August 20, 2009

100,000 ICTABlog Visitors…!

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ICTA Christian Tennis Academy students st joseph

Some of my tennis academy players in St. Joseph, Missouri, during mission trip. This pic taken at original Pony Express headquarters that is now famous western museum.




Almost can’t believe it.  So neat how ICTABlog has not only survived, but thrived.

To me, a couple years ago, 100,000 was too big of a number for me to wrap around. 10,000 seemed huge!

I get phone calls and emails from people who read something I’ve written and it reaches them in some way.  Some folks are really positive and supportive…some are really nasty and mean.  But, either way it’s good to see faith & tennis being connected and discussed.

Btw, remember my Gasquet article? I think it was just a few articles ago. Anyway, his suspension has been lifted!  Turns out he didn’t do anything purposefully wrong.  Never did cocaine!

But, he did kiss a girl at a party who did…and that caused him to get the equivalent of a grain of sand of cocaine in his body which caused his blood to test positive for a banned substance.

I’m glad Rafa kept speaking out about how Gasquet  doesn’t do drugs! And I’m glad you guys told your friends to tell their friends to tell their friends to read my article.

Finally, thanks for your support of my Twitter micro-blog! Great to hear you guys like receiving the updates…either by coming here or or some of you have updates sent to your cell phones in real time!!  Awesome!

God bless,

Coach Scotty

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