November 7, 2008

WTA Comments About Ashley Harkleroad Mocking God?

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ICTA Founder, Scott Paschal, at Pacific Life Open during ICTA Outreach to 300,000 tennis fans

ICTA Founder, Scott Paschal, at Pacific Life Open during ICTA Outreach to 300,000 tennis fans

I just received this comment on my recent article about Ashley Harkleroad‘s ridiculous decision to mock God and slam Women’s Rights and Child Advocacy Groups by posing naked in Playboy magazine… her trusty Prince tennis racket by her naked side and a “Christian Fish” tattoo on her exposed inner hip.

Read this comment and my response.  it seems the Women’s Tennis Association, WTA, is beginning to be take notice of ICTA, again….

Hi Scott,

I agree that Ashley’s choice to expose herself to the world is definitely not a Christian-like attitude and probably debases herself more than she knows.

However, two points I would like to make–I don’t believe the WTA had any part in convincing her or forcing her to take it down–this was a choice she made personally, and did not involve the WTA at all.

I cannot say for sure about Prince, because they may have wanted the publicity, however, Playboy may have wanted pictures with her tennis racket, and Prince is the racket she uses.

The other point I would like to make is while I agree with you that this was a bad decision, I personally believe the best way for people to learn the error of their ways is not to forcefully shove it down their throat, but to show them by our actions that our lives can be changed for the better with God.

I know many Christians, and even pastors, who give non-Christians harsh and definite criticism, which makes them even more eager to turn the other way.

M. Van  (editor’s note: full name was not given to ICTABlog)

My response…

hi “m”,

thanks for your comment.

ashley is a wta product. they basically own her as an athlete. she is governed by wta rules. from what she is allowed to eat… to tournaments she is required to play… to clothes she is allowed to compete in… to press conferences she is mandated to give… top wta players are bound by wta rules.

much as a pimp prostitutes women, wta uses players for $ gain. troy aikman, the hall of fame nfl quarterback of the dallas cowboys team that won 3 superbowls in the 90s, said nfl players are basically prostitutes for the national football league. the same can be said towards wta.

by wta not having a rule preventing players from such poor decisions and degrading the sport of tennis (and the wta brand) is, to me, an endorsement by wta for poor decisions by wta players.

i can’t see it any other way. if larry scott disagrees, i would like to hear his reasons why. i would then like for all women’s rights and child advocacy groups to be allowed to publicly voice their opinions towards his choice, as well.

ashley harkleroad seems out of control and possibly needs to have her wta status suspended or removed, give a public apology, and pay a fine to be donated to those her actions have offended/harmed.

honestly, if harkleroad was on the cover of an anti-homosexual magazine flipping off gays and promoting hatred of gays and bashing gays… i think wta would punish her severely and create rules to prohibit poor behavior by its product, wta players.

as for prince… i have a plan in action. yet, now isn’t the time to mention it. let’s just say christians aren’t the only ones angry about prince allowing their rackets to be used to mock God.

finally, if you discovered a top wta player was selling drugs to little kids … would you turn them in?  would you tell them to stop? of course you would.  you would want to protect the kids.

so far, i haven’t been harsh on harkleroad at all. in fact, some people are mad at me for wearing “kid gloves” about the situation. (i tell these people no one really gives a crud what i have to say anyway.  i’m just a little Christian nobody in a huge Godless global tennis machine.)

i think maybe you didn’t read the article thoroughly. read it again, slowly. let me know if it still reads the same to you.

thanks for writing “m”.

the more people talk about issues, the more the issues can be known.

God bless,

Scott Paschal



  1. Amy said,

    Hello Scott,

    It was a Personal bad decision Harkleroad made, but it was executed in a Public Forum. Thank goodness we still live in a basically moral country where most businesses recognize that the public behavior of their employees, members, etc. can reflect negatively on their good name. For instance, many organizations will not hire, or will let go members/employees whose “exposure” blunders end up on MYSPACE or FACEBOOK, let alone the type of public exposure Playboy Magazine generates.

    In my opinion when the WTA and Prince let MS. Harkleroad slide without any recourse, when so much of their fan base and revenue is generated from youth participation, is an endorsement of her stripping for the general public. Otherwise, they would follow the example of so many other organizations and distance themselves from someone making this type of personal but public decision.

    It is not like their hands are tied and there is nothing they can say or do. The WTA and Prince can set policies and standards of public behavior that players must meet in order to represent these organizations. But obviously the WTA and Prince choose not to. Instead they greedily choose to say nothing so that they can pander to the audience that enjoys this type of nudity without “looking” like they do. They hope to make profits from both sides of the fence….families and minors, and the adult sexual content audience.

    Parents of young tennis players need to let the WTA and Prince know they are disappointed in their acceptance of this type of public display, and pull their financial support for this organization and company if they continue to allow the tennis players representing their businesses, and whom children look up to and want to emulate, set this type of public example with no consequence.


  2. Coach Scotty said,

    hey amy,

    wow! you’re good!

    some people have a talent for getting their ideas across in writing. others of us don’t. i’m in the others category.

    not only are you right on, but your ability to express it in writing is basically awesome. are you a pro writer? do you have a syndicated column? i’ve noticed you have added several comments to ICTABlog over the last year. and each comment stands out. thanks.

    keep up the inspirational comment posts.

    they are appreciated!

    God bless,


  3. Amy said,

    Hi Scotty,

    Thanks for the compliment. However, I don’t write professionally, I think the word that may better describe me is opinionated!

    Keep up the hard work you and your tennis missionaries do to help share the gospel of Jesus with others.


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