August 24, 2008

ICTA Outreach in Kiev, Ukraine

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International Christian Tennis Association missionaries will leave for Kiev, Ukraine this week.

On Saturday, Anastasia Kharchenko and Melody Snelen, along with an ICTA fulltime student, will fly to Kiev and stay with Anastasia’s family while continuing their tennis training and learning about Kiev.  Rachel Snelen may possibly attend as well, depending on her schedule.

These three girls are core members of the ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team, which travels worldwide on the ITF Pro Circuits sharing their faith and helping those in need.

This team is unique and special and amazing.  Players have come to know Christ as their personal Lord and Savior as a direct result of the obedience this team of individuals has towards following the Great Commission.

Bibles and Christian tracks have been distributed on the tour worldwide.  Dozens of WTA players have been reached, even people you now see on TV.  Coaches, tournament staff and officials have been reached.

Please keep this beautiful Christian presence on the women’s pro tennis tour in your prayers as they leave Saturday and stay in Kiev for up to 6 weeks while learning about the area, meeting churches and other ministries, and laying a foundation for future ICTA outreach.

God bless,

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association

August 17, 2008

ICTA Outreach in Rome, Italy

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Rachel Snelen, ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team Captain, is in Rome, Italy leading a foundation-laying missions’ outreach!

Rachel Snelen and the team landed yesterday and, after locating their hostel and taking a short nap,  began scouting out Rome.  Today, she mentioned they took a 2 hour bus tour of Rome and she commented on the hugeness of the Vatican.

This outreach is a big deal for International Christian Tennis Association as we prepare for future tours of the Italian ITF Pro Circuit with our Christian pro tennis players.

Please keep Rachel Snelen and the team in your prayers.  She is taking pictures and writing a journal to share with you.

God bless,

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association

August 5, 2008

Welcoming France, Africa, and Costa Rica to ICTA’s Christian Tennis Academy

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Scott Paschal flying home!

Scott Paschal, ICTA President, flying home!

This has been a fun 7 days!

Just came back from a 3 city missions’ tour with Anastasia and Melody. Then went with my entire tennis academy to an awesome Christian conference in Orlando where my friend, David Nasser, spoke twice!

How awesome is that!??  Pro tennis, Christian outreaches for world class athletes, and Nasser speaking… twice!  Me and the guys took my Jeep to Orlando.  I had a blast.

In addition we also welcomed in a new player from France, and spent some time with a wealthy and influential friend who wants to help ICTA grow…

…and I just received my phone which had been lost for a few days in Atlanta’s airport!

Did you notice I mentioned a new player from France!?  I’ve never coached a player from France before.

Melody Snelen (USA) and Anastasia Kharchenko (Ukraine) of ICTA Women's Pro Tennis Team

Melody Snelen (USA) and Anastasia Kharchenko (Ukraine), of ICTA Women's Pro Tennis Team, wearing their exclusive ICTA Pro Team jackets in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Her name is Melissa.  She has been planning her trip here for several months.  I’m so excited God is using tennis and ministry as a bridge to strengthen Melissa’s faith!

We’ve enjoyed getting to know her.  Melissa is 18 years old and a solid tennis player.  Her English is pretty bad, so it’s been fun watching everyone teach her our language!

This weekend another new player is coming in.  His name is Luke.  He is from Costa Rica. I’ve been looking forward to Luke’s arrival for a few months now!  He sounds like a really neat kid.

Luke’s mom is bringing him, and she will stay with us for a couple days before flying home.

Mark, ICTA Student Since 2006, from Mexico Competing in USA Tournament. Mark's Parents Are Missionaries.

Both of Luke’s parents are missionaries in Costa Rica.  The plan is for Luke to train with me for a year.  He is going to have a blast!

A special friend of mine from Lagos, Nigeria contacted me about coaching his son for a couple weeks before he begins working out with his new college tennis team in North Carolina.

I’ve agreed and look forward to his arrival.

France, Costa Rica, Africa… joining our summer class of Mexico, Ecuador, Indonesia, Australia, USA, Japan, and Ukraine!  Ten countries will be represented here this summer semester!  Awesome, really awesome!

David from Australia, ICTA Student Since 2007

David from Australia, ICTA Student Since 2007. David's Dad is a Pastor.

And if you knew this group of kids, you’d know what a truly amazing group this is and how this time in their lives, and mine, is really special.

This season of my life really has been incredibly special.

God has allowed me to disciple so many kids from around the world.  I’ve had the rare opportunity to be part of the life stories of the next generation of Christian leaders… we’ve worked hard together, we’ve laughed together, we’ve cried together…

… and we’ve created friendships to last a lifetime.

I do fully realize this season will come to an end, and that God will direct my time and energies towards His further direction for my maturity as His follower.

That said, I am 100% relishing every moment I have right now!

God has blessed me with friends, enemies, students, good health, an international sports ministry, my mom and brother,  good and bad times, a pastor and church I love, a fantastic neighbor/friend…

… I know I’m blessed.

I really do.

My life is truly an example of what God can do with someone completely worthless and undeserving….

God bless,

This Funny and Silly Japanese Gal Has Been Here Since 2007!!

Scott Paschal

Anastasia from Ukraine.  ICTA Student Since 2006

Anastasia from Ukraine. ICTA Student Since 2006

Australia, Japan, Mexico!

Australia, Japan, Mexico!

Lindsey and Josh (my 12 year old student from Ecuador)

Linds (USA) and Josh (my 12 year old student from Ecuador)