January 30, 2009

ICTABlog Smashes Record!

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:49 pm by Scott Paschal

ICTA Founder, Scott Paschal, at Pacific Life Open during ICTA Outreach to 300,000 tennis fans

ICTA Founder, Scott Paschal, has coached and discipled tennis students from 17 countries.

Wednesday, January 28th, was a big day for our little ICTABlog.

A record 651 visitors stopped by!

Not only was Wednesday a big day, but January has been a big month… a record breaking month.

Over 9000 visitors with still a day and a half to go.

Our previous monthly high was around 5000.  We are close to doubling it.

Ok, now let me keep it real… these are big numbers in our little niche market.  Honestly, to regular web sites parked on the www… our numbers are pretty teeny tiny.  But, to me these numbers are really, really awesome.

Thanks for telling your friends and family about International Christian Tennis Association.

New members are rolling in, more people/churches are asking me to help them build a Christian sports ministry, more college campuses are asking to have our SERVE HARD tennis ministry program, more students are interested in training at our academy, more coaches contact me about how to share their faith… and people worldwide are making the connection between Jesus and sports as a harvest field.

For me, that’s the point.

Tennis is full of people who need Jesus.  They don’t need me, I’m an idiot.  They don’t need you.  You’re an idiot, too.  They need Jesus.

You and I are simply stinky donkeys for Jesus to ride as He works through us for His will on this earth.

The reality is 651 visitors on Wednesday and about 9000 in January is nothing.  Ridiculously tiny numbers compared to the billions of people worldwide.

But, I do remember when getting 10 visits a week was pretty exciting!  And I remember our first 100 visit month!

Sure, half of those visits were probably my Mom, but… 🙂

Before I sign off, I pray that God blesses each of you.  I pray that what He has planned for your life becomes your life’s plan.

I pray that you realize that, yes, you are tiny and small, but that God can use you to change the world.

Your life can make a huge impact.

As my longtime student, Jon (aka: Newbie), likes to say… “All of us are missionaries… for one side or the other.”

I pray that you set a personal record… a record number of days seeking all things Jesus.

God bless you.

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association


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