sex. Didn’t the WTA learn anything from Hantuchova? Can Tennis Week realize pornography can harm youth? Can’t the USTA stop endorsing organizations promoting the porn which can lead female junior players worldwide into sexual slavery from pedophile tennis pros.

Possibly you could take a few minutes and write to me about your thoughts about Serena, Tennis Week, IMG, WTA, and the USTA or just tennis in general.

baltimore-75k-mission-trip-003.jpgThere are people within these organizations who are members of the International Christian Tennis Association.

They have influence and they want to do the right thing for all concerned.

If you let me know your thoughts, we can contact each organization and represent the over 85% of America which is Christian.

Your voice matters. As a collective, your voice is powerful.

Even more than your voice, your prayers are needed.

With tennis gambling, sexual abuse, steroids & drugs, physical abuse, the fact that possibly 80% of tennis players worldwide are not Christian, alcohol abuse… with tennis being the sport of the rich, thus the sport of many, many lost people who worship their careers, bank accounts, and credit lines… tennis is a dark place in need of light.

Tennis, the millions of people who comprise the sport, needs help.

The harvest field of tennis needs workers.

Pro players need your prayers, coaches need your prayers, my ministry needs your prayers, our missionaries need your prayers, tennis fans and players from Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, France, Czech, leadership-conference-miami-067.jpgVenezuela, etc need your prayers.

Serena Williams needs your prayers.

Finally, I totally expect some type of backlash for exposing this situation.

Many people and organizations prey on kids, especially sexually, and I expect a few of them will want to try to shut me up!!

I know some pedophile or child abuser somewhere will hide behind his computer monitor and use his keyboard to bash me in a defamatory article, or someone will contact a major pro tournament trying to manipulate them into not allowing me to lease a booth, or my friends and family will receive emails bashing me as a cult leader or something.

Yet, who cares!? Anyone who knows me knows I don’t give a rip what a child predator thinks about me! They can write anything they want from the jail cell I help put them in!

Not only is my ministry well armed with attorney ICTA members who will help protect me from defamatory and libelous statements, but I also really don’t care if some moron bashes me.

As long as it’s a legal bashing, which as being legal I would call it criticism instead of bashing, I’m good to go!!

Some of the best lessons I’ve learned in ministry have come from people criticizing me!

Actually, criticism is awesome! Plus, criticism motivates me to work even harder.

rach-160.jpgSo, I know by now many of you are asking how you can help!?

First, pray. Next, get your free 2008 ICTA membership and make your voice count. Then, connect your friends with ICTA.

I’ll even make you a deal… for every 30 people you get to become ICTA members in Jan or Feb, I’ll give you an official ICTA Tshirt for FREE. And I’ll even pay the shipping to most countries, no problem!

God bless,

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association, President

Ultimate Impact Tennis Academy, Owner



  1. Jimmy said,

    Dear Scott,

    I am shocked at Serena Willaims! Thank you for bringing forth this issue of irresponsibility. You are to be commended.

  2. Stefi said,

    Wow! Just when I think I’ve seen and heard it all! Now Serena Williams,the American role model,exploiting herself in Tennis Week! I have the issue u mentioned in this article…when I saw the nude picture I gasped with disbelief! How are we to protect our innocent children from sexual abusers if using ones body as an object is normal?!?! Predators LOVE this, it only makes their goal of advancing on CHILDREN all the easier! We need to PRAY even more concerning this matter.

  3. Amy said,

    I thought maybe it was an exaggeration, but it is not. It is a horrible shame that Tennis Week Magazine lowered its standard and choose to publish and promote this type of indecency. Serena may find the hard way that innocence lost is impossible to restore. Another shocking reality that she may not enjoy living with is that other fans, including impressionable children, who look up to tennis and other sports pros as role models will think that it is okay to sell oneself for money after seeing this type of exposure. What a disappointing and awful example by Serena, someone I had previously looked up to.

  4. plugginaway4him said,


    thanks for your comment. the best thing you can do is to teach your kids right from wrong. the best examples of right and wrong come from the Bible. do you have one? if not, i can send you one.

    serena originally stripped for Jane Magazine, which went out of business immediately following the issue she exposes herself in. Tennis Week must have purchased the rights for the nude pictures.

    i have no doubt Gene Scott would NEVER have allowed or endorsed pornography in Tennis Week. unfortunately, though, Gene is dead.

    some have suggested “new” Tennis Week seems to have began promoting homosexuality, incest, and satanism.

    i did notice a few really disturbing pictures in the magazine of both Venus and Serena together, which could be viewed as lesbian incest. but, i don’t know. the way marketing is today, it wouldn’t surprise me.

    also, i was darn disappointed horoscopes have now been added to Tennis Week.

    so anyway, thanks for your comment and feel free to further share your personal views…

    coach scotty

  5. plugginaway4him said,

    hi amy,

    Tennis Week seems to have gone from a family owned business to a corporate entity promoting its own fashion choices, pro tournaments, tennis academies, etc.

    looks to me like it’s a big IMG commercial… with a big twist of worldly viewpoints.

    a few emails have asked me about Serena Williams religious belief. as she has stated publicly, Serena is a Jehovah’s Witness. i know her religious group, while known as a mainstream cult in America, would not agree with her choice to expose herself to children and others.

    as for decency, it’s really a matter of opinion. plenty of people worldwide will think i’m an idiot for my viewpoint. plenty will think i’m right on the mark.

    either way, it’s good this is being discussed.

    thanks for your comment!

    coach scotty

  6. Amy said,

    Coach Scotty,

    Isn’t it sad that decency is a matter of opinion? I think you are right, if more people who could have an impact spoke up about their belief in the One who provided a true example of what decency is, then maybe it would be a bit cooler to be a follower of Christ. Maybe then kids would be drawn toward experimenting with Christian values instead of being drawn into worldly vices and abuse.

    Just think about how great it would be to hear one of your sports heroes talking openly about their prayer life, and how excited they are for Heaven and how God helps them daily. Why is it that most people who become influential don’t seem to feel they can talk openly like this about Jesus, but absolutely nothing else seems to be off limits?

    I hope someone who can be heard by many will take up your challenge to try and help make this at least a safer world, no matter what their definition of decent is.

  7. Jason said,

    Although I admire your cause and concern, I have to say I find this article a little misguided.

    I do not think there is any direct connection between sexualizing Serena in a magazine photospread and pedophilia. Pedophiles are pedophiles (that are born with a disease) and don’t suddenly, or gradually become them by looking at adult porn.

    As for the comment about learning something from Hantuchava, I think the WTA has very healthy looking role models for the most part. And like it or not, this photospread is proof that the tennis world is celebrating a “full figured” player such as Serena.

  8. plugginaway4him said,


    i’m glad you wrote this particular comment. it is a quite common viewpoint. i think a good book for you to read is Porn Nation by Michael Leahy.

    also… ARE YOU INSANE?

    your statements are ludicrous, and that’s putting it mildly! have you ever studied pedophiles? pedophiles generally come from a background of sexual abuse.

    Serena is basically forcing others to live by the standard she is setting. this isn’t a “celebration” of a a full figured woman. this could be viewed as one of the top 5 female athletes in the world leading children into a world of exposing themselves in public.

    this puts amazing pressure on young children to give in to the worldly peer pressure of sex. this grabs the attention of tennis pedophiles and motivates them to use Serena as their example when preying on children. predators nearly always use porn to confuse children.

    wake up!

    as for hantuchova, you obviously know NOTHING of her past eating disorders, which many credit to the WTA using her as a sex symbol to drive interest in WTA tennis.

    please, do some research before commenting on such serious subjects. bellowing nonsense just wastes your time and mine…

    all that said, i hope people reading this can realize the complete lack of education that is in the world today as concerning predator pedophiles…

    God bless,

    coach scotty

  9. Jason said,

    I apologise. Of course you are correct about pedophiles generally coming from a background of abuse.

    However, Serena is not FORCING anyone to live to any standard. She is an adult living her own life. Is her taste in question? Possibly, depending on who you ask.

    Good parenting is about helping children to choose their role models. Life is full of people that have poor taste or make mistakes. Do you encourage your children to idolize these people and take them on as role models? Even if they happen to be the best athlete ever? Or the richest, or most famous? No. You talk about what qualities they should be striving for themsleves and go from there.

    I do know about Hantuchava’s eating disorder history. I think you missed my point. I congratulate Serena on embracing her sexuality and being proud of her body. No, I wouldn’t buy this magazine to share with my God-daughter. But I think she looks great and it’s her choice. She is an adult after all. Can’t live your life for others or worrying about malicious people using your image for their conviences.

    Just my opinion, like you have yours. Please don’t insult me, then write God bless..

  10. plugginaway4him said,


    you specifically wrote… “Pedophiles are pedophiles (that are born with a disease) and don’t suddenly, or gradually become them by looking at adult porn.”

    this is one of the most outrageous, idiotic statement possible. you wrote it as a fact which was based on your bias. there was no opinion given, you made a statement of fact.

    if you felt insulted because you are blind to the issues, then ….

    now, after more education you have a different, more informed viewpoint. you say… “I apologise. Of course you are correct about pedophiles generally coming from a background of abuse.”

    what this tells me is you have a more correct viewpoint as pertains to both homosexual an heterosexual predators who prey on youth worldwide. to learn more, have you done any study into the child sex slave trade?

    when my child picks up a magazine on tennis and is forced to view a pornographic picture of one of her tennis idols fondling her left breast with her right hand while completely nude… i and every other person who has emailed me have every right to become completely outraged at the complete lack of class and responsibility shown my everyone who caused the situation to occur.

    we can choose NOT to purchase the magazine, we can choose not to purchase the products of the magazine’s sponsors, we can choose not to purchase the products of the player’s sponsors, we CAN choose to share just exactly how we believe the player’s choice is pathetic, we can decide to begin to bring change in defense of children who are being sexually molested worldwide, we can partner with these organizations to bring their message to the forefront….

    finally, have you ever watched a young life end tragically? have you personally witnessed a young person daily waste away from a relentless eating disorder? have you watched the person’s entire family writhe in pain as their son or daughter or brother or sister succumbs to such a painful death…

    what about suicide? how many funerals of teens have you attended?

    congratulate Serena all you want on “embracing her sexuality.” but, i see something different… i see both her and the magazine chasing $. i don’t think it has anything to do with pride in her body. it’s generally always about $.

    what i see from your viewpoint is a person who is generally uninformed about pro tennis marketing, selling magazines, players generating a buzz about themselves… and the sex slave trade industry… and the amount of pedophiles working as tennis pros worldwide.

    what you see from me now is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my work as a child advocate. after nearly 10 years in tennis ministry, i’ve come to see a great need for a large group of people to begin to take the reigns from USTA, IMG, and other corporate entities when it comes to the moral compass of the sport.

    porn in Tennis Week, horoscopes in Tennis Week… both newly established after an IMG takeover… now people are writing me about the Tennis Week’s insinuation of lesbian incest from the pics taken of Venus and Serena in Tennis Week (September Ed. pg 59).

    what you and everyone reading this needs to remember is that every single article and page of a tennis publication is highly planned and coordinated for very specific purposes.

    all this said, my hope here is simply to bring awareness to issues. i don’t know you, so please don’t feel insulted. insulting you is not my intent. but, if what i write offends you… honestly, i don’t care.

    if you personally are a child molester, i hope my bringing the light to your dark, sick world burns you deeply.

    or, if you are simply a nice person who wants to help these issues be discussed, great to have your thoughts and opinions.

    but, my main concern would be that some kid somewhere finds hope that he or she can email me about the abuse they are forced to endure… and i will make the bad man go away…and i will work tirelessly to put his butt in prison.

    and with that thought, i write…

    God bless,

    coach scotty

  11. Deena said,

    I want to give you the condolence you deserve for writing such a powerful,right on blog. Not many people in this world are willing to stand up against such unappropriated behavior. Keep up the good work and don’t let the people in this world that lust after women selling themselves short bother you. They won’t like what you have to say, especially when it shines the light on their dysfunctional lives.

    In response to “Jason” what makes you think that a women taking off their clothes and standing in provocative ways is celebrating their sexuality and being proud of her body?! Honestly any one who would defend such an act has some personal issues that MUST be addressed!

    Keep up the GREAT work Scotty! Children and parents around the world are counting on you!


    p.s. How can I financially support ICTA?

  12. Cookie Monster said,

    Keep it up Scotty!!!
    Keep the uninformed informed while upholding the truth. I love the argument while fighting for the truth. Gett’er clothes back on!!!!
    fo the glory of the Big Guy Upstairs
    much love

  13. Amy said,

    This BLOG in my opinion was not debating Serena’s “rights” as an adult/ human or otherwise. Of course she and anyone can do what they want, legal or not, moral or not, all due to the God granted free agency given all of us. Rather the issue is whether or not this was the best use of her status and fame as a role model.

    As to the issue of Serena’s actions being something that celebrates anything or will somehow have a positive influence within society somehow? Well, it seems to me that if I had the type of influence Serena is capable of as a hero and role model, then the choice between possibly helping the image of full figured women by baring mine, as a celebration of such…..or supporting organizations that help prevent sexual exploitation of children and being a voice for them – or any other charity that is in need of a voice, might be a better way to help society in general. Do you really think that Serena bared herself to champion full figured women? Personally, I have to admire those celebrities that do champion causes that benefit society when they come to understand their possible influence as opposed to selling their image to make more money for themselves. Serena has the “right” to do either.

    This BLOG was to encourage prominent Christians to speak up and start using their influence to find the “best” ways to help create a better society, and to be careful not to do anything that could have an adverse affect instead. I feel that there is validity to the opinion that someone whom children look up to as a role model could, by posing nude, help lower their defenses against looking at nude photos, such as pedophiles like to use to help lure children into acceptance of taking off their own clothes. I mean, if Serena is doing it, it must not be too bad, right?

    Even if the old argument between nude “art” and the human body, versus modest beauty doesn’t get answered here….I think we can answer the question as to if there are better ways to impact society once you gain fame and fortune. It is my hope and prayer that influential Christians everywhere will stop being shy about their faith and start being a role model for Christian values with the hero/role model status God blessed them with. Today’s youth really need you….


  14. rainyday said,

    I tripped upon this thread while reading about the Austrailian Open. I felt sorry for poor Jason who was accused of not thoroughly researching his opinion. I took a quick look in Wikapedia for the causes of Pedophilia and found:

    The cause or causes of pedophilia are not well understood. German psychologist Michael Griesemer theorizes[26] that pedophiles miss the switch of sexual interest from prepubescent to postpubescent partners (so-called sex-dimorphic maturation of the frontal brain) that usually occurs with the onset of puberty, so that pedophilia is a developmental disability besides a sexual orientation. Noted American sexologist John Money differentiated between affectional and sadistic pedophilia. He believed that affectional pedophilia was caused by a surplus of parental love that became erotic [27].

    Some medical studies have suggested that pedophilia may have physical causes: according to one case report pedophilia was observed to coincide[28] and disappear with a brain tumor and there are indications of a familial transmission[29], though it is unclear whether this stems from genetics or learned behavior. Other factors such as abnormalities in male sexual hormones or the brain chemical serotonin, have not been proven as factors in the development of paraphilias or pedophilia. A history of childhood sexual abuse is also a potential factor in the development of pedophilias but this, too, has not been proven. Behavioral learning models suggest, however, that a child who is the victim or observer of inappropriate sexual behaviors learns to imitate and is later reinforced for the behavior [30].

    So there is a good arguement that pedophiles are born not made. And I thnk, with all or the rewriting of Psychiatry today, we should all be a little humble when deciding what the causes of human behaviour are.

    Scotty, I agree that child molestation is a terreable act, but you seem to be casting your net too wide. Human sexuality is not terreable. I did check out Serena’s picture and it was truly modest compared to almost any part of the Louver. The Christian view of sexuality is crippling and it is not supported by the vast majority of people worldwide, nor by the behavior of the vast majority of Christians. I cannot even recall anything in the Gospels that supports it (no, I am not going to review Mathew, Mark, Luke and John before sending this). So, yes there are many sexual abuses, child molestation, forced sex trade, rape. But sex between consenting adults is not sex abuse, nor is the depiction of the adult nude female body. Sex is a part of the human condition.

    So keep up your work protecting the kids, but please do not condemn adults who may live their life in a way that you do not agree with.


    There is no God. We must face the horrible realization that we are completly responsible for what we do. So be very careful when condemning others.

  15. plugginaway4him said,


    you state “There is no God.” i’ll get to that in a moment. but first…

    thanks for your comments. they have been published completely as you have written them. i am really glad your viewpoint showed up! i was hoping it would :)…

    your obvious 30 seconds of study about predator child molesters is noted. your uncanny ability to do a 3.34 second Google search which can bring you to a basic Wikapedia view on the subject is noted.

    your skillful copy and paste job of a Wikapedia definition is noted.

    basically, your total lack of anything resembling knowledge about pedophilia is noted….

    question for you… who wrote the definition you discovered in Wikipedia, which you so proudly showed to me? did you know Wikapedia is Open Source? even a pedophile priest or predator psychiatrist can hop on there and create whatever definition suits their needs.

    instead of using 30 seconds of your obviously valuable time to make yourself appear like a professional on the development of a predator, how about you actually do some real grunt work and visit prisons… talk to the inmates, the prison shrinks… then, talk to victims.

    you, in your 30 seconds of education are willing to state… “So there is a good arguement that pedophiles are born not made.”

    yet, someone with actual knowledge in the area says…

    “Four percent of the population suffers from sexual orientation toward children.” Dr. Herbert Wagemaker, renowned author and psychiatrist.

    4%, Robert. got that, right? need to Wikapedia how much 4% is, Robert? let me help… what he is saying in his article is 96% of pedophiles are not born that way, Robert.

    your “good argument”, as you stated, based on your seemingly total lack of knowledge or insight or experience into the mind of people who prey on children seems foolish, and dangerous.

    all this said, i have no intention to be rude to you or to insult you. if you knew me, you would know that’s not my thing. what i do have full intention of is to begin discussions openly which have been hidden in tennis for decades.

    but, though i do not want to insult you… if what i write offends you, i, honestly, don’t care. you have a baseless, elementary, scratch n sniff comment which i find ridiculous and insulting towards any young child who has been raped. i find Serena’s actions deplorable. i find Tennis Week magazine’s motives in question…. and i find the almighty $ in charge regardless of who gets hurt. quit telling me i have no right to my opinion, Robert. quit empowering child rapists, Robert.

    finally, i am always amazed at the genius of people who are able to say, “There is no God.”

    please, Robert, with all of your obvious knowledge of all areas, share with me your proof that nothing created everything in the universe! share your wisdom all knowing one…

    please, if you could, Wikapedia your proof to me….

    the fact is, you don’t know if there is a God or not, Robert. face it, deal with it. you personally have about as much knowledge of if there is a Creator, as my stupid Goldfish does of explaining the nuclear physics occuring within the Sun. please, read that last sentence again, and slowly so it doesn’t pass you by.

    i am always amazed at the spiritually blind sharing their genius with the world.

    how about this… why don’t you do research into if there is any viable proof into the existence of a Creator. study. do the grunt work.

    hey world… Robert, the anonymous writer, wants you to know there is no God.

    so, i guess that settles that!

    finally, Robert, in all of his wisdom, writes…

    “…do not condemn adults who may live their life in a way that you do not agree with.”

    hey pedophiles of the world, Robert gives you his approval! Robert says GO FOR IT!!


    hopefully, others will send in their thoughts about Robert’s, or whoever this anonymous person is, 30 second Google research… and his amazing ability to prove nothing created everything!

    again, nothing against the writer (Robert)… just the moronic land mines hidden within his uneducated statement.

    and with that, i write, unapologetically…

    God bless,

    coach scotty

    ps. amy… you have an opinion on Robert’s thoughts?

  16. rainyday@tele2.ch said,


    I took a look at the article from Dr. Herbert Wagemaker, and I read it differently from you:

    //Four percent of the population suffers from sexual orientation toward children. In 1999, 93,000 kids were sexually abused. 50% of the abusers were parents of the children. 18% were relatives. This means that almost 70% of children were molested by family members, fathers, uncles, and grandfathers – males they trusted.

    What causes pedophilia? No one decides, “I’m going to grow up and be a child pedophile.”

    We know that pedophilia runs in families. Boys who are molested often molest boys when they grow up. Do they molest because they were molested or because they have a genetic sexual orientation toward children?

    I feel that there is a strong genetic predisposition in pedophilia. I believe that pedophilia runs in families and seems to be a variant of OCD, which has strong genetic predispositions. In other words, pedophilia seems to be an illness that is caused by abnormal brain chemistry with strong genetic connections.// end exerpt

    He says that 4% of the entire population is predisposed to pedophilia, not 4% of the pedophilia population is genetically predisposed. In fact he does say that he ‘ feels that there is a strong genetic predispostion in pedophilia’. So again, Jason does not seem to be that far out in left field.

    So again, I believe that peodphilia is horrible, and I applaud your work in protecting the young children involved in tennis. However, you are casting your net too wide. There is a wide range of normal sexual behaviour amoung consenting adults that is not wrong. What Serina did was not wrong. There is no law against it. As I said I have seen much more explicite statues and pictures in the Louvre and even at the Vatican.

    The reason I mentioned the the non existence of God, is that, in the absence of God, we as individuals are responsible for what we do. When you attack Serina, you are not doing God’s work, you are imposing your personal beliefs on to someone else in a way that you hope will be distructive to her. You are attempting to do her harm. And I am very much apposed to harming other people.

    I know many people need religion to guide their life, and for the most part it doesn’t do much harm. But when I see someone railing against normal legal actions under the banner of a religion, I do start to fear for my own rights. What laws would you pass if you got a Christian party into government? I mention law deliveratly. One of the most glorious documents I have ever read is the US Declaration of Independence .. life, liberty and the persuit of happiness. I am astounded that this could have been written over 200 years ago and yet be as profound today as it was then. It guarantees individuals the right to lead their own lives and make their own choices. (No, I am not a US citizen). Serena worked very had to get to her position, harder that most people ever do. It is her right to do what she want’s with it. She makes money and she supports a number of charities.

    So hold on to your religion if you must, don’t do harm to others, help people when you can and try to be happy.

    I think I was very clear that I am against pedophilia and applaud your work in preventing it. So, if there are any pedophiles reading this, you are doing harm to others. Don’t do it. Get help if you need it.


    P.S. I have never met any individual who could rationally support his or her belief in God. It always comes down to that they simply believe what they were taught. Chritians bear Christians, Muslims bear Muslims, Jews bear Jews … and I don’t think that one is genetic predisposition.

    I do not know how the unverse was created. Modern science has a pretty good description back to the first second or so and there is nothing in that description that implies an omnipotent being. How the sun and earth were formed is pretty well understood, and the recent advances in genetics is doing a pretty good job of explaining how life comes about (and could possibly identify the gene or genes for pedophelia). But again nothing requires an omnipotent being. Christians put forth arguements for Intellegent Design and the idea that the universe is uniquely defined for life to develop. These are very unconvincing arguements and as science keeps pushing the boundaries of knowledge forward, religion seems to be in continued retreat. In any question of fact, science trumps religion every time.

    I would love to have a discussion with someone who has really thought about what they believe, but I have never found anyone like that. I don’t think it is worth your while to argue with me on this one. Your time is better spent keeping kids safe and working on their serve.

  17. plugginaway4him said,


    received your latest comment. much more in-depth, thanks. hope this discussion was able to spark your interest in bringing change in tennis. will need to edit your post… but will make sure major points stay intact.

    you write about the Declaration of Independence!? you!? do you have any idea why this country was founded? anyway… let’s move on.

    this article is not a “Christian” article. i wrote a tennis industry article, which also contains an explanation of my close relationship with Tennis Week. you, then, felt the need to attack Christianity when stating your original opinion.

    you wrote to me… “When you attack Serina, you are not doing God’s work….” yet, what the heck do you know about God’s work? you are the fellow that claims boldly there is no God. you and your atheist religion seem to believe that nothing created everything, though science even discredits that fable. if you had any idea about faith… about the facts on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus… if you had a real opportunity to shove religion into a pit and actually have the chance to get to know Jesus, the Jesus of the Bible… your view might change.

    i speak as one who was once similar to you…. but, this all has little to do with my article! people from nearly every major religion have already agreed with me, Robert. Serena needs to get her clothes back on and Tennis Week needs to understand there is a substantial group worldwide who will not stand for the direction the magazine is going, especially as the magazine reaches so many kids… and those who would harm kids.

    you might want to refer to the comment earlier from “Amy” for clarity on the article. i find it interesting you have avoided her viewpoint, and simply attacked Christianity while worshiping science, all while being completely unable to see the points within my article….

    your latest comment is simply another weak explanation of darwinism, which has already been debunked, and an explanation of your dislike of religion. that’s fine for your thoughts and opinions, but it doesn’t deal with the subjects within this article, which are to be discussed here.

    a web site for you is… http://www.leestrobel.com/ please, at least read his stuff with an open mind before closing off your opinion. his books are inexpensive and easy to read.

    i agree with your view that people basically become whatever religion they were born into. if you knew me, you’d know how annoyed i am with that fact. i constantly challenge everyone, especially christians, to investigate their faith. how can a brainwashed person truly believe and know….? study. do the grunt work… then decide for yourself.

    robert, if you are not too afraid of what you will discover, i challenge you to read Darwin’s Black Box… and A Case for a Creator… to start with. you probably won’t, though.

    finally, here’s something fun in the “modern science” you base your soul on for you to keep an open mind about…

    10. “The earth’s crust does not move”- 19th through early 20th century accepted geological science. See Plate Tectonics

    9. “The bomb will never go off. I speak as an expert in explosives.” — Admiral William Leahy, U.S. Atomic Bomb Project

    8. “That virus is a pussycat.” — Dr. Peter Duesberg, molecular-biology professor at U.C. Berkeley, on HIV, 1988

    7. “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” — Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943

    6. “Radio has no future. Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible. X-rays will prove to be a hoax.” — William Thomson, Lord Kelvin, British scientist, 1899.

    5. “There is not the slightest indication that nuclear energy will ever be obtainable. It would mean that the atom would have to be shattered at will.” — Albert Einstein, 1932

    4. “Space travel is bunk.” — Sir Harold Spencer Jones, Astronomer Royal of the UK, 1957 (two weeks later Sputnik orbited the Earth).

    3. “If I had thought about it, I wouldn’t have done the experiment. The literature was full of examples that said you can’t do this.” — Spencer Silver on the work that led to the unique adhesives for 3-M “Post-It” Notepads.

    2. “Stomach ulcers are caused by stress” — accepted medical diagnosis, until Dr. Marshall proved that H. pylori caused gastric inflammation by deliberately infecting himself with the bacterium.

    1. “Telltale signs are everywhere —from the unexpected persistence and thickness of pack ice in the waters around Iceland to the southward migration of a warmth-loving creature like the armadillo from the Midwest. Since the 1940s the mean global temperature has dropped about 2.7° F.” — Climatologist George J. Kukla of Columbia University in Time Magazine’s June 24th, 1975 article Another Ice Age?

    so the next time you hear about worldwide crop failure, rising sea levels, species extinction, or “climate grief” you might want to remember that just being an expert, or even having a consensus of experts, doesn’t necessarily mean that a claim is true.

    and, Robert, if the idea of God seems so unbelievable to you, please keep an open mind while you do your own research.

    SOMETHING had to start it all….

    God bless,

    coach scotty

  18. rainyday@tele2.ch said,


    But what about your attack on Jason. Your own reference believes that there is a strong genetic predisposition in pedophilia. And yet you said that this was one of the most outrageous and idiotic statments possible. This seems incongruous.

    I think you should revise your response to Jason.

    I don’t believe something because someone tells me so. I believe it because I understand it. Einstein once said that ‘God does not play dice with the universe’. God notwithstanding, he was utterly wrong on the dice part. He was referring to Quantum Mechanics and QM has been an extremely successful theory of physics. Yet this does not take away from Einstein’s theories of Relativity. It is not the people, it is the ideas, the theories that describe the real world. And science deals with the real world, everything that exists. So if something exists, Quarks or Electrons or God, they are all under the domain of science or philosophy as it was once called. Even Lee Strobel said so. If one religion says one thing and another says something different, then one of them is incorrect. If religion says one thing and science says another then one of them is incorrect.

  19. plugginaway4him said,


    if god is simply an idea, as you seem to believe, i understand why you see things as you do. just realize it may be possible for you to NOT know everything in the universe….

    i really have nothing else to add. take some time, read the books i mentioned if you dare, and please keep an open mind. as i said, i was once like you. and bro, i’m not on some jesus bandwagon…this isn’t some church program or religious nonsense. for years i did the research needed to prove jesus was a fraud, and i found out i was wrong. from that, my life totally changed. i’m still the same person, just with a different viewpoint.

    let me add that i’m an idiot, a sinner, a jerk, that i daily make mistakes…. i’m not some holier than thou fraud trying to seem good. i’m not good. i am a follower of jesus, though. and i work daily on not being an ass, but when i am an ass i try to be the one described in the bible that jesus rode.

    please stay in touch, my email is ballboy4jesus@yahoo.com. or call 386 793 0557. would like to talk someday, sometime…

    as i’ve said before… and you so conveniently avoided focusing on, something had to start it all, Robert. something cannot come from nothing. the more science learns… the more science sees a Creator. our “modern science” today will seem really silly in about another 50-100 years, right? would you really base your soul on the “modern science” of the 1800’s?… or the 1600s?

    a good book for you might be a Case for a Creator. i only got halfway through it… you have to like science a lot to not fall asleep while reading it… but, what i’ve read is good stuff.

    finally… the Old Testament (bible) contains over 2000 predictive prophecies which are very specific and detailed, Robert. In jesus christ, 456 identifiable messianic prophesies were fulfilled. the odds of anyone fulfilling just 48 prophecies is a probability of 10 to the 157th power. write the zeros, Robert. how can this happen, Robert? borel’s single law of chance states anything beyond 10 to the 50th power is impossible, Robert. please explain…

    … over 27,000 sites have been discovered that have connection to the old testament period… not only have these discoveries provided external confirmation to hundreds of scriptural assertions, not one archaeological discovery has EVER contradicted a biblical reference…

    heck, Robert, even Flavious Josephus (ca. 37-97)… a jewish historian wrote “He (Jesus) was the Christ… He appeared to them alive on the third day, as the divine prophets had foretold these and ten thousand other things concerning him.” Antiquities 18:3

    plus, jesus’ mircles were performed in the open and served to validate his claims. jesus healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, fed thousands of people from a handful of food, demonstrated power over nature, and even raised the dead. NO first century eyewitness (jew or otherwise) ever denied jesus’ ability to do miracles. even the jewish talmud, Robert, acknowledges jesus’ ability to do miracles… but attributes this ability to sorcery.

    Robert, is it POSSIBLE, even in the slightest, that there might be things about which you have no knowledge? or is knowledge hard to find with your head shoved into a little hole in the always shifting sand of science, ego, and fear?

    like i said, i speak from experience.

    God bless,

    coach scotty

  20. Amy said,


    I am not a student of Physics….but it seems to me that just having two opposite theories does not make one wrong and one right. A theory is not considered a scientific fact until proven. Just because the scientific community leans towards the theory against Faith and God, does not make the theory of Faith and God incorrect…..there is no scientific proof that Faith is not real, and that God does not exist. There have been numerous times when scientists have leaned toward a theory, and then new discoveries altered the scientific facts.

    Conversely, many people have individually proven Faith and God to be true and correct. Because it is an individual spiritual transformation inside the mind, heart and soul…..science has been unable to measure or quantify it physically to those who have not. And yet those individuals who were seeking this truth and knowledge and found it, know it to be a fact…just as you know that burning your hand on the stove is painful once you have had that experience, and love for your own child is real once you have experienced that. Then once a person has that knowledge, they still have the choice to try and draw closer to this God, their Creator, or not due to the free will instilled in all of us….from somewhere or someone.

    Robert I at one time believed similar to you. But now I know the reason we are completely responsible for what we do is BECAUSE there is a God. Otherwise it wouldn’t matter what any of us did…….ever.


  21. plugginaway4him said,


    A couple of questions…

    From your viewpoint, why do you think Tennis Week magazine has made such a drastic change from quality media which covered every major pro tournament to a magazine which has began exploiting women through porn, offering satanic fortune-telling with their new horoscope section, and seemingly making sex a centerpiece of interest?

    Tennis only has two major publications in America, Tennis Week and Tennis Magazine.

    Heck, I’ve even received tons of complaints about Tennis Magazine recently pushing Billy Jean King’s homosexual agenda to the forefront!

    Apparently, she is using her status as a sports icon to gain publicity for her sexual fetishes. According to what I’ve been told, the article in Tennis magazine is allowing her to pimp a homosexual retirement community she is either building or endorsing. This information comes from a top tennis industry source and I am currently verifying its validity…

    Should tennis publications focus on promoting the homosexual agenda to indoctrinate junior players into acceptance and participation of the homosexual lifestyle? Should pornography be the norm? Should witchcraft and satanic literature be planted quietly inside?

    The new IMG takeover of Tennis Week magazine is kinda weirding me out. The way Tennis magazine is trying to compete with them by offering the same questionable standards leads me to believe something needs to be done to protect the integrity of the sport, and to protect kids from that kind of brainwashing….

    What do you think?

    coach scotty

  22. Amy said,

    I have worked for a few different companies, and one thing I have learned is that the attitudes and beliefs of top management always permeate the company. So Tennis Week at the top levels either fully endorse homosexuality and nudity, or feel it will make them a lot of extra money to change their audience to include those who do, or both. Tennis Week management and owners obviously no longer care to reflect family values, and do not respect the parental right and responsibility to teach children about human sexuality as they present their sexual views and pictures in a magazine that parents think is about tennis. I think that when the new management, namely IMG, took over the magazine, they also became greedy, and they are hoping they can disguise their sexual content good enough in a family tennis magazine to get money from both wholesome families and adult magazine readers. Families are already buying it….why not gradually start slipping it in? Hollywood for the most part has sold out to this idea, and uses this same tactic by continually exposing parents and children to gradually increasing levels of sexual content and violence.

    It is sad that a magazine that was able to be enjoyed by children should no longer be purchased by them. Sexuality in any form, let alone favoring a certain type of sexual orientation, should not be the focus of any advertisement or article in a magazine that originally was intended to provide wholesome news about tennis events, strategies, products, and services to tennis fans, young and old worldwide. I guess Tennis Week magazine should be placed beside “Adult” magazines on the news stand, so that parents will know it is now intended for adult reading by those who choose this sort of suggestive advertisement and sensual arousal while reading about tennis. I feel families should cancel their subscriptions, and let Tennis Week magazine get their funding from the clientele they are now targeting, instead of families and impressionable children who I feel still join tennis clubs and school teams hoping to engage in a wholesome sport.

    The parents I know who buy monitoring and protective software for computer and cable television, and whom would never buy Adult magazines for their kids, once they realize what the content of Tennis Week magazine is changing over too, will discontinue to buy this magazine as well.


  23. Mary said,

    Hello – is it legal to offend this many people with pornography?

    In-your-face obscenities using sight material should be outlawed, as they used to be. Freedom of expression should NEVER mean surprising someone with nude photos they did not order or expect or want.

    Unsuspecting citizens should not have to be bombarded with a shocking memorable sight that they did not want to see.

    If you get a magazine subscription to a tennis magazine, you are expecting a decent “clean” magazine. It is unrealistic to think that the subscribers want a porno magazine arriving in their mailbox. This sounds like a crime to me, although I do not know how the laws currently stand.

    I hope people with knowledge will stand up for our rights to decency.

    Why should all the “dirty” people have all the laws in their favor, and we go unprotected?

    A response from Scott Paschal:

    You rock, Mary. Tennis needs for strong women like you standing up and leading the way. Players, coaches… all need a strong female voice showing a clear path to Christ.

    Thanks and God bless, coach scotty

  24. Dea said,

    Hey Scotty,

    Good article. Somehow I’m not surprised though…

    “Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke?” Isaiah 58:6

  25. Ho said,

    Dear Scott, thank you for standing for our belief. We need to call SIN, sin and not “way of life” or other rubbish. Black is black and not grey. I’m not from US but I cry for your country – that the foundation that built this nation, “In God We Trust” has been destroyed by “freedom of speech” and allowing the other ‘gods’ to take over many of your systems – education, government, finance, family units, whatever, even some so called churches. Gone are the days where God is honored in Govt. offices, schools and community buildings. There are many God fearing and God loving people and missionaries in the US. What happened? I pray that in the coming election you’ll have a God fearing president to lead your country with the fear of God, with integrity and honesty and morality and acknowledging that with God the US will be back to before when it will lend to nations and not be a borrower.
    As to the creation theory – it takes more faith to believe that we came thro evolution (Big Bang Theory) than to believe that there’s a God who created us. It like believing that in a workshop there’s a big bang and as the dust settles down you see a Ford Lincoln in the midst of it.
    Got to go. hope to catch up again.

  26. Janice said,

    All you guys need to get a life.

  27. plugginaway4him said,


    what does “get a life” mean to you?

    does it mean you feel uncomfortable with these women who have the right to have their opinions?

    does it mean that the life you lead is the right way, and these other women are without a life?

    fyi, i’ve learned one of the women is a doctor… is she without a life, janet?

    another is a director of a non-profit and heavily into the tennis industry… is she without a life, janet?

    another is getting her master’s degree at a major university… is she without a life, janet?

    does their support of women’s rights mean to you that they have no life? believe it or not, there are still women in the world who don’t want porn in their kid’s tennis magazines.

    you obviously seem to feel the women commenting here need to do things your way.

    so, let me ask… who are you? really, what is your story? i’m not being sarcastic. i’d just like for you to stand up and be counted for who you are and why your opinion is the right one. it’s one thing to basically anonymously criticize, but do you have the courage to put your real identity to your opinions so you can stand up to public scrutiny?

    the world is full of people who lurk on message boards hiding behind computer monitors and writing anonymously. there is a certain personality that thrives in that environment. they are often sad, lonely people who have lived through a lot of hard times.

    to wrap this up, janice, the tennis world is packed full of child pedophiles who can and will use porn in tennis to manipulate kids. you may not agree or care, but that doesn’t matter. you are simply not informed.

    thanks for your comment, however short, and i’d welcome anything else you have to say.

    God bless, coach scotty

  28. plugginaway4him said,


    your message about how you feel serena williams has sexy curves has accidentally been deleted. please, if you like, repost your comment.

    God bless, coach scotty

  29. Donna said,

    Coach Scotty:

    This is the first time I have plugged in to your space and am quite shocked about the Tennis Industies sexual exploitation of it’s young players. And Serena William? What is she thinking. Is it all for money? She as well as the whole industry will be in my prayers. Thank you for opening my eyes and heart to this issue.

    My family has been involved in the tennis world for some time and I always thought of it as a clean sport.

    God bless you and your family and keep on keeping on…


  30. Mattrowski said,


    On first reading your article, I was sceptical of your criticism of Serena’s nude pictures. However, as your argument developed, I could see your point. As a father of a 4 month old daughter I am becoming more aware of how the media’s portrayal of sexuality permeates the mainstream, and how, in years to come, I may be forced to attempt to explain the adult world to a child perhaps too young to understand. Well done for making a stand.

    On the point of religion: this thread has clearly ignited some strong feelings, and I was disappointed to see that, while many of your respondents provided robust and measured arguments, yours became less so and you tripped yourself up several times.

    I have often seen this happen to believers in God, or Gods, when attempting to step onto the territory of science. I would say to you, don’t defend your religion with reference to science because you can’t win. It is enough that you have your unshakable faith – science will never attempt to take that away because it has no cause to do so.

    For the record – and you’ve probably deduced as much – I don’t believe in an intelligent or Divine creator, and I have a strong understanding of the nature of science. However, I have no problem with religious belief – I grew up believing in God and understand how powerful that belief can be. I cannot begrudge anyone who decides to choose this path. (And I apologise if any of this comes across as patronising – it isn’t my intention!).

    Back to the initial point of this thread: Serena’s decision to pose nude – be it motivated by money or pride in her body – is her choice and I believe to deny her this choice would be an oppression. However, the use of the image in the public domain is questionable and, as you pointed out, could be used by a sexual predator to corrupt a child. This is the nature of the world we live in – I expect there will always be paedophiles and those who will harm others for their own ends, and it frightens and worries me. But I do believe a difference can be made through education and by people, such as yourself, making a stand to bring the danger of the misuse of such images to the attention of the wider public.

    Regards, keep up the good work Scotty.


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