June 19, 2008

Scott Paschal’s Facebook Challenge!

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Yep, it happened.  I’m on Facebook.

I’ve decided to dance with the devil.  I know, you’re wondering if pigs are flying.  My answer to you is that pigs still can’t fly, but they can drown when inhabited by demons, as you can learn when you read my Spooky Naked Guy Chronicles.

That said, I’m on Facebook. And I’m up to 40+ friends.  And I’m seeing the ministry potential.

So, here’s the challenge.  Help me get to 100+ friends by the end of next week.  If you do, I’ll upload a video of me clucking like a chicken, or maybe I won’t.  But, either way you will help me reach my goal and that’s gotta make you happy 🙂

God bless!

Scott Paschal