October 27, 2008

ICTA Christian Pro Tennis Team Ready to Compete in Argentina and Ecuador

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David Nalbandian!  ATP Top 10.  From Argentina!

David Nalbandian! ATP Top 10. From Argentina!

The International Christian Tennis Association is preparing to send a group of Christian pro tennis player missionaries to South America for 4 straight weeks to compete in ITF Pro Circuit tournaments and share their faith in Jesus to those God sends!

I’m really, really excited about this special opportunity.

The ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team plans to journey to Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 20, 2008, and is scheduled to arrive in Quito, Ecuador by December 8, 2008, where they will stay until between the 18th and 22nd.

Competing in two ITF Pro Circuit tournaments back to back in Argentina, then two ITF Pro Circuit tournaments back to back in Ecuador, our Christian missionaries will have an incredible opportunity to shine for Christ in both countries, as well as test their ability to handle the hardships and adversity that come with such a long missionary journey.

Rafael Nadal with Nicholas Lapentti of Ecuador.

Rafael Nadal with Nicholas Lapentti of Ecuador.

Traveling for such long periods of time isn’t easy, it’s not as sexy as people like to think.

It’s hard, and it can be dangerous, particularly for girls heading to South America alone.

And as many of you know… Rachel and Melody Snelen, co-captains of ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team, are two of the most beautiful women on the pro tennis circuit.

They are noticed everywhere they go.  Both have amazing blue eyes, tan skin, long blonde hair, and are in world class physical shape.

That said, people notice them wherever they go.  They stand out.

They are also both outspoken individuals.

Rach and Mel have strong opinions and beliefs, and are able to openly and brilliantly share their thoughts and religious beliefs.

Melody Snelen, ICTA Pro Team Captain

Melody Snelen, ICTA Pro Team Captain

With this, they stand out even more….

But, as you can already figure, travel to certain countries can be very dangerous, particularly for those who stand out.  The news is full of stories about kidnappings and murders towards women visiting South America.

So why do Rachel and Melody Snelen constantly put their lives at risk and pour their money and time into Christian missions, both tennis related and non-tennis related?

If you don’t know, read your Bible.  More than read it, study it.  More than study it, live it and breathe it.

Maybe then you will get a clue….

Also going to South America is my “adopted” daughter, Anastasia Kharchenko, whom I have coached and have been legal guardian of for over 2 years.

In addition, up to two other players I coach could travel with the ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team on parts of this missionary journey.

Plus, I’m trying to fit a couple of the tournaments into my schedule!  I wanna go, too!!  I enjoy traveling to new places and meeting people.  And I love watching God work through the willing hearts of missionaries who have given their hearts to Him.

Please keep this potential month long missionary journey in South America in your prayers, that the tournaments will go on as scheduled, that our missionaries will remain safe, and that their ministry is all that God has for it to be.

We look forward to showing you the neat pics and video we will take!!

God bless,

Scott Paschal

ICTA Women's Pro Tennis Team members at tournament

ICTA Women's Pro Tennis Team On-Site at Tournament Reaching Players, Coaches, Fans, Officials, and Volunteers for Christ

October 23, 2008

Ashley Harkleroad Gets Naked in Playboy Magazine…

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Let me ask you something, and feel free to speak your mind.

The Next Generation of Leadership in Tennis

The Next Generation of Leadership in Tennis?

Actually, let me ask you a couple of things so you can really open up with your thoughts and opinions both for and against.

Please, don’t be shy.

First, do you have a complete understanding that the Bible says non-Christians, people without the Holy Spirit inside, can be inhabited by satanic beings?

If not, please read your Bible.

Second, do you have a complete understanding that the Bible instructs us that non-Christians can be in positions of influence?

If not, please read your Bible.

Let’s connect the dots for those of you whose idea of being a Christian is to bless your church with your presence on an occasional Sunday morning….

I was recently shown all of Ashley Harkleroad‘s nude Playboy pics.  Yep, I saw Ashley naked.  Just as tens of thousands of young junior tennis players have via the www, I saw Ashley Harkleroad exposing herself on a tennis court.  Her new Prince tennis racket shining proudly by her side.

And, I saw naked Ashley’s Christian fish tattoo on her front hip.  Yeah, that was pretty weird.  Just above her crotch on the right, basically the right inner hip area, is a symbol of the Christian faith.

Go figure.

Is this Christ-centered?  Yes or no?

Is this pic of Ashley Christ-centered? Yes or no?

Other pics have her in tennis skirts which are lifted to expose her private areas, and bending over, and doing some strange stuff near the tennis net… I kept seeing Prince tennis equipment and naked Ashley and a Christian fish.

And I wanted to know who serving Hell from Prince agreed to degrading women, and empowering child molester tennis coaches worldwide who use this satanic stuff to soften up young girls and boys, and mocking the Christian faith, and adding pressure to girls which can lead to eating disorders…

And I want to know who serving Hell from WTA agreed to this, and why was it allowed, and how can rules be implemented to stop it, and how can whoever agreed to it be held accountable.

And I see the satanic footprints all over it, and I’m concerned.

I know Ashley.  Yep, this ol’ Christian tennis coach knows Ashley Harkleroad.  I’m addressing the entire “why Ashley got naked in Playboy mess” in another article, but for now just know that she’s not just another top WTA player to me…

… I’ve been to her house in Georgia and hung out…  we’ve gone out to eat together, and I even know she makes some of the best cookies in the world as I’ve eaten them in her kitchen.

… I was there when she retired from tennis a few years ago, as she was broken and confused and ravaged by eating disorders.  And I believe I was used by God as a main catalyst to getting her back into pro tennis.

Ashley was a Christian.  She contacted me.  And God began working…

She began playing tennis soon after.  I was so happy!  For a couple of years she was doing awesome and I was all smiles and thrilled for her…

Now, though, I’m concerned.

She hooked up with a new coach, Chuck Adams.  He seems to have been the one pushing her towards accepting the Playboy offer.  They began living together…

She’s pregnant now.

Ash dumps her husband, Alex Bogomolov,  an ATP pro player who I also knew and thought the world of, begins shacking-up with Chuck Adams, exposes herself in Playboy magazine, ends up pregnant, and has walked away from pro tennis.

Who is Chuck Adams!?

I mean, nothing against him.  As far as I know, he may be an amazing guy and they may be an amazing couple.  Certainly, Ashley thinks highly of him.  But, why take one of tennis’ most beautiful and talented pro players and….

Ok, enough Ashley Harkleroad for now.  But know, I’m not mad at her.  I’m not judging her, either.  I’ve made stupid mistakes, too.  So have you.  Now, it’s her turn.

I still care about Ashley.  I just think she’s making some really idiotic decisions.  And these decisions are capable of hurting kids and causing them the same pain she went through.  And I think she is simply a product of a Godless tennis industry which uses anyone and everyone for its own gain.

Ashley, I still have you in my prayers.  And I haven’t gone public at anytime about what we have spoken about, nor do I plan to.  And I hope you stop the tail spin, forgive those who need forgiving, and focus on Jesus regardless of the actions and behaviors of other Christians in your life.

What I’m hoping this article accomplishes is to begin an awakening within parents of junior tennis players, within tennis coaches, within the employees of tennis equipment manufacturers, and within all recreational, junior, collegiate, and pro tennis players…

An awakening to help you see the satanic footprints of Godless people of influence in the global tennis industry.

Who at Prince approved Prince products mocking the Christian faith by having them placed so near Ashley’s naked body on a tennis court?  Who at Prince wants Prince’s name associated with empowering child molesters?  Who at Prince wants Ashley’s naked body sending unrealistic messages to little girls who trust Prince to have their health and best interest in mind?

What about WTA?  I realize Billy Jean King is the founder of WTA, and is one of the, if not THE, most famous and outspoken lesbians in the world.  I realize WTA seems to embrace an “anything goes” philosophy towards making their product profitable.  But, who serving Hell in WTA is in charge!?

And is it possible those serving Heaven can begin to stand up?

I’m sure I will be mocked and attacked quite heavily for writing this article and beginning discussions on this subject.  I fully expect my reputation to be slandered and my credibility to be bashed.  There will be very powerful people in positions of great importance in tennis who will begin working feverishly to shut me up.

Honestly, I don’t care.  I have come to embrace being bashed!  And some of my greatest lessons learned have come from abuses and slander heaped on me, particularly from child molester tennis coaches who become angry they are being exposed.

And International Christian Tennis Association has literally dozens of attorneys in our membership who will gladly defend me whenever needed, and who will gladly fight back when the situation presents itself.

That said, I believe it is time to stand up for morals and standards within the global tennis industry.

I’ve given you just one of hundreds of painful situations I could discuss.  What I’ve witnessed in the global tennis industry is truly Godless.  I fully believe if I could sit with you for even 15 minutes that you would be in tears of pain as you listened to what my brain has been forced to embrace as fact… such as the tennis sex slave trade, fatal drug addictions, horrifying effects of eating disorders….

So, what is you answer to my two questions?

Do you have a complete understanding that the Bible says non-Christians, people without the Holy Spirit inside, can be inhabited by satanic beings?

Do you have a complete understanding that the Bible instructs us that non-Christians can be in positions of influence?

Ashley, any thoughts?

God bless,

Coach Scotty

International Christian Tennis Association

additional info on dealing with situation…

October 20, 2008

ICTA Christian Tennis Tour to 2009 US OPEN? A “Teeny-Tiny” Step Forward!

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Be sure to vote!  How many days and nights should we make our tennis tour package to the 2009 US OPEN!?  Vote above.  Click the box next to the package you want to see win!!

So far, with just a couple days of voting you guys have shown you want a 3 or 4 day package.  AWESOME!  This helps us so much to know what to plan for.  Everyone gets to vote, so make your vote today!

I think our ICTA Tennis Tour to the 2009 US OPEN might actually happen.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer

I mean, no promises, but the wheels seem to have developed a few spokes over the last 10 months and just might possibly be put in motion this time as it is starting to look like ICTA might roll in to the 2009 US OPEN with our members on a professional tennis tour package.

There is actually a chance, and it’s a teeny-tiny one, but there is a chance one of my really big dreams for International Christian Tennis Association might come true.

OK, before i go further, let me explain something for you newbies….

As I’ve been working to mature both myself and International Christian Tennis Association over the last decade, I’ve tried several times to develop a tennis tour to the US OPEN. Basically, this means selling ICTA members a hotel/ticket package and everyone hanging out together at the US OPEN.

But, as much as I tried to make it happen, I failed.  Not just once, but several times!

The crown jewel of my failures came a few years ago when the parents of one of my students committed to developing ICTA’s tennis tours full time.  The dad was an eye doctor with his own private practice in North Carolina.  His plan was to semi-retire as a doctor, and develop our tennis tours full time. As he was a respected professional, I thankfully agreed to his help.

I had known him for a long time.  And he and his whole family had volunteered with us during our mission trips to Davis Cup and the Cincinnati Masters.  And his adopted son, my fulltime student,  was really special to me.  So it all seemed like a great fit!

He and his wife even purchased a nearly $400,000 house about 1/2 mile away from mine they were to live in, and also agreed to house students for me!  Then, he planned to have a friend teach him what to do so our tennis tours were highly professional….

Everything looked great!  I was excited, and I finally told the world we were going to finally have a tennis tour to the US OPEN.

Dumb move.

Because after months and months of planning his involvement, and after months and months of preparation… he decided he couldn’t leave his comfort zone.  And I ended up looking like moron.

I think I underestimated Satan.  Or possibly God was protecting my ministry.  I’m not sure which.  But, I do know that not long after the family wishy-washed themselves away from their promises and commitments, their son’s best friend was tragically killed in a car accident.

I think the boys had been screwing around in their BMW’s, basically playing a real life “video game” on real streets with real cars… and “game over” basically left one young boy dead, and the other forever changed.  Some have told me it was God’s judgment on the family.

I don’t know.

But I do know I have I learned some huge lessons!

And I see now God’s plan in it all, as He took the situation and used it to grow and mature me.

That all said, plans are in motion for a teeny-tiny ICTA Tennis Tour to the 2009 US OPEN.  By teeny-tiny, I mean maybe 20-30 ICTA members sharing this special opportunity to fellowship together.  The little-bitty first group in the little-bitty rowboat heading to land from open sea!

The first nucleus of hopeful believers leading the way!  Possibly forging a path for future ICTA tennis tours!  As many of you already know, well over 1500 ICTA members are interested in coming with me on a tennis tour to the US OPEN.  Our little first group that is helping me realize a big dream God placed in my heart could possibly be the beginning of something really special!

As for me, I’m not the one planning our US OPEN tennis tour.  I’m busy doing other stuff.  I’ll help, I’ll oversee, I’ll advise… but, I’m just the guy with the dream and vision.  The ones helping me are those that God has sent who are able to do what I simply don’t have time for…

The people working on it are better equipped than me to make sure the job gets done and gets done right.  They are smarter than me, brighter than me, ridiculously organized compared to me and my messy desk, older, wiser, more experienced….

So, here is the tentative plan.

Think 4 days/3 nights during the first week of the 2009 US OPEN.  Nice hotel, good tickets, meet new people.  Some fellowship and Bible studies….

Just a nice, easy going time for all.

Yet, teeny-tiny… like a mustard seed.

God bless,

Coach Scotty


October 6, 2008

Business Plans

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ICTA Founder, Scott Paschal, at Pacific Life Open during ICTA Outreach to 300,000 tennis fans

ICTA Founder, Scott Paschal, in ICTA booth at Pacific Life Open, world's 6th largest pro tournament, during ICTA Outreach to 300,000 tennis fans

I turned down an offer from a billionaire.

I know.  Who writes a sentence like that?  I guess the answer is me.  I do.  I write a sentence like that.

Not long ago, a billionaire Christian guy and his amazing wife offered me a once-in-a-lifetime deal.  The whole thing sounded amazing.  I was floored.  And excited.

Yet, as I peered closer at the unexpected opportunity, I felt God leading me away from it.  Little things, little reasons, little whispers guiding me from, not to.  Sure, I worked hard to ignore them.  But, I’m pretty close to God at this point in my life.  And I know when he has other plans.

So, I turned down an offer from a billionaire.

It felt good.  Actually, it felt great.

I like growing.  I like taking calculated risks.  I am an entrepreneur at heart.  As such, I know how to tell the difference between a good thing and a great thing.  The offer I turned down was a good thing.

That said, the offer I accepted was a great thing.

This new offer didn’t come from the billionaire.  It couldn’t.  It’s too big.

The new offer came from God.  It’s the offer he placed in my heart years ago…

Years ago when I was a total loser.  Years ago when I believed every single thing Satan accused me of.  Years ago when I didn’t know demonic activity and spiritual warfare really existed to discourage God’s children from following His plan.  Years ago when I had a big dream and people worked hard to ruin it.

Now, here it is years later and I realize how big God is and how small I am but how big my small is in His guiding hands.

I now realize nothing can happen but by His will.   And I’m even OK knowing I am a loser.   Yet, I thoroughly have come to realize I’d rather be my loser self on God’s tennis court, than a winner on Satan’s.

And though I turned down an amazing offer from a billionaire, as God opened my eyes to see the offer was good, but not great, I have received great confidence realizing further God built me for my very specific purpose in my very specific vapor time on this earth…  and even though not everyone can see my purpose, I know God can and has built me for one thing, His total use.

How can you help, though you’re still trying to figure out what I just wrote?

Well, I need you to pray for me.  My billionaire friend’s opportunity that I turned down was used by God to show me I can easily afford a $1,800,000 bank loan under the right business plan.

What that means is I can borrow and easily pay back $1,800,000.  This would allow International Christian Tennis Association to buy acreage and build tennis courts, office space, and player housing.

And whether or not I choose to continue with International Christian Tennis Association in any capacity for any length of time after my initial 10 year commitment is finished, I do fully understand that this ministry is changing lives for Christ and needs to continue and would value and receive benefit for and from having land, office space, tennis courts, and player housing.

So, as I work through developing a business plan with those God has sent my way, please keep my big dream in your prayers.

This is a really neat time in my life.  I have an amazing group of students from diverse countries worldwide who truly care about me and each other, so coaching remains interesting and purposeful.  My ministry, ICTA, is truly among the most blessed sports ministries in the world.  God has given me a ridiculously healthy body, loving friends & ministry partners, great family, a passionate church…

I’m fortunate.

I know it, too.

And from the blessings God has poured on me, I want to give back.  I think that’s how it’s supposed to work.  Though, some times it’s hard to tell in American Christianity today.

For my special ICTABlog family reading this from well over 100 countries, please keep me in your prayers.  That I remain faithful to His call in my life.  That I stay full of passion and focus and appreciation and humbleness.

Your emails, phone calls, letters, skypes, text messages… they mean a lot to me.  Your prayers and friendship keep me going and keep me motivated to keep shining for Jesus in a pathetically dark, demonic tennis industry.

Please keep God’s business plans for ICTA on your prayer list this week, and please ask your friends to pray for us as well!
God bless,

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association

October 2, 2008

Spooky Naked Guy Draws a Crowd

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Just a quick note to say I finished a new episode of the Spooky Naked Guy Chronicles.

I know this may come as a shock to many of you modern day Christians, especially Americans, but demons… Satan… sin… Hell… well, it’s all real.

Jesus said so.  The Bible is clear.  And I can personally testify to it.

That said, I’ve noted teens today are peeling away from the way the modern church sticks its head in the sand.  They want to know truth.

My goal is to help equip you guys to deal with your life.  Truth is… demons are real and effecting your life on a daily basis.  Yet, demons are basically weak and pathetic and defeated, when seen in the light of Christ.

I think you’ll enjoy the Spooky Naked Guy Chronicles.  It’s outside the box, it’s different.  And it’s good stuff…

… click on over to http://christiantennisdevotionals2008.wordpress.com/

God bless,

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association