November 27, 2008

International Christian Tennis Association Tennis Tour to 2009 US OPEN… Update #2

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Scott Paschal and Breck Christian Tennis Tour

ICTA Founder, Scott Paschal, planning possible historic first ICTA Tennis Tour to 2009 US OPEN.

Last week I took my aweome tennis academy gang to beautiful and laid back Tyler, Texas.

We drove the 2100 mile round trip journey!  I had a blast on the road with these great kids.

Tyler is an awesome town.  Hills and trees meet southern hospitality.  We stayed at a fully loaded resort complete with tennis courts, horseback riding, swimming pools, lake w/ fishing & paddle boats & camping, fitness center, volleyball, golf putting course, billiards…

The resort was awesome.

The main reason we went to Tyler instead of somewhere else is because this particular resort reminds and shows me what I want to build for International Christian Tennis Association.  When I am gazing at the trees and log cabins and tennis courts and main lodge I get inspired as to the direction I want to help ICTA go, as far as building a ministry facility.

An awesome group of amazing Christian tennis players!

An awesome group of amazing Christian tennis players from Ukraine, USA, Japan, Costa Rica, and Mexico! Not pictured are David and Linds (home in Australia & USA)

The main reason I brought the ICTA gang along is because this group really enjoys being together.

On the road.  On the tennis court.

Wherever.  This whole group has bonded in special, lifetime friendship ways.

And wow, I’ve coached Jon for about 4 years… Ana for over 2 years… Mark for about 2.5 years… Hiro for about 1.5 years…

There is a whole lot of history and friendship these kids have together.

My friend Breck also came to Tyler.  As most of you know, I’ve been friends with Breck for about 7-8 years.  Way back to the early 2000s when International Christian Tennis Association was based in Arlington, Texas.

Breck hitting w/ ICTA players... as he has done for over 8 years!

Breck hitting w/ ICTA players... as he has done since early 2000s!

Breck and I planned to meet in Tyler to further develop a professional tennis tour to the 2009 US OPEN for ICTA Members.  We met in Tyler, and then again at his home a few days later.

To give our ICTABlog family an update on how things are progressing as we move this potential historic first ICTA Tennis Tour forward…

… right now we are looking at a 3 night/4 day trip during the first days of the US OPEN main draw.  I found an awesome hotel in Manhattan I really like, too.  Will keep updating you as the egg hatches…!

Until then, I’m busy learning to prep all the financials I’m responsible for… such as accounting structure, tax forecasting, bills payable and receivable, marketing, attorney for liabilities and contracts.

Yep, lots of boring paperwork stuff has to be done for our dream to happen successfully.

Hope you all enjoyed a Happy Thanksgiving, today.

God bless,


Anastasia Kharchenko, Scott's "adopted daughter" riding a horse for the first time ever!

Anastasia Kharchenko, Scott's "adopted daughter", riding a horse for the very first time while enjoying an awesome time with her friends in Tyler!!


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