September 5, 2009

Melanie Oudin Tennis Scandal!

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melanie oudin jesus loves youCongratulations to USA’s Melanie Oudin for reaching the 3rd round of 2009 US OPEN by defeating Maria Sharapova!

Great job!

Melanie Oudin, a 17 year old kid who lives in Georgia,  has been competing on the ITF Pro Circuit.

It’s so great to see a nice person, particularly a teen, doing well in a major tennis event.

Which brings me to a good point…

People are already beginning to slam Melanie Oudin!  Why? I have no idea!

Melanie Oudin’s tennis coach, Brian De Villiers, recently said Melanie Oudin still helps sweep the tennis courts at his club…basically saying she is still grounded and humble and appreciative.

But, the media has began saying she should to stop such behavior! And inferred the coach might be holding her back! Crazy!

People are also going after Melanie Oudin’s boyfriend…because he is 16 years old!

And now, I’m hearing that she is annoying to be around…too small…too weak of a slice backhand.


Melanie Oudin is loyal to her coach, cares about the tennis club where she trains, and is dating a clean cut kid! She seems to truly care about people.

Scandalous in this world of Godless tennis!

And, funny, but the slams on her tennis game are the same ones we heard about Justine Henin and Amanda Coetzer!

I look forward to seeing Melanie Oudin develop her game…!  She seems like a great kid with tons of potential on and off the tennis court!

And, Mel, if you ever read this…back when I first began International Christian Tennis Association I had plenty of critics/bashers, too. (Don’t listen to them! They like to create the news they report 😉

I stayed focused…and God blessed! ICTA has a worldwide membership in over 2000 cities in 60 countries!  We have reached over 1,800,000 tennis fans for Christ at WTA/ATP tournaments from booths we lease, jr and pro tennis players from 21 countries and 15 USA states have trained w me full time at my Florida tennis academy, my blog has 120,000+ hits, and my web site gets over 100,000 hits yearly!

That said…stay focused, Mel,  and know Coach Scotty will be praying for you, your family, and your coach.

God bless,

Scott Paschal

International Christian Tennis Association



  1. Jacob Aster said,

    I don’t care if she sweeps the courts at home… sheesh, just pay somebody to do it.

    What I do care about, and you don’t comment on, is her behavior in full view of the world, where she pumps her fists at opponents unforced errors and screams “COME ON” after every point. It is a breach of tennis etiquette AND common courtesy. Most people will kind of put their hands up if somebody double faults, not scream and gloat.

    Consider me among the slammers — if she can’t see the difference between earning a point and being lucky / having opponent screw up, then she isn’t that grounded or humble.

    • haha…i know that can get annoying! dang hewitt. 🙂

      what i do like, though, is how tennis is starting to show some fight. like nfl, nba, nhl, mlb, world cup soccer… the players and crowd can get rabidly excited when their team forces opponents into mistakes… or simply when someone make a stupid block, pass, shot, foul.

      i’m around tennis so much…it’s good to see some spice added to the daily grind. s

  2. A Great Player said,

    I think she is a very nice girl, she is just pumping her self up for the next point. And some times you can force a player to play bad by hitting a powerful and difficult shot. So don`t hate just enjoy the game. If you watch a lot of matches, you will see all the players doing that once in awhile, they are just caught up in the moment and thinking about the match not the point that is gone. Go Melanie I hope you win.

  3. Amy Russell said,

    I am so excited about Melanie Oudin. It is o.k. to get excited and pumped up. She is playing the top in the world. She is very mature especially for her age. What an accomplishment for her. It shows hard work pays off. My 8 year old daughter was really excited watching her play. Melanie Oudin is classy and is handling the pressure great. She is America’s sweetheart. My daughters have someone with character to look up to. May the Lord continue to bless Melanie and her family.

  4. Annelle said,

    I have to agree with Jacob. Her fist pumping and yelling “come on” on opponent’s errors is very rude.

    • Emma said,

      Yes, it is. These were the things I noticed the first time I watched her. She does it so often it’s like it’s almost intentional; imagine playing Mortal Kombat where your character makes the same vocalization/gesture every time you hit the A button, or rattle off a catchphrase. I got the same impression from her: “point, must spew catchphrase!” It seems kind of forced & deliberate, whereas were it genuine it would probably just come out once in awhile. There is no need for a dramatic rallying cry of victory and gesture of unleashing inner energy on EVERY point. It’s arrogant, cocky, & really doesn’t make her humble at all.

  5. Drew said,

    I’m watching her play Wozniacki right now and saw her against Petrova. Call me a slammer and I do understand she is just a child, a kid, but the “Come on!” yelling after unforced errors really is just a confirmation that this is just a kid we’re dealing with.

    Even then, it is annoying. No wonder her opponents lose to her. Maybe they’re so shocked at the unsportsmanlike, child-like behavior that they just crumble from frustration and lose…

    Her 16-year old boyfriend is getting a free ride to the US Open that he’ll brag about in the future when they’re no longer together.

  6. Jacob Aster said,

    Very good analysis, Drew. That’s part of the point: Tennis, similar to golf, is a strongly *mental* game. That is why, for example, the umpire insists on silence from the crowd during points. To have somebody start pumping their fist after you *DOUBLE FAULT* would be strongly unnerving and horrendously rude, even at the amateur level (where I play.) To have the crowd obviously against you (as Petrova endured) would also be very demoralizing and could have played a large role in her “victories.”

    I don’t understand how the original blogger chose to ignore this; I did not find Oudin’s behaviour very Christian-like at all, and was certainly not like mine or even the average player. If I make a point because of a random net-bounce in my favor, I apologize, not start screaming “YESSSS YESS YESSSSS.”

  7. JT said,

    Why is the media starting to bash this young lady?? I gues since she’s not a “Venus or Serena” the media has to tear her down and besmirch her. Typical and expected behavior from the mainstream media. Nothing like destroying a hard working 17 year old girl on the right track. I’m sure if she was an unwed mother with a crack addiction, the media would do all they could to beatify her.

    • sorry jacob…your comment didn’t post permanently. not sure why. try it again. s

  8. Zaia said,

    I do agree with Jacob Aster. Besides, you cannot put media behind closed doors. For some people, media seems a bit rude these days courtesy of their instigation of nothing into something. But at the same time, to become a successful professional you got to go through all the hype and odious comments about you by the media. Only some people writing what they want you to be, what they think you should and should not be destroy your career, it is you, who double fault.

  9. Coach J. said,

    I happen to coach players every year that come in at 17-18 years old as freshman and we simply call it the “freshman year”…you have to leave it at that. If you remember Agassi (who I am a big fan of) used to “play” with his opponent much like a cat and mouse before easily ending the match whenever he chose. When he first came up doing this poeple hated it but after a year or two he was famous for it and other pros started to emulate it. However rude this may seem from the outside I assure you that she is coached to do just this. It’s difficult to teach a player how to find the high intensity it takes to play matches at this level. However misplaced some may feel it is this is how she gets her intensity up to that point. After a few years she may find a new way of doing it and for sure be a more seasoned professional…but make no mistake that the reason she is competing at this level at 17 is because she has learned how to consistently bring her level of intensity up to a high level. Many players have a big game at 17 but very few have learned how to bring it consistently to the biggest arenas. Coaches have hundreds of stories of “practice pros” that never learned how to do just this.

    Let’s try to stay away from calling something non-Christian here. Let’s learn to separate competitive behavior during competition from that away from the court. There are times it crosses the line (Serena Williams) but I do not feel this is one of them. I am very anxious to watch this players development as she moves forward. I sure hope America embraces her as she competes hard and leaves it all on the court.

    Coach J

  10. Coach Browne said,

    I somewhat agree with the comments that Melanie Oudin may be displaying some lack of perfect court maturity – but … everyone has their own way of keeping themselves rolling … at least she’s not immature like Johnnie Mac was in my day … now he did annoy me.

    Melanie will mature with time – that goes without saying – it’s called seasoning, and I think she showed great composure in the events I saw her in leading up to this point.

    So well done Malanie!!!

    And for those of us who would like to see more maturity, well give it time – she’ll find it, I have little doubt – and GO USA TENNIS!

    “Coach Browne”

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