September 27, 2008

International Christian Tennis Association to Hire Membership Director

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Scott Paschal, ICTA Founder, on trash heap inside Nigerian National Sports Complex

Scott Paschal, ICTA Founder, on trash heap inside Nigerian National Sports Complex

A dream I have had for a very long time is to connect International Christian Tennis Association members with life-changing Christian mission trips designed to strengthen the faith of our members while benefiting people in need.

A great example for me is the church I attend, which hosts numerous mission trips worldwide for church members.

Like International Christian Tennis Association, my church is passionate about serving both locally and worldwide.

As such, they have a person on staff specifically to implement missions.

Melody Snelen, ICTA Academy and ICTA Women's Pro Tennis Team, with Nigerian youth after her match

Melody Snelen, ICTA Academy and ICTA Women's Pro Tennis Team, with Nigerian youth after her pro match.

As ICTA is a new, growing sports ministry, we don’t really have staff.  We have me and volunteers and players who serve hard to help ICTA remain viable.

Yet, though still in our infancy, the heartbeat of ICTA is pure missions outreach.

That said, ICTA is moving forward towards bringing a connector to link ICTA membership to both national and international Christian missions.

That connector, I pray, will be in the form of an ICTA Membership Director.

Picture this… let’s say, for example, that ICTA Membership has two dozen dentists, 4 dozen general health doctors, and a few dozen eye doctors.  Currently, there is really nothing ICTA can actively do with them, except send a periodic newsletter.

But, what if ICTA could send some of them worldwide together on medical missions!?  To me, that would be awesome!

Local Benin City beggar girl with her blind Grandmother in the market

Local Benin City beggar girl with her blind Grandmother in the market

And, think about this… what if we were to send a medical missions team to a city where the ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team was competing, such as Benin City, Nigeria!?

In the early morning the medical staff could play tennis with our pro players, and others on tour, then in the later mornings and afternoons the medical staff could volunteer their skills to help locals in tremendous need who could not otherwise receive medical care.

That sounds so amazing to me, and I’d really like to see the day when it happens.  To see kids lined up down the streets in order to get their eyes checked, injuries healed, medicine, cavities filled!

To see adults receiving medical care and health education, possibly for the first time….

Wow, can anything be more motivating than such a dream!?

My friend and neighbor of many years has began taking over ICTA’s membership.  He is a former tennis pro, and is currently an ordained minister working full time in a church.

Anastasia Kharchenko, ICTA Academy and ICTA Pro Tennis Team, with Nigerian youth after match

Anastasia Kharchenko, ICTA Academy and ICTA Pro Tennis Team, with Nigerian youth after match

My prayer is ICTA may soon, possibly in 2009!, be in a position to hire him full time.

Until then, he and his son are working towards professionally organizing ICTA membership and continue to facilitate this awesome dream God has placed in my heart.

Thank you for your prayers about this need we have as God guides ICTA to be a positive light shining for Him and His glory in a Godless global tennis industry.

God bless,

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association


September 12, 2008

Satan Has An Amazing Plan For Your Life!

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It’s true.

From the moment you were born, Satan designed a special, unique plan for your life!

When you were a tiny baby in the hospital, after God knitted you together in your mother’s womb, Satan set his demons to task guiding and developing everything possible to guarantee your place with him in hell, forever!!

Never doubt his passion to capture your soul.

What is it you want?  Lots of sex with lots of people… done! Lots of drugs… done!  How about money and power?  Done!  Done!

There is so much Satan wants to give you.

Satan’s name when he was in Heaven was Lucifer, which means “Shining One.”  To be in Heaven in the glory of God’s creations and be called the “Shining One”, and to be known as God’s most beautiful creation… well, that carries with it some clout.  Don’t you think?

And to come down to earth from Heaven with 30% of the angels in Heaven, regardless if he was fired or not… well, that shows he has some leadership skills too, huh?  Obviously Satan means business when he makes you an offer.

Again, anything you want.  Just ask.  He did the same with Jesus, remember?

Internet porn 24/7…?  Yours, right now!

Prostitution…?  Yours, right now!

Cocaine…?  Yours, right now!

Basically, name it and claim it.  Hellelujah!

Now, can I ask you something?  Have you accepted Satan’s free gift of eternity with him in hell?

If you are not sure, let me ask you a few questions…

1.  When you accepted Christ as you personal Lord and Savior, did you experience a hunger to know Him more intimately, to have a close relationship?

2. Did you turn from your former sinful ways and find you have become a “new” person seeking to instill Godly principles in your life?

3. Do you have a passion to go into the world and tell others about Jesus?

If you answered no to the above questions, quite possibly you can feel confident you have willingly accepted Satan’s amazing plan for your life!

Non-Christians… whenever you feel alone in this world, remember you aren’t!  Demons are everywhere.  The Bible says they can even inhabit you.  So, not only are you not alone… but you also may have a new roommate inside your skin who can help guide and direct you.

God bless,

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association

September 10, 2008

103 Countries and 392 Cities in 3 Days: ICTA Brings Global Awakening

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ICTA Founder, Scott Paschal, in ICTA Outreach Booth at Pacific Life Open, World's 6th Largest Pro Tournament

Scott Paschal in ICTA Outreach Booth at Pacific Life Open, World's 6th Largest Pro Tournament

I’m continually in awe of what God is doing through International Christian Tennis Association.

Folks, there are only 195 countries in the world.  103 of them visited ICTA on the web in just 72 hours!

Well over 1/2 of the world’s countries in 3 days!  WOW!!!

Thank you for telling everyone you know about International Christian Tennis Association.  It’s working.  A global awakening is happening!

Because of you, Jesus is being made known through the sport of tennis!!

People of all walks of life globally are learning about Jesus through the connection you bring to them via your connection to ICTA and ICTA’s connection with Christianity and tennis.

Christ is being placed on the throne of the lives of people in our sport like never before.  Daily, and I mean daily, I’m receiving texts, emails, phone calls, or letters from people who are discovering Christ through ICTA, or who are being strengthened and empowered through ICTA to be more for Him.

ICTA Women's Pro Tennis Team Travels Globally Competing in Pro Tournaments for Christ

ICTA Women's Christian Pro Tennis Team Competes in Pro Tournaments Globally for Christ!

It’s awe-inspiring and it’s humbling.

It’s dang exciting for a small time preacher and tennis pro like me.  I’m the first to say I’m a little nobody.

Folks, I’m the donkey Christ is riding.  I know I’m a donkey.  I will never be confused with a thoroughbred stallion!!

But, you know what?

I may be a donkey, but I’m the donkey whose steps are being guided by Jesus towards the destination He has for me to go for His reasons!!

Take a look at the scope of reach for over just the last 3 days… a random sampling from our web site stats.

ICTA members pour in… I’m asked to build sports ministries worldwide… complete strangers become brothers and sisters in Christ… saints are being empowered!!  Awesome…

Here’s the list of these 103 countries.  Please keep them in your prayers… that each country would be ignited for Christ and every tennis player would become a beacon for Him.  Sports has always brought change to the world!  Always.  Sport can bring people to know Jesus!

I will post the 392 cities soon!

  1. Argentina

  2. Armenia

  3. Australia

  4. Austria

  5. Azerbaijan

  6. Bahrain

  7. Bangladesh

  8. Barbados

  9. Belarus

  10. Belgium

  11. Bermuda

  12. Bolivia

  13. Bosnia and Herzegovina

  14. Brazil

  15. Brunei Darussalam

  16. Bulgaria

  17. Burma

  18. Cambodia

  19. Cameroon

  20. Canada

  21. Chile

  22. China

  23. Colombia

  24. Costa Rica

  25. Croatia

  26. Cyprus

  27. Czech Republic

  28. Dominican Republic

  29. Ecuador

  30. Egypt

  31. Estonia

  32. Fiji

  33. Finland

  34. France

  35. Georgia

  36. Germany

  37. Greece

  38. Guatemala

  39. Haiti

  40. Hong Kong (SAR)

  41. Hungary

  42. India

  43. Indonesia

  44. Iran

  45. Ireland

  46. Israel

  47. Italy

  48. Japan

  49. Jordan

  50. Korea, South

  51. Kuwait

  52. Laos

  53. Latvia

  54. Lebanon

  55. Libya

  56. Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of

  57. Malaysia

  58. Malta

  59. Mexico

  60. Monaco

  61. Morocco

  62. Mozambique

  63. Namibia

  64. Netherlands

  65. New Zealand

  66. Nigeria

  67. Norway

  68. Oman

  69. Pakistan

  70. Paraguay

  71. Peru

  72. Philippines

  73. Poland

  74. Portugal

  75. Puerto Rico

  76. Qatar

  77. Romania

  78. Russia

  79. Saudi Arabia

  80. Senegal

  81. Singapore

  82. Slovakia

  83. Slovenia

  84. South Africa

  85. Spain

  86. Sri Lanka

  87. Sweden

  88. Switzerland

  89. Syria

  90. Taiwan

  91. Thailand

  92. Trinidad and Tobago

  93. Tunisia

  94. Turkey

  95. Uganda

  96. Ukraine

  97. United Arab Emirates

  98. United Kingdom

  99. United States

  100. Venezuela

  101. Vietnam

  102. Yugoslavia

  103. Zambia

September 2, 2008

Rachel Snelen Leads ICTA Christian Tennis Outreach to Rome, Italy

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Here are a few pictures from International Christian Tennis Association’s foundation laying Christian outreach to Italy.

The journey was a big success and Rachel Snelen, ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team Captain, did a fantastic job preparing and implementing this event to a safe and successful conclusion.  Currently, Rach is making blog specifically for her Outreach to Italy!  Pics and journal entries should be available this week!

My hope and prayer is other pro tennis players and world class junior tennis players will, following Rachel Snelen’s exemplary example, discover a passion for allowing God to use their lives and talents to make Him known as they travel to all parts of the globe competing in tennis events.

Nothing is more important than living for Christ.  Nothing.

God bless!

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association