March 21, 2009

Scott Paschal Considers Coaching Outstanding Russian Teen…

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ICTA Florida Tennis Academy

Our Academy Students. Full time tennis training... Florida Jr tournaments on weekends... Discipleship training... Mission trips to famous pro tournaments... ICTA is passionate about Faith & Tennis.

I’ve been in contact with a Russian player whose got some skills….

She’s good.  Really good.

Talented.  No question she has the gifts needed to do well.

17 and gung-ho to achieve success.  It takes that kind of passion.  You have to really, really want to be the best.

Yes, she is a Christian.

I am considering adding her as part of my academy and part of our pro team.  Rach would be an awesome mentor for her on the pro circuit.  So would Melody.

She isn’t as strong as Anastasia.

ICTA Florida Academy's Anastasia Kharchenko, hitting forehand during ITF $50,000 Challenger

ICTA Florida Academy's Anastasia Kharchenko, hitting forehand during ITF $50,000 Challenger

Ana is a very strong player.

They would make a good team hitting and laughing and traveling and deepening their faith, together, while growing as WTA players.

I’m not saying it’s going to happen.  I’m still just considering.

I tend to take a really, really long time before I agree to coach a player full time.  It’s a big decision to me.

First, I want to make sure I am the right coach for the player’s needs and goals.  That’s important.  The player and I need to be on the same page in life before I agree to invest  in them.

Then, I make sure the player’s parents aren’t jerks.  Honestly, the worst part of coaching  juniors can be dealing with parents.

But, I want to stay in a positive mood here…

So, back to our subject at hand.

I basically make a living reading people.

My former student, Alina Sufiarova, #5 Jr Russia. Alina is now coach in Moscow.

My former student from 2002-2003, Alina Sufiarova, reached #5 Russia G16s. Alina is now a tennis coach in Moscow.

I study them.

Think about this for a minute…

Let’s say I coach maybe 6 -10 players full time.  Say just 6 for this little thought thingy…

Ok, …6 players x 24 hrs a day is…

144 hrs.

That’s 144 hrs of player management time that is packed into my brain in a 24 hr period.

Constantly managing what they eat, their tennis &  education, sleep, faith, how they get along with each other, their goals, emotions, etc.  All the stuff.

That’s 1008 hrs in just a week.

Over 48,000 hrs a year, people.

Some coaches and players wonder how I see things that they miss.  I tell them to bring players from 17 nations and 15 US states into your home and heart full time and you will be able to start seeing things others miss, too.

I think that’s why I can take on suicidal players and not really flinch.

And can comfortably advise players via email, text, skype,etc….

So, 48,000 hrs a year.

Let’s just take the last 5 years and do the math…

48,000 hrs x 5 years = 240,000 hrs.


How many weeks is that?


4615 weeks of player management experience in just 5 yrs.


4615 weeks divided by 52 weeks (1year) is 88 years.

Yep, my brain was basically crammed with 88 years of player management experience during the last 5 years.

Considering people work full time at 40 hrs a week from around age 25 until retirement at around age 65…

I’ve worked about 2 lifetimes of full time work in the last 5 years.


No wonder I have gray hair.  Or as Putri, my Indonesian player, puts it… “Scotty, your hair is black and white.”


Back to this Russian kid.

I don’t know what I want to do, yet.

I’m still kicking the tires.

But, I’d like to ask that you keep this in your prayers.

It’s a big deal to me.

I only want the players here that God sends.

Ok, well that’s about all for today.

Ana, Kev, Rach, and Hiro went sightseeing in Lima. Tennis, Missions, Life Experiences... awesome!

Ana, Kev, Rach, and Hiro went sightseeing in Lima. Tennis, Missions, Life Experiences... awesome!

We leave Monday for Miami on a large-scale mission trip outreach to 300,000 rabid tennis fans swarming the Sony Ericsson Open.

The ICTA Women’s Pro Team is doing great work in Peru.

From conversations, it sounds like they are meeting and impacting other players in neat ways.

My friend Kevin (Lindsey’s Dad) flew down there for a couple days. He’s having a blast, too.

God bless!

Coach Scotty

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