July 8, 2008

Video: Scott Paschal Teaches WTA’s Anastasia Kharchenko How to Drive!

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Anastasia Kharchenko waving

My  “adopted daughter,” Anastasia Kharchenko, who is also newly WTA ranked in both singles and doubles, has been asking me to teach her to drive for over a year now.

I pretty much kept saying, “Maybe later.”  I would then quickly change the subject and she would give me that look….

You and I know driving isn’t all that big of a deal.  It’s like when I was a kid and I really, really wanted to mow the lawn, mainly because my Dad and big bro mowed the lawn.

Then, the big day came and my dad let me have at it.  In my mind I had became a man.  An 11 year old man.  I had arrived.  After spending 20 minutes mowing the front yard, I proudly showed my Dad.

I did it!  I was a man.  Now, I wanted to go play with my friends.

Anastasia Kharchenko getting my seat dirty! (click pic)

My Dad told me I could play with my friends after I mowed the sides and the back of the house.

He also told me it was my chore to mow the yard from now on.  And that he would pay me my allowance if I mowed well.  I vaguely remembering my brother snickering….

A beautiful smile of a happy girl!

A beautiful smile!

So began my life as a businessman.  I mowed, and my Dad paid me an allowance.

As I mowed I noticed our trees had a lot of leaves that fell.  They clogged up the mower.  So, I told him I couldn’t mow anymore.  He didn’t bite.  Instead, he offered me a solution…

That’s when I learned how to use a rake and how to bag leaves.  Hmmm, that didn’t really go as planned.

But, if you know me you know I always look for a positive solution… so I worked to make a deal with my Dad…

My proposal was how about he paid me 50 cents for every bag I filled with leaves?  He would supply the rake and the bags (and the trees!) and I would do the dirty work!  He agreed.  Soon after, I was rich.  I had at least $10.

Then, I had a pivotal moment in life.  I noticed the neighbors had trees, too.

My personal wealth skyrocketed as an entrepreneur was born.  I probably made $200 that Fall!

Anastasia is going to be an a great driver!
Anastasia is going to be an a great driver!

A few years later, I remember my Dad teaching me how to drive.  He had a BMW.  I was 15 years old.  It was the lawn mower manhood thing all over again.

My Dad was a great teacher.  Everything he said made sense and we both had a lot of fun.  It meant a lot to me that he let me learn to drive in his car.  I did it!  I drove.  I was a man.

Then, I learned I was going to have to drive a lot.  My parents divorced, I got bounced around from parent to parent, and I ended up having to drive about 45 minutes to school each way each day.  Then, I got a job bagging groceries.

A 4 wheel drive and a full tank of gas!

A 4 wheel drive and a full tank of gas!

I drove so much I learned driving isn’t as much fun as it looked.  Like mowing a lawn, driving is work.

A few years passed and soon I was driving all over the nation for my job.  I had started a traveling tennis teaching and fitness hobby “business” which gave me the opportunity to see the nation.  I logged tens of thousands of miles.  Once, I remember putting over 8000 miles on a rental car!

From my Dad giving me the opportunity to mow, I began to learn about business and hard work.  From my Dad giving me the opportunity to drive, I learned about responsibility and travel.

Life is about opportunities.  It really is.

Let\'s go drive on the beach!

Can we drive on the beach!

Life is about seeing something others can’t see, then showing it to them.

Here’s some free advice to have a fulfilled life….

Find the solution to a problem people have.  Their problem is actually your opportunity!

Your unique solution to the problem could possibly be your pathway to success, and might even just help the world become a better place.  That’s what I’m trying to do.

With me, I love teaching people about Jesus!  I really do.  If you know me you know I’m not a “churchy” guy.  I am a Christian and I serve in a church, but I’m 100% athlete/coach/guy/businessman…

First solo drive!

My authenticity and transparency with my successes and failures helps me relate to others who have had tough lives.

I allow my life and my home to be invaded with my friends and academy students and ministry partners… I think that my life is a wide open book, probably more than any other high performance tennis coach/tennis academy owner in America.

It’s also an opportunity.  I can share more.  I can disciple more.  I can listen more.

Anastasia did a GREAT job learning how to drive, today!

As always, she was coachable and wanted to do a good job.  Driving is a big responsibility.  She knows this and wanted to learn how to drive the right way.

Today, we stayed in first and second gears.  Learning to ease off the clutch, learning to drive slow and steady and safely.

I took her to a place without many cars.  A place where I could let her learn without fear.

It all reminded me of how how my Dad taught me.  Positive, fun, always building a friendship.

Learning Christian ministry was the same.  Jesus took me by the hand.  He guided me, taught me, kept me safe.

Anastasia and Coach Scotty

Anastasia and Coach Scotty

My hope and prayer is that Anastasia will remember today.  Today was important.  It was a big deal.

It’s an opportunity, a preparation for what God has planned.

Good job Anastasia!

with love,  Coach Scotty

PS.  Here’s a neat video of her first driving lesson…!