December 25, 2008

Scott Paschal’s Extreme Christmas…

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Tomorrow is the big day.xtr_banner_0809_print_8x1

I’m going Xtreme. Check this out… Xtreme.

On Dec 26th at 6am I’m driving to Gatlinburg, TN, right in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains!

Along the way I’m picking up my longtime Christian tennis academy student, Newbie, who is coming along for a GREAT EXPERIENCE of listening to among the finest Christian speakers and music artists in the world during this gathering of tens of thousands of Christian teens and young adults.

But, not only am I excited about Xtreme, I also have the opportunity to attend Connect in Pigeon Forge, TN!

Newb and I will first drive to Birmingham, Alabama, to the house of my friend, David Nasser. We’re picking up his merch for the events.  After we load up the merch, we will drive to Gatlinburg and check into our amazing lodging… which is a huge log home/cabin in the mountains!

The place will have everything… full kitchen, huge game room, 3-4 bedrooms, 2-3 story, 2-3 balconies (these last 3 depend on size we receive!), pool table, air hockey, full size arcade games, rustic log furnishings… amazing views.

Check out this list of speakers I’ll be able to study…

  • Josh McDowell
  • Johnny Hunt
  • Tony Nolan
  • Ergun Caner
  • Tony Nolan
  • Dave Edwards
  • Bo Boshers
  • Darren Whitehead
  • David Nasser

Now, take a look at the Christian bands…!

  • Third Day
  • Relient K
  • Newsong
  • Disciple
  • Barlow Girl
  • Unhindered
  • Jeremy Camp
  • Starfield
  • Leeland

Newbie and I will sell merch at Nasser’s table in Pigeon Forge during Connect.  And during Xtreme. Merch tables close during sessions, so we will be able to enjoy the speakers and bands!  Plus, we get ” All Access” passes which allow us to see all the neat stuff that most people don’t get to see.

Melody and Rachel will also be in Gatlinburg!  They are in Texas for Christmas, right now, and will probably drive to Birmingham and spend the night at Nasser’s house tomorrow nite before finishing the long drive.  Mel and Rach will work Nasser’s merch table in Gatlinburg… and with 6000-7000 teens and youth pastors there it can get really busy.  Sue, Joe’s Mom, is planning to fly in to spend time with us, too!

Awesome Gatlinburg, TN.  Skiiing, Mountains, Resort Town!

Awesome Gatlinburg, TN. Skiing, Mountains, Resort Town!

Last year, Anastasia and Putri came with us to Xtreme!  This year they are at home in Ukraine and Indonesia, and Newbie gets to take their place!

I’m excited.  International Christian Tennis Association been going to this event after Christmas for a lot of years.

It’s something I look forward to… the drive, the mountains, the trees… the “backstage catered food”, the speakers, the bands… the amazing cabin, the resort mountain town, tens of thousands of teens….

And spending time with friends…

What a great way to spend the New Year and get closer to God!

And, you know what? In addition to all of this…

I’m really looking to the road trip with Newb.  I’ve coached Newb (aka: Jon) for 4 years.

He’s going to college soon.

This is a rare time God has given me to spend time with him, just the two of us on a 1800 mile road trip.  Will be a good time.

God bless & Merry Christmas!

Coach Scotty


December 24, 2008

Christmas Prayer Requests & Notes by ICTA Christian Tennis Members…

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Great email/Christmas card!  Have a fantastic Christmas and we hope to see you soon!

George & Mitzie, George, Clark and Emma

christmas-ornaments1Dear Scotty, I would appreciate your prayers for me and my family.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Oct. I am going through chemo now and have 5 rounds to go.I have 4 sons. 2 are grown, one is a junior in high school. His team won state this year. My youngest is 11.

It’s a difficult thing to go through and I have a long road ahead of me,with surgery to follow and possibly radiation. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and that God will help me to not get discouraged or depressed.I’m also praying that our family will become closer to each other and to the Lord.


christmas-bells-redHey Scotty,

I am a high school tennis coach in Louisiana. In june of this year I started chemo for cancer in my stomach. The two reports of scans that I have had have been good and it is shrinking. I would like to be added to your prayer request list.

I have 4 sons and would very much like to see them all grown with children of their own some day! God has been so awesome through this ordeal and has supplied our needs and answered our prayers. Please lift me and my family up in prayer and ask for God’s total healing. Thanks so much,

God bless,
Choudrant, LA

little-snowguysFor the record, Coach Scotty,

I love this group.  I returned to tennis after more than a 30 year absence and am thoroughly enjoying reconnecting with this great sport and the tremendous people who play it.  One of my fairly early discoveries was this organization.  What a great blessing the emails, testimonies, and challenges have been.

So here are my prayer requests:

  1. Pray for my marriage.  I’ve been married for over 33 years and want God’s wisdom for the next 33 years.  We have reached the place where it would be quite easy to look around and see that we have so little in common, because it’s true.  Unfortunately, we haven’t been the stewards of this relationship that would have honored Him well.

  2. Pray for my business.  I have a greatly-blessed business, but I am a consultant to other businesses.  As their resources go, so do my finances.  I am not afraid, mind you.  I have seen the faithfulness of God since I began this business over 15 years ago.  I have no reason to doubt him now.

  3. Pray for my son, his wife, and their family.  He’s a great, godly young man who wants to honor God with his life and talents.  He currently works for me which works out well, but he also knows that there is a call on his life for ministry.  He needs God’s wisdom as to what form his ministry should take and how he should best go about fulfilling the call.

Now what are yours?

God bless your continued ministry through ICTA.

Enjoy this holy season.

Dr. Ollie

christmas-bells-redHey Scotty,

I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas. Caroline says hi and she misses you, I miss all of you too.

God has been working in my life and I have really begun to love people and care about everyone not just the people that I have been close to. I’ve been learning to reach out to others even when I am shy because I know that lots of the people around me are hurting.

I’m playing some tennis but not near as much as I would like to. Right now I’m just trying to keep my grades up play tennis and listen to God. Sometimes I cannot clearly hear him and that makes wonder if there is something wrong with me, but I do not know what to do but pray about it and listen for what he wants me to hear/do.

I hope that everyone is well and those down there that I don’t know really know are doing great also. I miss y’all and hope that this email brings you “inner peace” about _everything_. Have a very merry and blessed Christmas. I bless all of you and am praying all of yall.    Rand

little-snowguysDear Scotty,

Thanks for the invitation to prayer.

This is my first Christmas as a divorcee.  My ex remarried the day we got our divorce and now he is spending Christmas with his new family.

I do have my beautiful girls this Christmas and am spending it with them.  But, after 20 years of marriage it is incredibly hard to forget the past Christmas’ and just celebrate this one without the memories.

My continuous prayer lately has been that God will allow me to let go of my ex and move forward without fear to the future.  Thanks for your support.

May God Bless You and keep you under His care.

A very Merry Christmas


christmas-bells-redHi Scotty,

I appreciate what you are doing with what the Lord has given you.

I think of Moses who said “How do you expect me to lead your people, who am I?” The Lord said what is that in your hand? (his staff) When Moses threw it down it did many miracles.

You have talent with the tennis racket and teaching others  and I just am thankful that you are using these for the glory of the Lord.

Before I ask you to pray for us, how can we pray for you?

Ken and I are staying on our boat in Lake Washington in Kirkland, Wa.. We are in a Marina with power and water, so we get to be very comfortable while enjoying the beauty of the snow and the water. Our boat is a 38′ Carver, power, and we have decorated it with blue and white lights. Tonight we are going out on the lake to follow the Argosy Christmas boat that has a different choir each evening to sing caroles. It will stop at a couple of bays, and sing 4-5 songs for the community on the shore.

Blessings to you, Sarah

christmas-ornamentsHey Scotty!

Hope you have a wonderful non-politically  correct MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I’ll be in Atlanta for Christmas with family then heading out to Phoenix for Winter Nationals then to Tucson for Copper Bowl with one of my support families.  Their son will be playing in both.

It’s been a trying time this fall between the staph infection and no speaking engagements.  This year’s year end giving is critical if the ministry is to continue.  I’ve already started a new venture in sports photography….mostly tennis at this point….ITF tourneys and some other junior events as well as with Roddick at times.  Tons of the pics are on my facebook page.  It’s awesome to see how God opens new doors.  I’ll be shooting for UGA and GT during the season and for all the schools in the SEC and ACC at their tournament and the NCAA’s.   Enjoy the peace and quiet, although if you are like me…..after about 10 minutes of it, I’m ready for commotion again!

Have a great new year and hopefully our paths will cross again sometime soon.  Bill


Merry Christmas to you, Easter and Bearby.  Enjoy the Incredibles–awesome movie!

I met you a couple years back at the Cincy tournament.  Thank you so much for what you’re doing in the tennis community.  Tennis is a great sport and can be used by God to spread the gospel thanks to folks like you.

We live in Louisville, KY and my daughter Sara is 10 and attends a small Christian school in our neighborhood.  Our school is part of a larger Christian school system.  The organization recently decided to close our high school and our families are going through a bad time.  People don’t understand the economics of the situation and they feel betrayed by the larger system.  Because we’re so small (250 total kids), we’re like a family.  It’s difficult seeing our families starting to make choices that will lead them away from a Christian school environment.

There is one girl, Bailey, I’ve coached in cross country that I’m particularly concerned about.  Bailey is a beautiful girl and has so much potential.  But she came from a broken home where she was emotionally abused by her mother.  Her parents have made a decision to move her into the public school system.  Her father and step-mother care deeply for her but I’m worried about what might happen to her outside a Christian school environment.  Would you please pray for Bailey and our entire school?  Thank you for reminding me of Philippians 4:6-7.  It’s so timely for us–I plan to pass on to others..

Anyway, I’m working today and listening to Christmas music as I write you.  We’re travelling to see my in-laws in Fort Myers the day after Christmas.

I would like to bring my daughter and visit your facility some day to witness first hand some of the things you’re doing.  We plan to vacation in Daytona next summer.  Aren’t you pretty close to that part of Florida?


little-snowguysG’day Scotty mate

A much improved tone and message more like the Scotty I knew and loved…

As a good shepherd you must know that all of us occasionally stray from the path of good and righteousness and when we do we need a happy positive shepherd calling us back to the good path (which should also be a fun path) rather than the dismal in terrorem threats of the fires of hell which await us if we continue to stray……..many of us might conclude that if we are going to get that, we might as well continue to misbehave disgracefully!

Saw Kevin in New York who told me you are still enjoying your tea so I should arrange to deliver some more supplies!

Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year


christmas-bells-redhey scotty,

after allegedly becoming ‘born again’ to christ about 3 yrs ago i have had many inner conflicts as to the validity of what i was getting into. i am now seriously doubting the existence of any organized “god” at all, and accordingly, the “jesus as our savior and god incarnate” concept as well. any advice you could give of an ‘outside-of-the-box’ nature would be welcome. i’ve heard it all and yet still i draw further away.

jason (nasdaqq tournament 3 years ago, funny tall guy from long island n.y. who help you find housing for a top russian player at us open 3 yrs ago)

the Force will be with you….always.

little-snowguysMerry Christmas Scotty, from all of us in Australia.

We hope you’ve enjoyed Christ’s Birthday, celebrating with family and friends.

We have enjoyed Church together on Christmas morning, then lunch and opening presents most of the afternoon.

Then we took a walk down the farm to check on our cattle. Its about 33 degrees Celsius today-warming up now.

Yes we’ve booked Dave’s flight: He is leaving on the 14th Jan at 12:55 pm and getting into Orlando at 6am on the 15th. This next year will be different for us with both our children away from home during the year.

Thanks for your dedication in assisting Dave, in developing him Spiritually and coaching him in tennis. We are enormously indebted to you for spurring him on.

We look forward to 2009, keeping in touch where possible.

Our love to you,

Richard & Eileen, Tish & Dave.

christmas-bells-redHi Scotty,

Hope all is well.  Thought I’d take a moment to wish you a very merry Christmas.

Continue to be strong in the Lord, 2009 will certainly be your best and most productive year yet!  If you go to you can do a search for {our} Family Christmas Video and see what we have been up to during the past year.


christmas-ornamentsDear Scotty:
Merry Christmas

We just had a great family time opening presents together, and there’s one here still wrapped for you.  Jon and I will bring it to you.

Thank you too for your email newsletter testifying to all that the Lord has done for you.  Our God is an Awesome God!  Is He not?  Claudia and I were remarried on Tuesday, and God is restoring our family and helping us to be ministers of reconciliation to our larger family, which is also riven with resentments and bitterness.

We are taking the approach that St. Paul and you advocate (you are in good company), being anxious for nothing but in EVERYTHING through prayer and supplication with Thanksgiving letting God know our requests and trusting Him that His peace will keep our hearts and minds stayed upon Him and His grace.  In particular, we are praying for continuing healing in our family and for spiritual growth in each of our lives.  We want to live holy lives that are pleasing to God, but, as Jesus said, the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.  But God is so good, in that He comes to live in our hearts and fills us with His Holy Spirit through whose power we can live as God wants us to live.

Please join with me this year in praying for Jon’s continuing growth as a man of God and that God will use him for His glory and make him a blessing to everyone he meets.  Pray with me too, as I know you have already begun, that God will break any strongholds that are blocking the flow of our finances so that we can be debt free and also free to go and do what God wants us to do in supporting His kingdom.  (I have already moved into Claudia’s house in ______ and am praying that God will expedite the sale of our _______ property so that I don’t have to carry that financial burden.)

Most of all, Scotty, I’d like you to pray that God will open my heart to His love.  I want to be like Jesus in all that I do.  I want to live in His presence every moment of every day so that out of my life Jesus may shine.  God is already using me to be a blessing in my business (please see the Merry Christmas note below that I sent out to about 200 insurance company executives around the country).

Finally, I want God to help me be more caring and loving to other men who need the Lord.  Again, God has helped me with this already, but I look for more of His leading and more of His grace to follow where he leads.

What about you?  How can I pray for you and your needs?  You have been such a blessing to me, Jonathan and indeed, our whole family, that I pray every day that God will increase you in both wisdom and power and pour out upon you a blessing too large for you to contain.  With all you have done in our lives, and for other families, I wonder if God is not planning for you to have your own family for you to lead and guide but who will love and honor you and give you that intimacy with others that can bring such joy to life.

God, of course, has all the best in store for you, and I will be praying this year for Him to show you clearly His will and blessing you with the power and desire to claim every promise He has made to you.  I read somewhere that “Success is finding God’s will and doing it.”  Let’s pray that God will lead us both to find His perfect will and give us both the grace to follow wherever He leads and to follow Mary’s advice:

Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it. John 2:5

Thank you, Scotty, for all your kindness and love to our son and our whole family.  May Jesus be with you today in all of His fullness and draw nigh to you as you draw nigh to Him.

In Jesus’ love,  Ken

little-snowguysMerry Christmas!!

Thank you so much for the idea of sharing prayer requests; I have one. I recently sent Novak Djokovic a letter in which I shared the gospel as well as a couple of tracts, Gospel of John and the book MORE THAN A CARPENTER. Please pray he’ll get that personally and especially please pray for his salvation. THANKS!!

Well, gotta go get a shower, spending today with the wife’s family and Sat, with mine.

God bless