April 29, 2009


Posted in Uncategorized at 11:11 am by Scott Paschal

You guys are awesome!

Did you notice our ICTABlog is nearing 80,000 visits?

I had forgotten to mention 60,000 and 70,000 milestones, I think.  A couple of you reminded me that 80,000 is rolling in.

ICTABlog has accomplished some great goals.

I’ve been able to publish some pretty hard hitting articles directly confronting dysfunction in the global tennis industry, as well as articles which offer inspiration and hope to life’s hurting casualties.

When I first created ICTABlog, I guess I maybe expected a few thousand visitors a year… maybe.

I never expected 30,000-40,000 a year.

Thanks for getting the word out and sharing my dream with others.  Doors are opening worldwide for others who have a passion to enter into tennis ministry.  You are helping to make this happen.

The more people who tell others about International Christian Tennis Association, the more the world will come to realize and accept tennis as a harvest field for Christ.

Unlike the National Football League,  NBA, or Major League Baseball… tennis is global.

NFL, NBA, MLB… they are American… and it’s not too difficult to reach players and fans with the Gospel message.

Tennis is different.  Tennis is not a sport born of America and specific to America.

Try going to Iran and waving the Jesus flag… or go to Indonesia and hold up a huge sign with John 3:16 written on it at a major sporting event.

Try it… I dare you.

You won’t.

But, you will “be bold and brave” and wear your Christian t-shirt on your college campus to intramural soccer!  Ooohhhh, so bold for Christ….


Let’s do something here, maybe a gut check.

What have you actually done?  I mean, what have you actually done to share your faith in Jesus?  Take the last month… anything?  Last 6 months?

Let’s do an even deeper gut check….

Have you ever been in a situation where your life has been at risk because of your passion to follow Christ?

Like, how the Bible was translated and made available to you…?

Like, how Paul overcame beatings and shipwrecks…?

Like how the original disciples were crucified, ran through with a spear, beheaded…?

Like how amazing people in China, right now, are being martyred daily, yet are on fire with the Gospel message….

Sure, I’m happy this little blog has some visitors.  Ok, sure, in cotton candy Christianity America… great.

But, I’m more excited that over 70% of ICTABlog visitors are from outside of America.  I’m more excited that a message of hope and boldness is growing.  I’m more excited that Christian ministry within the global tennis industry is real, relevant, growing, impactful.

Tennisministry.org, Christiantennis.net… and others are creating awareness of Jesus Christ within a sport which is truly Godless.

Look in the mirror.  Ask yourself… are you afraid to share your faith?  Even in a cotton candy land like “Christian America?”

If so, you’ve got a problem. And you are creating a problem.

Google “Great Commission.”

Take a look at what life is.

That said, realize no matter where your are in your journey, God can impact the world through you. You are His, created by Him, loved by Him.

I’m the first to say I’m an idiot.  I don’t have all the answers.  I make tons of stupid mistakes.

But, I know at this point in my life that though I am a moron, I am God’s moron.

And, though many people in the world wrote me off as a waste of space… God chose to use my life to make fools of them.

God can and will use the weakest and meekest and least capable to change the world.  It’s his style.  That’s how he rolls….

Thank God.

God bless you, guys.

Scott Paschal


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