May 4, 2009

Scott Paschal Goes to Church!

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christian tennis academy-at-church

I really love attending church.

I know it’s a special privilege to be able to worship God at a Christian church.

This is a picture of me, a couple of my full time tennis academy students, and a special visitor a couple days ago before church started.

On the left is Hiromi Takeuchi who is visiting ICTA as she journeys around the USA and travels to different parts of the world.  Hiromi is Japanese and has a passion to become a translator for people who journey to Spanish speaking countries or Japan! When visiting ICTA Hiromi also loves to hit tennis balls with my students!   In front is Luke from Costa Rica.  Anastasia from Ukraine is on the right…both Luke and Ana are full time students of mine.

My life is so blessed.

I am able to coach full time amazing young men and women from countries worldwide. I get to plan and implement large-scale mission trips to prestigious pro tennis tournaments.  I have friends who care about me.  I attend a tremendous church and am friends with my pastor, missions pastor, and worship leader.  I am the director of an international sports ministry.

Wow.  God is so good.

I pray God is leading you in your life.  That you know the peace that comes from giving Him all.

That you ignore Satan’s lies as he works to destroy your confidence….

Regardless of how young or how old,  how rich or how poor… God can and will use you, if you only open your heart to Him.

God bless,

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association



  1. Hanns Isabirye said,

    This Hanns, I am good sportsman with great Christian values, I have worked with christian missions in my country (Uganda), in extending the kingdom of God through sports, I have worked with sports outreach and youth development programme with the Methodist Church in Uganda, I have managed a a 1st division football club, run a basket ball and volley ball team, under the youth development programe. I believe that sports is a an easy way to spread the gospel as well as help young men and women develop their God given talents, I can gladly say i have seen young men and succeed while they have gone through my hands. Though i have handled several sports i have not had an experience with though i passionately follow the sport and am a fan. Better am good at learning new sports so may be you can give me some tips on how to run programmes that can benefit the youth in Uganda. Currently am in Malaysia taking a course in Entrepreneurship which is still untended to help the Youth. I will be grateful if u can get in touch. God bless and have a blessed ministry.

  2. Jane ramos said,

    Hi! I’m jane ramos from Davao City, Philippines. 41 years old. A volunteer worker of Holy Ground Family Fellowship. I was an age grouper (tennis player) before during my high school days, and our school won the championship for 4 years. And on my 3rd year I got to know the Lord Jesus as my Lord and Savior. After I graduated high school I stopped playing tennis. I’m actually an artist by profession (bachelor of fine arts graduate). But after my graduation, I went to a place where God called me to serve Him(South Cotabato). I stayed there for almost 15 years til the Lord sent me back to my city. And just 2 years ago, I tried playing tennis again and was encouraged to join city tournament. In 2007 Aug, I joined the ladies doubles tournament and was blessed to be runner up with my partner. Last year, I was forced to join again, though they knew that I was so busy with my bible studies, A friend of mine who’s not yet a christian really requested me to partner her in the tournament, with the condition that if our game will conflict my schedule with my bible studies, I won’t play. And so she agreed and hoped that our game schedules wont fall to my schedules of bible studies. To make the long story short, we won the championship! glory to God! And after winning, she asked me to also hold bible sharings in their house. And later we invited our co-players to join us. As of now our bible sharing is on going and we pray that more players will commit to the Lord! This thing that God is doing to us now was God’s vision to me 2 years ago when I asked Him why I should go back to play tennis! Glory to God coz we can use our sports ability to reach other tennis players for Christ! I wish I can be a member to your group too. Coz what you are doing is really great! God bless us all!!!

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