October 23, 2008

Ashley Harkleroad Gets Naked in Playboy Magazine…

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Let me ask you something, and feel free to speak your mind.

The Next Generation of Leadership in Tennis

The Next Generation of Leadership in Tennis?

Actually, let me ask you a couple of things so you can really open up with your thoughts and opinions both for and against.

Please, don’t be shy.

First, do you have a complete understanding that the Bible says non-Christians, people without the Holy Spirit inside, can be inhabited by satanic beings?

If not, please read your Bible.

Second, do you have a complete understanding that the Bible instructs us that non-Christians can be in positions of influence?

If not, please read your Bible.

Let’s connect the dots for those of you whose idea of being a Christian is to bless your church with your presence on an occasional Sunday morning….

I was recently shown all of Ashley Harkleroad‘s nude Playboy pics.  Yep, I saw Ashley naked.  Just as tens of thousands of young junior tennis players have via the www, I saw Ashley Harkleroad exposing herself on a tennis court.  Her new Prince tennis racket shining proudly by her side.

And, I saw naked Ashley’s Christian fish tattoo on her front hip.  Yeah, that was pretty weird.  Just above her crotch on the right, basically the right inner hip area, is a symbol of the Christian faith.

Go figure.

Is this Christ-centered?  Yes or no?

Is this pic of Ashley Christ-centered? Yes or no?

Other pics have her in tennis skirts which are lifted to expose her private areas, and bending over, and doing some strange stuff near the tennis net… I kept seeing Prince tennis equipment and naked Ashley and a Christian fish.

And I wanted to know who serving Hell from Prince agreed to degrading women, and empowering child molester tennis coaches worldwide who use this satanic stuff to soften up young girls and boys, and mocking the Christian faith, and adding pressure to girls which can lead to eating disorders…

And I want to know who serving Hell from WTA agreed to this, and why was it allowed, and how can rules be implemented to stop it, and how can whoever agreed to it be held accountable.

And I see the satanic footprints all over it, and I’m concerned.

I know Ashley.  Yep, this ol’ Christian tennis coach knows Ashley Harkleroad.  I’m addressing the entire “why Ashley got naked in Playboy mess” in another article, but for now just know that she’s not just another top WTA player to me…

… I’ve been to her house in Georgia and hung out…  we’ve gone out to eat together, and I even know she makes some of the best cookies in the world as I’ve eaten them in her kitchen.

… I was there when she retired from tennis a few years ago, as she was broken and confused and ravaged by eating disorders.  And I believe I was used by God as a main catalyst to getting her back into pro tennis.

Ashley was a Christian.  She contacted me.  And God began working…

She began playing tennis soon after.  I was so happy!  For a couple of years she was doing awesome and I was all smiles and thrilled for her…

Now, though, I’m concerned.

She hooked up with a new coach, Chuck Adams.  He seems to have been the one pushing her towards accepting the Playboy offer.  They began living together…

She’s pregnant now.

Ash dumps her husband, Alex Bogomolov,  an ATP pro player who I also knew and thought the world of, begins shacking-up with Chuck Adams, exposes herself in Playboy magazine, ends up pregnant, and has walked away from pro tennis.

Who is Chuck Adams!?

I mean, nothing against him.  As far as I know, he may be an amazing guy and they may be an amazing couple.  Certainly, Ashley thinks highly of him.  But, why take one of tennis’ most beautiful and talented pro players and….

Ok, enough Ashley Harkleroad for now.  But know, I’m not mad at her.  I’m not judging her, either.  I’ve made stupid mistakes, too.  So have you.  Now, it’s her turn.

I still care about Ashley.  I just think she’s making some really idiotic decisions.  And these decisions are capable of hurting kids and causing them the same pain she went through.  And I think she is simply a product of a Godless tennis industry which uses anyone and everyone for its own gain.

Ashley, I still have you in my prayers.  And I haven’t gone public at anytime about what we have spoken about, nor do I plan to.  And I hope you stop the tail spin, forgive those who need forgiving, and focus on Jesus regardless of the actions and behaviors of other Christians in your life.

What I’m hoping this article accomplishes is to begin an awakening within parents of junior tennis players, within tennis coaches, within the employees of tennis equipment manufacturers, and within all recreational, junior, collegiate, and pro tennis players…

An awakening to help you see the satanic footprints of Godless people of influence in the global tennis industry.

Who at Prince approved Prince products mocking the Christian faith by having them placed so near Ashley’s naked body on a tennis court?  Who at Prince wants Prince’s name associated with empowering child molesters?  Who at Prince wants Ashley’s naked body sending unrealistic messages to little girls who trust Prince to have their health and best interest in mind?

What about WTA?  I realize Billy Jean King is the founder of WTA, and is one of the, if not THE, most famous and outspoken lesbians in the world.  I realize WTA seems to embrace an “anything goes” philosophy towards making their product profitable.  But, who serving Hell in WTA is in charge!?

And is it possible those serving Heaven can begin to stand up?

I’m sure I will be mocked and attacked quite heavily for writing this article and beginning discussions on this subject.  I fully expect my reputation to be slandered and my credibility to be bashed.  There will be very powerful people in positions of great importance in tennis who will begin working feverishly to shut me up.

Honestly, I don’t care.  I have come to embrace being bashed!  And some of my greatest lessons learned have come from abuses and slander heaped on me, particularly from child molester tennis coaches who become angry they are being exposed.

And International Christian Tennis Association has literally dozens of attorneys in our membership who will gladly defend me whenever needed, and who will gladly fight back when the situation presents itself.

That said, I believe it is time to stand up for morals and standards within the global tennis industry.

I’ve given you just one of hundreds of painful situations I could discuss.  What I’ve witnessed in the global tennis industry is truly Godless.  I fully believe if I could sit with you for even 15 minutes that you would be in tears of pain as you listened to what my brain has been forced to embrace as fact… such as the tennis sex slave trade, fatal drug addictions, horrifying effects of eating disorders….

So, what is you answer to my two questions?

Do you have a complete understanding that the Bible says non-Christians, people without the Holy Spirit inside, can be inhabited by satanic beings?

Do you have a complete understanding that the Bible instructs us that non-Christians can be in positions of influence?

Ashley, any thoughts?

God bless,

Coach Scotty

International Christian Tennis Association

additional info on dealing with situation…



  1. Well Scott we finally agree on something…..this was a BAD decision on her part, but I don’t think its fair to place blame on the racquet company….they aren’t a Christian organization.

    They sell racquets and probably sold a TON of them. The WTA can’t be held accountable because they aren’t a Christian organization either….and how could they prevent her from doing this anyway? Fine her? Maybe. Suspend her? Sure but now that she’s pregnant that won’t hurt her either nor would it prevent others from making the same mistake.

    What you have here are two organizations that have received a boatload of free publicity because of a bad decision on Harkleroads part….very sad indeed but that’s the business side of the sport and one that neither you or I or anyone else will never change….

    I do hope you young ladies reading this won’t make the same mistakes as Ashley has….

  2. hey phil,

    good points. and at times i do feel like i’m spitting into the wind as i come upon the hopelessness i sometimes feel within certain situations.

    yet, when i take some time and really focus, i see the companies, though non-christian based, are made up of individuals. it is those individuals i believe can help add value to positive causes by influencing the direction of the company they work for.

    so in some way i hope to reach those few individuals, and stand beside them while they work for positive change. in addition, i hope to reach those outside the companies who have influence with the companies, such as the consumer or advertiser.

    a single snowflake is weak. but many snowflakes together can change the landscape. possibly we can be a connector between those who want positive change in the global tennis industry.

    that said, you are right. wta and prince really can’t be held accountable, yet. but maybe one day they will have the opportunity to have a conscience and an understanding of what they can truly do to better the world and authentically guide those they reach.

    thanks for writing. i do appreciate it.

    God bless,


  3. Joey said,

    I am one of Ashley’s biggest fans since her run at the 2003 French Open. I am 17 and see where she had been somewhat exploited by the press and brought into the spotlight at such an early age. I was told at an event last year in Lawrenceville that she and her coach-fiance (so i hear) were the reason for her divorce. It is a shame to hear that she became pregnant, but I dont blame her. She was given the risk of not having kids after her big overy ordeal and Im sure having a child was always on her mind.

    I believe she is in love with Chuck but I have doubts as well. She would contact me on Facebook once in a while and I just want her to be happy and come back on tour. It was a shame to see her doing SO well then BAM the cyst thing happened and she never came back strong. I didnt know that she had an eating disorder and it was depression from her moms cancer.I dont think the WTA is to blame, but they were the reason to exploit her at the 2001 US Open and exposing herself in a tight scandelous outfit

    Enough about that, as a twin, I look foward to seeing the Snelen sisters names on itf sheets and seeing them win. I want to say bravo for what you do. I hope to see them playing a lot next year and fufill there potential.

    Good luck to Anastasia,Melody and Rachel!!!!

    God Bless,

  4. Coach Scotty said,

    hey joey,

    rach and mel are doing awesome, really awesome. God has used these twins to reach so many for Christ, particularly on the wta tour. fyi, they both just came back from canada (itf challenger) with awesome stories of their time with so many top wta players and several up and coming players.

    also, rach recently earned her wta doubs ranking and is really excited. i believe 2009 will be their breakout year in doubles! it will depend mainly on how many tournaments they can compete in. they are both so busy with icta work that traveling can be difficult.

    about ashley, her surgery was serious. but, it was also routine. it was major, but minor. if that makes sense. a doc friend explained her situation to me. since she was reached in time, it was a little big deal.

    while recouping, her “coach” hawked the Playboy thing on her. also, the timing of it seems to suggest she was pregnant while stripping for Playboy.

    and like clisters learned, it is hard to play world class pro tennis while pregnant….

    and yes, i agree, wta does share a burden of responsibility for prostituting her image in 2001. that was a huge deal to ashley… and it was a very bad thing as it turned out. not only wta, but her agent was to blame.

    the global tennis industry is ruled by $. never doubt this. $ is and has always been more important than people….

    thanks for writing!

    God bless,


  5. Coach J said,

    Thanks for the article…I could do without the pictures though.

    As a coach of a girls tennis team and a father of a precious little girl it truly breaks my heart to see this. As if the thousands of young girls trying to grow up and play tournament tennis don’t have enough pressure on them…now just their tennis prowess is not enough. This sends the message that to really move ahead and get noticed it has nothing to do with tennis at all.

    What a SHAME! Maybe the money she gets will be enough to keep her off the tour and out of sight of any cameras before she does more damage.

    I sure wish she understood that someone in her position cannot opt out of being a role model. The only question is what kind will you be. She will have followers so the question is where will she lead them. You can’t just tell them not to follow.

    I do feel sorry for Ashley though because some day she is going to have to explain to her little boy/girl why mommy has no clothes on when they are old enough. Then her child/children will have to explain some very difficult things to their teenage friends and listen to some pretty sick jokes about their mother.

    It’s really a shame…I had always heard she was a nice girl.

    Coach J

  6. Coach Scotty said,

    hey coach j,

    the pics needed to be in the article, unfortunately. these were “tame” ones compared to others in her photoshoot. ash on Playboy’s cover, along with a pic, proves the fact of my article. people can’t deny the pics, but they could deny my argument if they didn’t see the pics.

    you are right. she can’t opt out of being a role model. one of my full time (and long time) christian tennis academy students , newbie, says “we are all missionaries… for one side or the other.” good point.

    yet, the focus point of the article goes way beyond ashley’s dumb decisions. it begins to highlight those in charge of tennis. are they spirit-filled or not? is the holy spirit guiding their hearts or not? and, if not, what is!? it’s a serious question.

    tennis is a rare sport. our international christian tennis association membership encompasses people from over 1800 cities in over 60 countries. our membership includes political leaders, military leaders, large and small business owners, doctors, teachers, attorneys… basically among the most influential people in the world. as such, tennis is proven to reach a rare audience. and it is important to know who or what is trying to influence them. i know my ministry is seeking to reach them and teach them that christ is the famous one….

    one study i found shows that the global tennis playing population could be as high as 90% non-christian. and i already know the global tennis industry is Godless.

    tennis is rare. it reaches the majority of the world. christians and christian organizations can begin to view tennis as a harvest field.

    to wrap this up, ashley IS a nice girl. in the big picture of people worldwide, ashley harkleroad is awesome and loaded with potential to someday change the world for the better. right now, though, she’s doing some really questionable things. and i highly question if the main influencial people in her life are christ-filled.

    you and i have both done stupid things, too. now it is her turn. my prayer is God reaches her and heals the inner pain. and i pray God reaches chuck adams and he begins to see christ as his Lord and Savior….

    God bless,


  7. Amy said,

    Hi Scott,

    Decisions are made one step at a time…..so to say it is her decision does not speak to the issue of the influence and/or abuse that occurred early on in this young girl’s tennis career that could lead to such a decision. I think this is the true issue that you are pointing toward….trying to create a safer industry for the young tennis players that are being preyed upon when they show some talent early on.

    I think people in the tennis industry know very well there are many young tennis players’ lives that have been shattered by the inappropriate behaviors of the adults exploiting them. Behaviors that are being overlooked by the industry in general to generate the next great tennis idol and $ making machine. Since no one particular industry is to blame, and it is always the player’s own decision anyway, why not look the other way as long as the commodity sells? Of course the same argument works when they can no longer generate a profit …it was all their own fault.

    The sad thing is many, many…..too many young tennis players are being preyed upon without enough safe guards in place to protect them from abuse/eating disorders/ and being treated as only worth something if they play the next match well enough.

    I disagree that because it may be difficult at best to try and influence an industry of any kind that is as well established as the tennis industry machine, then one should give up and not try to do something. There are safeguards in place in many other institutions to help, at the very least, to cut down most abuses and unhealthy influence on children. It is not unrealistic that the tennis industry can be held accountable for providing a healthier and more positive environment. It will not happen though, as long as we, the tennis public join right in and turn the other way.

    I agree, Ashley should not be judged, we all make mistakes…..but the public stage she is on as a role model, and her subsequent decision, does help bring to light needed change within the industry.


  8. M. Van said,

    Hi Scott,

    I agree that Ashley’s choice to expose herself to the world is definitely not a Christian-like attitude and probably debases herself more than she knows.

    However, two points I would like to make–I don’t believe the WTA had any part in convincing her or forcing her to take it down–this was a choice she made personally, and did not involve the WTA at all.

    I cannot say for sure about Prince, because they may have wanted the publicity, however, Playboy may have wanted pictures with her tennis racket, and Prince is the racket she uses.

    The other point I would like to make is while I agree with you that this was a bad decision, I personally believe the best way for people to learn the error of their ways is not to forcefully shove it down their throat, but to show them by our actions that our lives can be changed for the better with God.

    I know many Christians, and even pastors, who give non-Christians harsh and definite criticism, which makes them even more eager to turn the other way.

  9. Coach Scotty said,

    hi “m”,

    thanks for your comment.

    ashley is a wta product. they basically own her as an athlete. she is governed by wta rules. from what she is allowed to eat… to tournaments she is required to play… to clothes she is allowed to compete in… to press conferences she is mandated to give… top wta players are bound by wta rules.

    much as a pimp prostitutes women, wta uses players for $ gain. troy aikman, the hall of fame nfl quarterback of the dallas cowboys team that won 3 superbowls in the 90s, said nfl players are basically prostitutes for the national football league. the same can be said towards wta.

    by wta not having a rule preventing players from such poor decisions and degrading the sport of tennis (and the wta brand) is, to me, an endorsement by wta for poor decisions by wta players.

    i can’t see it any other way. if larry scott disagrees, i would like to hear his reasons why. i would then like for all women’s rights and child advocacy groups to be allowed to publicly voice their opinions towards his choice, as well.

    ashley harkleroad seems out of control and possibly needs to have her wta status suspended or removed, give a public apology, and pay a fine to be donated to those her actions have offended/harmed.

    honestly, if harkleroad was on the cover of an anti-homosexual magazine flipping off gays and promoting her hatred of gays… i think wta would punish her severely and create rules to prohibit poor behavior by its product, wta players.

    as for prince… i have a plan in action. yet, now isn’t the time to mention it. let’s just say christians aren’t the only ones angry about prince allowing their rackets to mock God.

    finally, if you discovered a wta players was selling drugs to kids… would you turn them in or tell them to stop? of course you would.

    so far, i haven’t been harsh on harkleroad at all. in fact, some people are mad at me for wearing “kid gloves” about the situation. (i tell these people no one really gives a crud what i have to say anyway. i’m just a little nobody.)

    i think maybe you didn’t read the article thoroughly. read it again, slowly. let me know if it still reads the same to you.

    thanks for writing “m”.

    the more people talk about issues, the more the issues can be known.

    God bless,

    scott paschal

  10. geoff said,

    Wow, this guy is an expert on others’ lives!
    If it was god’s will you saved her tennis career how is it not his will for her to be naked, divorced, and pregnant? Or is it your choice on what is god’s will?

    Don’t need you god’s blessing.

    editor’s note:


    i always think it’s funny when people like you give me false email addresses after hit and run comments. your type is brave as long as you hide and lurk behind a keyboard.

    you state you don’t need God’s blessing. i’m sorry, my friend, but you are wrong. you do need God’s blessing of Salvation through Christ.

    without His grace… you are nothing.

    God bless,

    coach scotty

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