March 26, 2008

Video: Rachel Snelen, ICTA Pro Tennis Team Captain, Takes Leap of Faith…

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mel-camera-may-11-027.jpgFor those of you who have always wanted to take a leap of faith, but never have… ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team captain, Rachel Snelen, invites you to come along with her on a unique, special video journey.

(Rachel Snelen backhand in Florida)

Rachel, a Christian missionary, picked up the sport of tennis around 12 years of age with her twin sister, Melody.

In 1999, at 16 years of age Rachel began training full time with me in Arlington, Texas. She and Melody showed uncommon passion for hard work and both quickly improved.


(Rachel Snelen in Nigeria, Africa w/ locals during ICTA Pro Team Outreach)

By 18 years Rachel had become a top 10 junior player in Texas and a top 250 G18 nationally ranked junior in the United States Tennis Association. She also earned her ITF junior world ranking.

Rachel had a dream to earn a WTA tour ranking. She accomplished this dream in 2006 and earned her highest WTA ranking of 1120 in 2007.

More than tennis, ministry is Rachel’s passion. She knew fully at 16 years of age that tennis fame was not feasible for her life.dscf4815.jpg

(Rachel Snelen poses w/ handmade Nigeria dress she designed)

Yet what she did fully know is that God could use her in big ways worldwide to reach female players on the ITF and WTA tour, if she increased her tennis level high enough to be able to qualify into the pro tournaments.

From Africa to Europe to South America to the Middle East, and all over North America, God has taken Rachel to amazing places and has used her young life to share His story.

No one, not even me!, could have ever imagined how amazing the journey of Faith could have become for her and her twin!


(Rachel Snelen leading ICTA Pro Team Outreach in Canada)

The tennis friends and ministry friends Rachel has developed, the top players she has played and traveled with…

…the cultures she has experienced worldwide, the deepening of her personal relationship with God…

…it’s amazing to see God’s plan unfolding and growing and guiding and reaching and deepening.

What I love most about Rachel is her huge heart. If you’ve never had the chance to know Rachel, you’ve missed out. Her heart is the size of Texas, the state where she was born.

rachel-3-weeks-mexico-098.jpg(Rach reading a Christian tract to kids in Mexico)

She is genuine and real and what-you-see-is-what-you-get in her authenticity. She works hard, she loves Jesus, she adores her cat (Easter), she’s devoted to her family and friends.

I sometimes think back to when I watched her strength and character on prime display when her father, Tommy, was dying from cancer… 18 year old Rachel didn’t stay in the hospital and cry…

dscf2761.jpg….she left on a Christian mission trip to Canada, something I think Tommy was very proud of then, and now.

(Rachel Snelen in Israel waving from a camel on ICTA Pro Team Outreach)

This video is a small capsule of the Rachel I’ve been privileged to know. It’s not video of her life, but it does tell a story…

And for those of you who have been asking me to post more videos… here you go!

I’ll also begin posting video blogs and ICTA Church @ the Beach services.

God bless, Coach Scotty


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