May 10, 2009

Richard Gasquet Busted for Cocaine!?

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gasquet 2Richard Gasquet, one of the world’s top pro tennis players, has acknowledged he recently tested positive for cocaine.

Gasquet admitted a couple of  doping tests recently taken at the Sony Ericsson Open have confirmed cocaine, or a metabolite of cocaine, was in his system.

Yet, he says he is innocent.

Sounding a bit Martina Hingis, isn’t it?

Or Coria, sort of?

My take… he didn’t take any banned substances.

As a coach, as a person who develops world class athletes, as a guy who basically studies people for a living, as someone who knows this sport…. he didn’t do it.

Just like I said about Hingis… didn’t happen folks.

And the ITF mafia tribunal is gonna blow it again, too.

Can I just simply explain something… and you just simply read, then go tell your friends….

Ok?  Ok.  Here I go…

It is ridiculously easy to put banned substances into the bodies of any top pro tennis player!

Got it?  It’s ridiculously easy, folks.


Here’s an example for you…

A few years ago I was coaching my player at the Tennis Channel Open in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This is a major ATP tournament where the top names show up… Bryan Bros, Hewitt, Blake, etc.

My player, Julia Vakulenko, was competing in the women’s event main draw.

As her coach I was given a coaching credential which allowed me access to basically everywhere.

As I am a big guy, I enjoy food.  And, I really enjoy the free catered food at tournaments.

Now, the food at tournaments is often for everyone who has a credential to eat.  Players, coaches, entourages, line judges, chair umpires, special tournament guests, media…

What would happen if I had sprinkled some cocaine on the rice? Or steroids on the pasta? Or put some banned substances in the salt shakers? Or in the soup?

Or if I simply left cocaine powder on a door handle… or sneezed some in the direction of a player I want to see banned!?

Are you feeling me here, folks?

It’s easy to cause any of the world’s top players to test positive for banned substances.

Heck, simply give $2500 and a sugar-sized packet of anything banned to the guy who cleans up the area around the food for $7 an hr.

Did Gasquet do cocaine?  I don’t think he did.  Wouldn’t make sense.  He stands to lose too much.  Is it possible he did? Yes. Is it probable he did? No.

Some moron in somebody’s entourage could have been snortin’ coke, then grabbed a chair or door handle or water fountain or whatever and left cocaine residue on it.

Or somebody could have purposefully sabotaged Gasquet.

Personally, I’m not a big Gasquet fan.  Mainly because I don’t know him, and he tends to choke under pressure in big matches.

I’m not writing this in support of another spoiled millionaire athlete.  I’m simply hoping to open some eyes to reality.

Tennis has buried its head in the sand for a long time.  I remember a few years ago when I was blowing the lid off of gambling.  Few would listen!  Now, they listen.

Or when I was opening the can about the tennis sex slave trade industry! Few would listen. Now, the WTA orders major background checks on all coaches at it’s events!

Ok, enough from me.  You get my points here.  Give Richard Gasquet the benefit of the doubt for now.

Please understand that tennis has a very dark side.  For every success story, there are 1000s of horror stories.  You, honestly, have no idea.

Tennis is not Rafa vs Roger at Wimbledon.

As awesome as those two are… it’s not reflective of the global tennis industry’s gambling, sex slave trade, drug addiction, physical abuse.

Tennis is Godless.  You can figure over 80% of the world’s tennis playing population isn’t Christian.  China, Japan, India, Africa, France, Iran….

All that is in the world is in tennis.

That’s why it’s so important we all work together to share our faith in Jesus.  To establish Godly principles in the lives of players and fans.

There is only one answer for Tennis.

It’s Jesus.

Not Rafa, not Roger… Jesus.

God bless,

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association

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  1. are the two top professional tennis players members of the international christian tennis association?

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