June 28, 2008

Casting Crowns

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Most of you who know me know I’m not really much into music.

I’ve owned maybe 5 CDs my whole life.  Two of them I actually bought… one back in the 80s.  The others were given to me pretty recently, within the last 4-5 years.

One that I was given was a Chris Tomlin CD. I listened to it so much it literally wore out in my Jeep Wrangler’s CD player, and it also basically wore out my CD player, which has been busted for over a year now. That CD was important to me and had an impact on my life.

Another Christian band has had an impact on me, as well.  This band is called Casting Crowns.  In fact, I’ve even been looking at new CD players at Walmart for my Jeep….

These guys are amazing, not just in the quality of music, but also in the message they represent and present. They are bold and they are focused on reaching the weakened faith in the church.

Their messages have captivated the teens I’ve come across like no other.  In a direction starved generation of teens and young adults who are begging for strong Christian adult leadership, Casting Crowns has stepped out and stepped up to purposefully light the beacon for all to see.

Unlike a flashlight which focuses intently on one issue, or an “all-encompassing” light which generically does little to give direction, a beacon guides and warns.  A beacon shows a location to come to or a location to avoid.

A beacon can be used as a flashlight and it can be used an an “all-encompassing’ light, but it serves a bigger bolder purpose.  It guides, it directs, it beckons, it warns….

I realize the vast majority of you are not Christian, or haven’t really ever heard about “Christian” music.  The audience for this blog reaches over 120 countries.

My hope is to introduce you to a guy, Mark Hall, and his band who wants to really make a difference in the world.

Check ’em out.  You’ll be glad you did.

God bless,

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association

Facebook Challenge Update:

I’m up to 159 friends!  You guys are awesome.  By next Sunday, 250!?   🙂



  1. Cookie Monster said,

    Of all the concerts I have been to none was more real and relevant than Casting Crown’s Alter and the Door Tour I saw a couple months ago in West Palm! All of their songs are hits, great lyrics impacted with truth!
    you have to go to a concert one time,
    sooo good 😀

  2. hey cookie monster!

    when nasser introduced me to hall backstage at student life’s clarity event, i learned that hall likes tennis… and had heard about icta from tomlin on tour when tomlin mentioned to him how he had been destroyed on court by a couple of girls… which were rachel and julia vakulenko. so funny.

    and i agree, casting crowns has a great ministry going. they really are making a difference.

    btw, tonite we hit til 9pm. then lifted weights upper and lower. plus 150 lunges with 25lb weights held overhead, bike ride, mile+ jog, stretching… didn’t finish n get to bed till after 11:20pm.

    hope u r well. can’t wait for you do visit!

    God bless, scotty

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