March 20, 2010

It’s a Big Deal to God!: ICTA Preps for Sony Ericsson Open

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My students..Mark, Nastya, David. Great kids w big hearts to serve God!

The calm before the storm.

That’s what this pic reminds me of.

Yesterday, I took this picture with my cell phone of a few of my academy students training in preparation for a 3-4 week pro tour in Egypt, and a Florida jr tennis tournament.

I sent the pic to my remind me how calm life is now.

Beautiful day, perfect tennis courts, academy students that care about each other, fun workout… nice and calm.

Yet, in 48 hours God will place ICTA front and center in front of a hurricane of 300,000 people at the world’s 5th largest pro tournament, the Sony Ericsson Open.

While many people really appreciate International Christian Tennis Association being there. Some don’t. I remember one Muslim guy last year tried to hit me when I was doing a TV show interview inside ICTA’s booth!

Seriously! As he was walking by he heard me say something about how Muslims in Nigeria were violent towards us when we were there…so, he became offended that I said that…came in to my booth…started yelling about how Islam is the religion of peace..refused to calm down…then took a swing at me!

I remember smiling at him and saying, “Thanks for making my point!”  His friend dragged him away, embarrassed.

Since our first outreach to this tournament in 2004, International Christian Tennis Association has given away 1000’s of Christian materials. We hear story after story year after year about how a Bible or a kid’s devotional or a book  that we have given away has made an impact on a person or family.

One special story came from a Dad who said how he and his little boy have been reading a kid’s devotional together each night…that they received from us a couple years earlier!

I remember one guy in 2005 or 2006 , an ex pro tennis player, who we talked out of committing suicide.

God uses this Christian mission trip in huge ways. It’s a lot of work and I’m going to be really, really exhausted when it’s over…but, from experience I can say God will do some incredible things from our obedience to Him.

Scott and Mel Paschal

Soon, I will be writing to you from the Sony Ericsson Open.

Words can’t express how grateful I am at the opportunity to serve God on-site at this huge tennis event.

It’s a big deal to me. It’s going to be a big deal to others.

And, as God opened the doors to make it happen…

…it’s a big deal to God!

God bless,

Coach Scotty

Scott Paschal, Founder of International Christian Tennis Association


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