October 20, 2008

ICTA Christian Tennis Tour to 2009 US OPEN? A “Teeny-Tiny” Step Forward!

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Be sure to vote!  How many days and nights should we make our tennis tour package to the 2009 US OPEN!?  Vote above.  Click the box next to the package you want to see win!!

So far, with just a couple days of voting you guys have shown you want a 3 or 4 day package.  AWESOME!  This helps us so much to know what to plan for.  Everyone gets to vote, so make your vote today!

I think our ICTA Tennis Tour to the 2009 US OPEN might actually happen.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer

I mean, no promises, but the wheels seem to have developed a few spokes over the last 10 months and just might possibly be put in motion this time as it is starting to look like ICTA might roll in to the 2009 US OPEN with our members on a professional tennis tour package.

There is actually a chance, and it’s a teeny-tiny one, but there is a chance one of my really big dreams for International Christian Tennis Association might come true.

OK, before i go further, let me explain something for you newbies….

As I’ve been working to mature both myself and International Christian Tennis Association over the last decade, I’ve tried several times to develop a tennis tour to the US OPEN. Basically, this means selling ICTA members a hotel/ticket package and everyone hanging out together at the US OPEN.

But, as much as I tried to make it happen, I failed.  Not just once, but several times!

The crown jewel of my failures came a few years ago when the parents of one of my students committed to developing ICTA’s tennis tours full time.  The dad was an eye doctor with his own private practice in North Carolina.  His plan was to semi-retire as a doctor, and develop our tennis tours full time. As he was a respected professional, I thankfully agreed to his help.

I had known him for a long time.  And he and his whole family had volunteered with us during our mission trips to Davis Cup and the Cincinnati Masters.  And his adopted son, my fulltime student,  was really special to me.  So it all seemed like a great fit!

He and his wife even purchased a nearly $400,000 house about 1/2 mile away from mine they were to live in, and also agreed to house students for me!  Then, he planned to have a friend teach him what to do so our tennis tours were highly professional….

Everything looked great!  I was excited, and I finally told the world we were going to finally have a tennis tour to the US OPEN.

Dumb move.

Because after months and months of planning his involvement, and after months and months of preparation… he decided he couldn’t leave his comfort zone.  And I ended up looking like moron.

I think I underestimated Satan.  Or possibly God was protecting my ministry.  I’m not sure which.  But, I do know that not long after the family wishy-washed themselves away from their promises and commitments, their son’s best friend was tragically killed in a car accident.

I think the boys had been screwing around in their BMW’s, basically playing a real life “video game” on real streets with real cars… and “game over” basically left one young boy dead, and the other forever changed.  Some have told me it was God’s judgment on the family.

I don’t know.

But I do know I have I learned some huge lessons!

And I see now God’s plan in it all, as He took the situation and used it to grow and mature me.

That all said, plans are in motion for a teeny-tiny ICTA Tennis Tour to the 2009 US OPEN.  By teeny-tiny, I mean maybe 20-30 ICTA members sharing this special opportunity to fellowship together.  The little-bitty first group in the little-bitty rowboat heading to land from open sea!

The first nucleus of hopeful believers leading the way!  Possibly forging a path for future ICTA tennis tours!  As many of you already know, well over 1500 ICTA members are interested in coming with me on a tennis tour to the US OPEN.  Our little first group that is helping me realize a big dream God placed in my heart could possibly be the beginning of something really special!

As for me, I’m not the one planning our US OPEN tennis tour.  I’m busy doing other stuff.  I’ll help, I’ll oversee, I’ll advise… but, I’m just the guy with the dream and vision.  The ones helping me are those that God has sent who are able to do what I simply don’t have time for…

The people working on it are better equipped than me to make sure the job gets done and gets done right.  They are smarter than me, brighter than me, ridiculously organized compared to me and my messy desk, older, wiser, more experienced….

So, here is the tentative plan.

Think 4 days/3 nights during the first week of the 2009 US OPEN.  Nice hotel, good tickets, meet new people.  Some fellowship and Bible studies….

Just a nice, easy going time for all.

Yet, teeny-tiny… like a mustard seed.

God bless,

Coach Scotty



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