March 20, 2009

ICTA Travel Tour to 2009 US OPEN: Get the details here…!

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ICTA Travel Tour to 2009 US OPEN brochure

(click above!!)

Our ICTA Travel Tour to 2009 brochure is ready!

Check out our PDF pic version in the link above.  This link will show you how the software version of the brochure looks, before we print it.

When you look at the PDF pic, realize our actual paper/hard copy itself is a tri-fold brochure.  (When folded it will not look like the PDF, which is just a flat, unfolded piece of paper version.)

What that means is the right side of the PDF’s top pic is the brochure’s cover.  (Basically, the whole PDF top pic is the back of the paper before it is folded… if that makes any sense.)

The bottom PDF pic is the actual inside sections of the brochure… you will see a welcome letter, some ICTA Fun Facts, and our 2009 US OPEN  Travel Tour schedule and prices.

ICTA Founder, Scott Paschal

ICTA Founder, Scott Paschal

Visualize it all as a tri-fold brochure, not a flat piece of paper, or it might get confusing!

And, call me soon if you want to go with me to the 2009 US OPEN on our first-ever ICTA Travel Tour!

We have a limited amount of availability!

God bless,  Scott Paschal


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