May 28, 2009

Sumter, South Carolina

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ICTA Founder, Scott Paschal, at Pacific Life Open during ICTA Outreach to 300,000 tennis fans

ICTA Founder, Scott Paschal, at Pacific Life Open during ICTA Outreach to 300,000 tennis fans

Spent 6 awesome days on a Christian outreach in Sumter, SC.

Great little town.  Good food!  Interesting mix of cultures in Sumter.  Deep South meets preppy…

Our outreach was to an ITF Pro Circuit tournament.

Enjoyed a 5-6 hour drive to get there.  Road trips rock!

A player from Nigeria came in to join us for the summer as a member of the ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team.

Will be fun coaching her. I have come to really care about Nigeria, so I hope I learn a lot from her lifetime of experience growing up in Lagos!

My player Anastasia Kharchenko and Vasilina Bardina competing in main draw doubs.

My player, Anastasia Kharchenko, and Vasilina Bardina (Russia) competing in main draw doubs together.

My hope is she will benefit, too.

That her faith will be challenged and strengthened.

That God will grow and develop her to see new things, to see the world through the eyes of a Christian athlete who can inspire….

One highlight for me in Sumter was meeting and talking with a player. I don’t want to mention her name, but I do want to mention her to you.   She is at a crossroads in her life and can use your prayers.

Life for some players is really easy. For others it isn’t.  This player is pretty much in the Life is Bad section. I’ve enjoyed talking with her each day.  I hope I made some kind of an impact.

Anastasia Kharchenko forehand in qualifying match.

Anastasia Kharchenko forehand in qualifying match.

My players and I drove back to Palm Coast, yesterday.  Fun drive.  Went by fast.

Newb was here mowing my yard when we got in.

Newb, aka: Jonathan… is heading off to college next semester.

Have coached him for 4 years.  Great kid.

Did I mention Newb has lost around 50lbs of body fat in the last 5-6 months!

He’s done a great job disciplining himself and getting into shape!

Look forward to watching him play matches in college.

Leaving for Hilton Head Island, SC., in a couple days for another Christian outreach on the pro circuit….  I’m looking forward to the road trip with the players. Road trips are great times to talk.  Hilton Head is a good place, too.

The tournament is at Van Der Meer’s tennis academy.  Stan Smith’s tennis academy is nearby.  Will be a lot of good players… and a lot of good ministry opportunity.

I think we are leaving Saturday.

Sorry I haven’t written lately.  Been pretty busy.  Will try to write from Hilton Head and maybe post some pics/video for you.

God bless,

Coach Scotty

International Christian Tennis Association


May 16, 2009

Mark, Jon, Anastasia… Three AWESOME Christian Teens at ICTA!

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Mark, Jon, Anastasia in Texas during ICTA Retreat

Mark, Jon, Anastasia in Florida

Three people.  Three life stories.

On the left is Mark from Mexico.  In the middle is Jonathan from Florida. On the right is Anastasia from Ukraine.

This is a picture of them jogging here in Florida before a junior tournament.

I have coached Mark full time for 3 years.  Came in a scrawny, little 15 year old with no serve or backhand or fitness or ability to handle pressure….

Now, Mark is a big, strong all court player with a great all court game.

In singles and doubles Mark has began frequenting the Quarters, Semis, and Finals in Florida jr tournaments.

In singles and doubles Mark has began frequenting the Quarters, Semis, and Finals in Florida jr tournaments.

He has worked incredibly hard.  Tennis & fitness workouts of  a combined 6-8 hrs a day 5-6 days a week are common stuff for him.

Mark has adapted to my hard core, world class tennis program like a fish to water…

Mark was born and raised in Mexico to American missionaries.  In Mexico Mark went to a school which spoke Spanish.

When Mark came here he did all of his education in English. In fact, Mark did his entire high school on-line through the Abeka DVD Christian curriculum.

It was impressive and interesting to see him mature and grow through the discipline needed to control his own education, particularly as his teachers all spoke English and Mark was training so hard in tennis.

Jon is 19 years old, now.  He first came to train with me 4 years ago.  Short and fat and with no patience, Jon pretty much had a long way to go.

Jon met Josh McDowell at Christian youth conference with ICTA in Gatlinburg, TN.

Jon met Josh McDowell at Christian youth conference last December with ICTA in Gatlinburg, TN.

We have been through a lot together.  Four years is a long time.  Jon trained with me full time for the first year.  Part time for two years.  Then, full time this last year.

During that time Jon’s parents divorced.  He was pretty devastated. They recently remarried. I know… amazing.

Jon has been really focused about his tennis for the last 10-12 months.  He has lost about 50 lbs of fat (about 20kg) and has added about 10 lbs of muscle.

His tennis is looking good.  Jon is looking really great, too.  I really proud of  him for his dedication to improving his life.  Taking the year off to train after he graduated from high school was one of the best decisions Jon could have made.

Jon is trying out for different NCAA tennis teams here in Florida. He will be a positive example on whichever team he joins.

Anastasia is student I met and began coaching  by Divine intervention.  Call it God’s gift…

Ana is truly a ICTA Champion for Christ! First year on tour... wins 2 ITF Pro Circuit tournaments and made Quarterfinals of 2 others!

Ana is truly a ICTA Champion for Christ! First year on tour... wins 2 ITF Pro Circuit tournaments and made Quarterfinals of 2 others!

Ana never applied to train in my academy program.  I hadn’t  met her parents.  There was no parent-player-coach interview.

In fact, I had grown to not really like Ukrainians (long story 🙂 ) and had no interest in coaching another one.

How did I become Ana’s coach & USA Dad?

Our ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team found Anastasia in Juarez, Mexico!

The team was in Juarez competing in an ITF Pro Circuit tournament, and had learned Anastasia was in a difficult situation from her abusive tennis coaches.

The team contacted me and after much prayer and consideration I agreed to help Anastasia escape the difficult situation.  We then flew her  to International Christian Tennis Association’s ministry home base in Florida.

A month after arriving, 16 year old Anastasia Kharchenko became a Christian.

Now, about 2.5 years later Anastasia is WTA ranked and travels worldwide competing in pro tournaments!  She travels as a member of the missionary tennis team which rescued her!

Ana knows God found her  in her deepest difficulties… His lost sheep whom He dearly loved!  Her testimony is truly amazing.

Mark, Jon, and Anastasia are three tremendous kids I feel really blessed to have an opportunity to be part of their life story.

Right now, they are young.  Yet, when I coach/mentor them I see them as the parents/grandparents they will become.  I picture them with their future families, or in their future careers….

Honestly, it is such an incredible privilege to be a coach who has the real opportunity to impact lives in a substantial way for the Kingdom.  It’s really all about Kingdom impact.

Wow… in just the last few years I’ve been able to invest in the lives of full time players from 17 countries and 15 US states!  That blows me away!

And in a few days I welcome in a young lady from Nigeria who is joining ICTA Women’s Pro Tennis Team, so that makes it 18 countries!

Please keep our very special and unique Faith & Tennis programs in your prayers as God uses International Christian Tennis Association to impact nations.

And, also, please keep Mark, Jon, and Anastasia in your prayers as God further shapes and molds them into amazing, Godly athletes… Champions for Christ!

God bless,

Coach Scotty

President   ICTA Inc

386 793 0557  /

May 10, 2009

Richard Gasquet Busted for Cocaine!?

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gasquet 2Richard Gasquet, one of the world’s top pro tennis players, has acknowledged he recently tested positive for cocaine.

Gasquet admitted a couple of  doping tests recently taken at the Sony Ericsson Open have confirmed cocaine, or a metabolite of cocaine, was in his system.

Yet, he says he is innocent.

Sounding a bit Martina Hingis, isn’t it?

Or Coria, sort of?

My take… he didn’t take any banned substances.

As a coach, as a person who develops world class athletes, as a guy who basically studies people for a living, as someone who knows this sport…. he didn’t do it.

Just like I said about Hingis… didn’t happen folks.

And the ITF mafia tribunal is gonna blow it again, too.

Can I just simply explain something… and you just simply read, then go tell your friends….

Ok?  Ok.  Here I go…

It is ridiculously easy to put banned substances into the bodies of any top pro tennis player!

Got it?  It’s ridiculously easy, folks.


Here’s an example for you…

A few years ago I was coaching my player at the Tennis Channel Open in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This is a major ATP tournament where the top names show up… Bryan Bros, Hewitt, Blake, etc.

My player, Julia Vakulenko, was competing in the women’s event main draw.

As her coach I was given a coaching credential which allowed me access to basically everywhere.

As I am a big guy, I enjoy food.  And, I really enjoy the free catered food at tournaments.

Now, the food at tournaments is often for everyone who has a credential to eat.  Players, coaches, entourages, line judges, chair umpires, special tournament guests, media…

What would happen if I had sprinkled some cocaine on the rice? Or steroids on the pasta? Or put some banned substances in the salt shakers? Or in the soup?

Or if I simply left cocaine powder on a door handle… or sneezed some in the direction of a player I want to see banned!?

Are you feeling me here, folks?

It’s easy to cause any of the world’s top players to test positive for banned substances.

Heck, simply give $2500 and a sugar-sized packet of anything banned to the guy who cleans up the area around the food for $7 an hr.

Did Gasquet do cocaine?  I don’t think he did.  Wouldn’t make sense.  He stands to lose too much.  Is it possible he did? Yes. Is it probable he did? No.

Some moron in somebody’s entourage could have been snortin’ coke, then grabbed a chair or door handle or water fountain or whatever and left cocaine residue on it.

Or somebody could have purposefully sabotaged Gasquet.

Personally, I’m not a big Gasquet fan.  Mainly because I don’t know him, and he tends to choke under pressure in big matches.

I’m not writing this in support of another spoiled millionaire athlete.  I’m simply hoping to open some eyes to reality.

Tennis has buried its head in the sand for a long time.  I remember a few years ago when I was blowing the lid off of gambling.  Few would listen!  Now, they listen.

Or when I was opening the can about the tennis sex slave trade industry! Few would listen. Now, the WTA orders major background checks on all coaches at it’s events!

Ok, enough from me.  You get my points here.  Give Richard Gasquet the benefit of the doubt for now.

Please understand that tennis has a very dark side.  For every success story, there are 1000s of horror stories.  You, honestly, have no idea.

Tennis is not Rafa vs Roger at Wimbledon.

As awesome as those two are… it’s not reflective of the global tennis industry’s gambling, sex slave trade, drug addiction, physical abuse.

Tennis is Godless.  You can figure over 80% of the world’s tennis playing population isn’t Christian.  China, Japan, India, Africa, France, Iran….

All that is in the world is in tennis.

That’s why it’s so important we all work together to share our faith in Jesus.  To establish Godly principles in the lives of players and fans.

There is only one answer for Tennis.

It’s Jesus.

Not Rafa, not Roger… Jesus.

God bless,

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association

May 4, 2009

Scott Paschal Goes to Church!

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christian tennis academy-at-church

I really love attending church.

I know it’s a special privilege to be able to worship God at a Christian church.

This is a picture of me, a couple of my full time tennis academy students, and a special visitor a couple days ago before church started.

On the left is Hiromi Takeuchi who is visiting ICTA as she journeys around the USA and travels to different parts of the world.  Hiromi is Japanese and has a passion to become a translator for people who journey to Spanish speaking countries or Japan! When visiting ICTA Hiromi also loves to hit tennis balls with my students!   In front is Luke from Costa Rica.  Anastasia from Ukraine is on the right…both Luke and Ana are full time students of mine.

My life is so blessed.

I am able to coach full time amazing young men and women from countries worldwide. I get to plan and implement large-scale mission trips to prestigious pro tennis tournaments.  I have friends who care about me.  I attend a tremendous church and am friends with my pastor, missions pastor, and worship leader.  I am the director of an international sports ministry.

Wow.  God is so good.

I pray God is leading you in your life.  That you know the peace that comes from giving Him all.

That you ignore Satan’s lies as he works to destroy your confidence….

Regardless of how young or how old,  how rich or how poor… God can and will use you, if you only open your heart to Him.

God bless,

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association

May 1, 2009

Aussie and Ana Canoe Trip!

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My full time academy student, David from Australia!

My full time academy student, David from Australia!

Ana & Aussie canoeing on Florida's gorgeous Intercoastal Waterway located directly behind ICTA's 2nd property!

Ana & Aussie canoeing on Florida's gorgeous Intercoastal Waterway located directly behind ICTA's 2nd property!

My students, Ana and Aussie, canoeing into a small cove!  Anastasia Kharchenko from Ukraine is WTA ranked and competes in pro tennis tournaments worldwide.

My students, Ana and Aussie, canoeing into a small cove! Anastasia Kharchenko from Ukraine is WTA ranked and competes in pro tennis tournaments worldwide.

Great trip!

Great trip!

Team work!

Team work!

Bringing canoe back to ICTA's 2nd property (condo in background!)

Bringing canoe back to ICTA's 2nd property (condo in background!)