February 20, 2009

Anastasia Kharchenko, WTA Ranked Christian Tennis Pro, Receives a Note…

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In 2008 Ana Won 2 Pro Titles and Made the Quarter Final of Another

In 2008 Ana Won 2 Pro Titles and Made the Quarter Final of Another while Qualifying for a WTA Ranking!

Anastasia Kharchenko has a life story which has inspired people around the world.

Coming from a poor financial background in Ukraine, Ana rose to the top of Ukraine’s junior tennis scene reaching #1 G18s.  She also reach #5 in Europe in G16s.  Then the sponsorship money ended… actually it was stolen.

She put her rackets in the closet and began to move on in her young life.  Then a talent scout from the USA found her and brought her to a newly formed tennis academy.

The situation was pretty bad, though.  Ana slept on a bare hardwood floor. There was little food.  One by one all the players left as the academy went bankrupt.

Ana and Her Mother, Larisa, in Ukraine.

Ana and Her Mother, Larisa, in Ukraine.

Ana was invited to train at another local tennis academy.  She accepted, but the situation went from bad to worse as different abuses were heaped on Ana by two coaches.

The ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team journeyed to Juarez, Mexico, where they saw Anastasia in a very difficult circumstance.  Ana then escaped her abusive situation as ICTA flew her to Florida and offered her help.

A short month later, during ICTA Discipleship Training,  Ana became a Christian.

She believes God came to find her in Juarez, Mexico.  Her testimony has inspired thousands….

Ana With Her Hitting Partners, Mark (Mexico) and Jon (Florida)

Ana With 2 Of Her Hitting Partners, Mark (Mexico) and Jon (Florida)

Now, Ana is a WTA ranked player and uses her career to share her testimony and her faith in Jesus.

She has top 100 WTA potential, and last week one of America’s finest teaching pros felt she can reach the top 50 WTA.

Ask Ana what her goal in life is and she will tell you two things… A. Reach top 100 WTA, and,   B. Tell people about Jesus.

She knows the better she becomes as a pro player the larger her platform to share her faith will be.

Awesome Focus and Determination As God Work in Her Life...

Awesome Focus and Determination As God Works In and Through Her Life... (Nigeria, Africa)

Currently, ICTA sponsors Ana.  She is expensive.  The hope is that one day she can pay ICTA back, but that’s going to be down the road.

Right now, we are simply working hard and giving Ana all the opportunity we can.

This all said, one young lady recently wrote Ana a letter.

In the letter she gave ICTA a $100 check to help support Ana.   I want to share her writing with you.

Ana and Aussie At Jon's High School Graduation

Ana and Aussie At Jon's High School Graduation

I’m not sharing this info with you so you will feel guilty and feel obligated to send money, too.

If God leads you to send money to ICTA for Ana, awesome.  Thanks, it will be well used to grow His renown.

But, that is not why I’m writing this blog entry.  I simply want to show you the heart of one faith filled young person as she feels led to support another in their common mission.  Strangers, yet sisters in Christ.

This letter and $100 check inspired Ana.  Actually, it inspired us all….

Dear Ana,

I have not written you since the summer.  I hope that you are well and enjoying your tennis.  I wanted to send you another check to help you with any travels you may have.

I received your thank you note.  It really blessed me.  I hope that you all continually are encouraged by each other.  I’m really proud of you.  Next month, I am going to help with a study on Daniel (to live a life that makes a difference for Christ) to our middle school group at church.  I’m really excited and nervous at the same time.  Will you pray for our group?

I hope that you are daily encouraged and strengthened in His love for you, Ana.  The Lord be with you as you follow Him ever day.



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