January 30, 2009

ICTABlog Smashes Record!

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ICTA Founder, Scott Paschal, at Pacific Life Open during ICTA Outreach to 300,000 tennis fans

ICTA Founder, Scott Paschal, has coached and discipled tennis students from 17 countries.

Wednesday, January 28th, was a big day for our little ICTABlog.

A record 651 visitors stopped by!

Not only was Wednesday a big day, but January has been a big month… a record breaking month.

Over 9000 visitors with still a day and a half to go.

Our previous monthly high was around 5000.  We are close to doubling it.

Ok, now let me keep it real… these are big numbers in our little niche market.  Honestly, to regular web sites parked on the www… our numbers are pretty teeny tiny.  But, to me these numbers are really, really awesome.

Thanks for telling your friends and family about International Christian Tennis Association.

New members are rolling in, more people/churches are asking me to help them build a Christian sports ministry, more college campuses are asking to have our SERVE HARD tennis ministry program, more students are interested in training at our academy, more coaches contact me about how to share their faith… and people worldwide are making the connection between Jesus and sports as a harvest field.

For me, that’s the point.

Tennis is full of people who need Jesus.  They don’t need me, I’m an idiot.  They don’t need you.  You’re an idiot, too.  They need Jesus.

You and I are simply stinky donkeys for Jesus to ride as He works through us for His will on this earth.

The reality is 651 visitors on Wednesday and about 9000 in January is nothing.  Ridiculously tiny numbers compared to the billions of people worldwide.

But, I do remember when getting 10 visits a week was pretty exciting!  And I remember our first 100 visit month!

Sure, half of those visits were probably my Mom, but… 🙂

Before I sign off, I pray that God blesses each of you.  I pray that what He has planned for your life becomes your life’s plan.

I pray that you realize that, yes, you are tiny and small, but that God can use you to change the world.

Your life can make a huge impact.

As my longtime student, Jon (aka: Newbie), likes to say… “All of us are missionaries… for one side or the other.”

I pray that you set a personal record… a record number of days seeking all things Jesus.

God bless you.

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association


January 29, 2009

Rafael Nadal & Achieving Big Things

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Rafael Nadal, #1 ATP, overcame many mistakes over the years...

Rafael Nadal, #1 ATP, overcame many mistakes over the years...

I love people who work hard to do great things.

I love learning about people who are driven to go beyond ordinary and have a passion to become extraordinary.

What makes some people choose to do more with their lives?

What drives those special few individuals to greatness?

I don’t think there is one simple answer.  It’s probably a lot of answers all rolled into one.

I think it starts with a choice.  I think people who do extraordinary things in life make the choice to work harder and work smarter.  And I think they don’t quit easily.  They keep working hard, learning from mistakes, and growing in skill.

So many great athletes, scholars, inventors, politicians, religious leaders….

When I study these people I find they almost always have one thing in common, which is they almost all had difficult childhoods.

Yes, a difficult childhood.

The ability to overcome their difficult childhood seems to have taught them how to become better leaders and achievers.

These people tend to grow up and attempt to do great things.  The second aspect these people usually have in common is that they fail… a lot.

Yes, extraordinary people usually had very difficult childhoods and failed many times before they succeeded.

Rafael Nadal, ATP #1, falls and misses the ball...

Rafael Nadal, ATP #1, falls and misses the ball...

These people don’t seem to mind trying their hardest and learning from their mistakes.

They don’t see mistakes as bad.

They see mistakes as their teacher.  And they see the ability to overcome their mistake as the goal to becoming successful.

That happens in tennis, also.

Great tennis players almost always had coaches and parents who taught them to learn from their mistakes.  All tennis players are going to make mistakes, but the great ones learn from them.

Sometimes the people making the mistakes are the ones learning  and improving the most.  The better a tennis player becomes, the more complicated and intense the mistakes become.  Yet, those mistakes start happening against stronger and stronger players during much more difficult situations.

And those players begin to stand stronger in their beliefs about themselves and their abilities.

For those of you striving to achieve great things… thanks.

I appreciate you.

For the person who invented plastic… and coached the winning team in World Cup… and walked on the moon… and won a Grand Slam… and taught math for 20+ years to 12 year old rebels… and discovered electricity… and chose to become a Christian missionary… and so, so many other extraordinary things… thanks.

Nadal blue

Don't quit. And do not listen to people who tell you to quit.... Champions did not quit!

For those of you at a crossroad in your life wondering if you want to take the easy way or the extra-ordinary way, I’m cheering for you!

Was your life hard when you were a child?  Yes?  Good!

You are less lazy than many others.

Do you often fail when trying to be successful?  Yes?  Good!

You show you are willing to keep trying and to keep learning.

Don’t listen to people who say you can’t be successful at what God is leading you to become.  Those people are probably miserable failures who quit and make excuses.

Focus on your prize.  Focus on your goal.

Believe in your ability to learn and to grow.

Ok, that’s enough for now… I hope this helped you believe in yourself.

You have a big God.

Scott and Melody Paschal

You can do big things.

Philippians 4:13,

Coach Scott Paschal

ICTA Inc.,   President

Ultimate Impact Tennis Academy,   Owner

International Christian Tennis Association

386 793 0557   ballboy4Jesus@yahoo.com

January 13, 2009

50,000 & Random Stuff…

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How is your 2009 so far?

ICTA Founder, Scott Paschal, at Pacific Life Open during ICTA Outreach to 300,000 tennis fans

ICTA Founder, Scott Paschal, at Pacific Life Open during ICTA Outreach to 300,000 tennis fans

I hope life is good for you.  I’m good.  Had a nice break and did some fun stuff.

Anyone noticed our little ICTABlog is closing in on 50,000 visits!?  I thought that was pretty neat.  Seems like I just recently mentioned we were nearing 40,000.  For a while traffic was down to maybe 50-100 visits a day, then over the last 10 days or so traffic has jumped back up to around 200-250 visits a day.

Thanks for sending in those prayer requests during Christmas.  That’s good stuff.  I have more to post that came in while I didn’t have much internet availability.

Gatlinburg was awesome.  I had a great time.  Josh McDowell had a great message, really focused on 1.  teaching what makes something a sin, and 2. what is truth?  Good stuff for sure.  Ergun Caner blasted away at stereotypes and challenged us all to stop being individualized groups with a victim mentality… and focus on being Christian.  I enjoyed the drive to Gatlinburg with Newbie, the cabin, the bands, the speakers, the mountains… again, good stuff!

Anyone heard of Derek Prince?  If not, I’ve been reading his books lately and have really grown a lot.  He takes some really deep ideas and thoughts and presents them so simply… simple enough for someone like me to understand for sure :).   Maybe go to Amazon and buy one of his books.  He’s dead now, but his ministry is still pluggin’ away.

Another guy I’ve enjoyed reading lately is Ted Dekker. Heard of him?  When you get a chance, take a look at Circle Trilogy.  It’s a fantasy adventure type book wrapped around Biblical truths.  My brother, David, mentioned this morning a couple of books by Dekker he really liked… but I forgot the names already.  He wrote them with Bill Bright, the Campus Crusade guy.  I’ll get the book names and blog ’em to you.

My grandmother died.  Her funeral is tomorrow.  She was closing in on 90 years of age.  David is doing the preacher stuff at the service.  I’m not able to go.  I want to go to support my Grampa and to see family I haven’t seen in a while.  But, I’m probably not going.   My grandmother was an awesome cook.  Typical Italian.  I think her goal in life was for everyone to eat constantly.  I’m going to miss her.

It’s good to have some of my full time students back at the house!  Mark came in from Mexico about 5 days ago.  Anastasia and Hiromi flew in on the 10th from Ukraine and Venezuela, respectively.  Aussie gets here in a couple of days, and Newb is already here.  Luke will be in around the end of February.  He’s from Costa Rica.  I’ve been working with  kid from Malaysia to help him get a visa to the USA.  I like him a lot, and his dad.  But, he is having visa problems.  Will keep you posted on his progress.

Rach is working on the ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team schedule for Feb and March.  Looks like a possibility for the team to journey to Egypt for a few tournaments.  But, a lot has to happen first.  Will keep you posted on this, too.

ICTA has a 2nd property now.  My house has pretty much been the academy house over the years.  Well, the house will keep serving the same purpose for our missionaries/athletes, but I’ve got my “own place” now.  It’s a nice condo right on the intercoastal waterway.  So far it’s been great.  And the new place has enough room for guests/friends/parents to come stay with me.  Plus, it’s the new location for expanded ICTA offices, storage, etc…

Ironically, my new place, which is located directly across from the Player’s Club, was originally built by an old boss, a guy named Peter.  Peter hired me as GM of the tennis club.   I quit within weeks.  Peter was one of the most corrupt people I have ever had the displeasure of meeting.  I think he is in prison now.  He’s lost everything.  The Player’s Club is completely out of business and has been for years.  It just sits there looking like a war zone with a For Sale sign.  A testimony of greed and corruption.  And a good reminder as to why Christ needs to be the center of our lives….

I had some awesome cookies during Christmas.  You have to take some time and make these.  They are called Texas Cowboy Cookies.  Here’s the ingredients…

here’s the cooking directions…


  1. Layer ingredients in order given in a 1- quart wide mouth canning jar.
  2. Press each layer firmly in place before adding next ingredient.
  3. Recipe for Cowboy Cookies (to be attached with the mix):.
  4. Empty jar of cookie mix into a large mixing bowl,.
  5. Blend mix together.
  6. Add: 1 stick butter melted, 1 large egg, slightly beaten, and 1 tsp vanilla.
  7. Mix until completely blended.
  8. Shape into balls the size of walnuts; place 2 inches apart on sprayed baking sheets.
  9. Bake at 350° for 11-13 minutes until edges are lightly browned.
  10. Cool 5 minutes on baking sheet.
  11. Remove cookies to racks to finish cooling.
  12. Makes 3 dozen cookies.

Hope this week finds you thinking about Jesus.

So often we don’t.  We put so much in front of what should be our sole (soul) focus.

If you are having touble, open your Bible.  Take some time to dwell on the words.  Find a Bible-believing church and start serving in it.  Discover a genuine prayer life.  Go on a mission trip to help those less fortunate.  Worship God.  Memorize scripture.  Fellowship…

Send me an email when you get a chance…

God bless,